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Problems on Windows 7 64-bit

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So I installed the game on a PC that's running a 64-bit version of Windows 7. It wanted to install all kinds of DirectX components going back to 2005, which I found odd -- I would think the necessary ones are already *in* Windows 7?

This leaves me wondering if I corrupted DirectX by allowing it -- when the game finished installing and started, it was extremely slow. I had to bump it all the way down to Quality level 1 (the lowest) to get acceptable performance.

I quit and restarted the game to see if that was a fluke. Or tried to -- I then received an error message stating that the game's data files could not be found and consequently the game did not start. I was able to start the game, but only by manually digging down to C:\Program Files (x86)\ and finding the relevant application directly. The shortcuts didn't work.

This last problem may be related to the confusion between "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" on the 64-bit versions of Windows. But while I did get the game to run and it's enjoyable, even at graphics quality level 1, this does feel like the installer is sloppy when it comes to DirectX and that there's some polish/QA/beta testing missing. :(
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  • TOMI was confused by Program Files (x86)? It correctly detected them for me (though admittedly, on Vista).
  • It installed in the right place, but the shortcuts in the start menu, and in Programs -> Games (as accessed from the start menu) do not work. I get a dialog that says:


    Could not load game data! Make sure you are running the application from the directory it was installed to.
  • Starting it from the Games folder doesn't work for me either.
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    Did you install with an administrator account?
  • jmm;150019 said:
    Did you install with an administrator account?
    Writing software on the assumption that you have administrative privileges is horrendously bad design. But even so, yes, my account does have administrative rights. The system is, however, UAC-enabled.
  • I'm somewhat flummoxed. I presume that you've uninstalled / reinstalled the game?
  • Not yet. I'd like to understand why the game is installing DirectX software development kits (SDKs) at all, let alone ones from 2005, on an OS from 2009. And I'm not sure if I need to uninstall and reinstall without letting it touch DirectX, whether I need to restore a Windows backup from prior to my first install attempt, or whether I should reinstall with the same settings.

    I'd really like some feedback on both problems from TellTale before I experiment further.
  • I didn't realise it was installing a DX from 2005 :o. Epic. Fail.
  • I'm having the same issue with the shortcuts and I didn't use the default path for the installation. The game runs absolutely smooth for me on the max quality level @ 1680 x 1050, though.
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