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Mystical Locked door

posted by Trixie on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
I've done quite good personally in the game but now i'm stuck. I've been to the door and now.... nothing really helps me, noone seems to be getting me further along in the story and no items seem to work with most other things. I'm sure i'm missing something, the question is what?
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  • There are quite a few things to look at on and around the door.
  • I've got a wonderfull empty door face but looking really closely, nothing else is usefull I know that i must do something with the clam but i have no idea
  • I got it, somehow. Wild guess's that make no sense to me do work in this game series. good to know. Still stuck on the idols but ahhh..
  • I'm stuck here as well. I already did the thing to the door face and showed the evidence to the Marque. Now, every time I talk to him he follows me and says he can't find any evidence of my being there. Any help would be appreciated.
  • What if there were some way to make the Marquis think you were already inside?
  • Still stuck, any other (maybe a tad bit more obvious) clues might be a bit useful. Thanks.
  • Got it. Thanks you guys.
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