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Your thoughts about Handsome Jack?

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I'm starting to like him, although I haven't played the Borderlands Series by Gearbox Software/2k Games.

What do you think about him? :D Alt text

  • I like him as a villain, but he's going to seriously fuck the team over. Rhys needs to get rid him ASAP.

    • Sorry, it's just that I don't know much about him, but ... yeah I agree.

      • Well as someone who has played BL1, BL2 and TPS and all the DLCs I can tell you I'm seriously concerned to see so many people like him.

        Like for me he's one of the most cruel and evil vilain I've ever seen, movies, books, games, everything included.

        So it's funny because my first playthrough in TFTB there was NO WAY I'd trust him, give him control, etc.
        When I saw the choices I thought to myself "yeah riiiiiight, who in their right mind is going to pick that choice ?", but now since a few days i'm participating in this forum I thus realize so many of you are playing TFTB without having played the RPG-shooters.

        So well this is weird to me :D !

        • Don't be concerned. I promise we're not all secretly mass murderers. :P See, there's a difference between liking him as a person and liking him as a character.

          If Handsome Jack showed up at my door, I would scream and run away, shouting not very nice things all the way (rip me).

          But when Handsome Jack shows up in an episode I get all happy, do a little dance, start cryi--on second thought, it's probably best you don't know all the details. Jack's hilarious with his jokes, intimidating with his anger and villainous deeds, so overall he entertains me. Which is why I end up trusting him and such. We're all heading in the same direction with our choices, I just figured I'd take the fun and riskier way.

          • Yeah you're right, I was probably linking this thread to be one of those where "they" say the VHs are evil and Jack isn't so bad...

            But yeah I totally understand what you mean.

          • I wouldn't-I can't outrun him.XD Did you see him dancing in the ECHO Eye thing? That was pretty hilarious. I'm sad I missed it in my game.

          • Right. Well, yes I do like Handsome Jack as a character, and he really entertains me. But, so far I've been siding with him a lot. So, that will stab me in the back later on. And I mean stab me over and over and over till Jack is sure I'm dead.

            I have a friend currently on episode 3, and she LOVES Jack as a character. I like her enthusiasm, but I really don't want her to walk the same path as me and have Jack destroy your gang. I was so happy when she did not agree to an alliance with Jack, as she was making the EXACT same choices as me so far, (I needed her to do something else so I could see what would be different in her file...) At least she isn't trusting Jack all the way now, so that should really help with the "backstabbing" in the story.

    • I agree with you completely and I believe that something of the sort is coming in E4.

  • I like him alot, but I know I cant let myself trust him

  • I both Love and Fear him with every ounce of my being.

    And i totally ship him with Fiona - did you hear all of his comments about how 'cute she is when she's fired up'? So funny.

    ETA: also anyone catch the Jackapedia entries for the sisters? Jack lists Sasha's occupation as Bandit. But he lists Fiona's occupation as Bandit? I am so looking forward to how this weird triangle (square? Is it still a triangle if 2 of them are in the same body? Whatever.) plays out in the next 2 episodes.

    • Well, funny you should ask..............OK, I MAY have actually looked that up, just 'cause I thought it'd be entertaining to see what came up.

      Instead I lost my faith in humanity. Freakin' Stephanie Meyers..........WAS RUINING VAMPIRES NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU? Ergh. Terrible author. Anyway, she apparently wrote a series about alien parasites and did a love triangle between the host, this guy she was into, and......the alien parasite. Yes. That happened. I know. It's fucking stupid. And.....why......but........damn it all. Argh. Blergh. Rargh. Just...........

      "so much more groaning"

      • Yikes! So i guess it's plausible anyways. (If you can call something that Stephanie Meyers wrote plausible) But, wow, that is majorly squickey.

        'I groan with you my friend.'

    • Just a question, when does Jack make that comment about how 'cute she is when she's fired up'? I've tottaly missed it and I really really want to see it. :D

  • He is an awesome villain, but he will definitely try to take over Rhys's body and start shit. Hopefully, in episode 4, if we'll get the option to remove him out of Rhys's head, I really won't hesitate.

  • I like Jack's double, Timothy. Jack just cant be trusted.

  • A- A- Ahem!

    Ladies and gentlemen. Behold.

    Alt text

    I know its not part of TFTBL, but common! You cannot get enough of that!

  • I think he's an awesome character. I love to hate him. He's hilarious and dangerous. I want to get rid of him as soon as I can because keeping him around will end in heartbreak, but I want to keep him with us for all of his funny comments and the interesting dynamic he brings, what with being stuck in one of the main character's brains and all.

  • You should probably throw a spoiler warning in the topic title or something. Otherwise, this could be a difficult discussion to have.

  • He's hilarious

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