GOG Purchase on TTG Profile

I've purchased Tales from the Borderlands on GOG.com. I've registered my account in the game, and now the game doesn't show up in my library on my account. Is this normal? If not, can someone help me? Because I would love to have the content on BL:TPS

Regards, Syndrami


  • TelltaleMikeTelltaleMike Former Telltale Staff

    If you are unable to receive your Pre-Sequel Unlocks, please make sure to look over the Exclusive Unlocks Thread to ensure you have met all the requirements to receive the Unlocks in your SHiFT account.

    In your particular instance, you will need to make sure your Telltale account is linked in-game, then make sure that you have linked your Steam account to your Telltale account using the 'Link to Steam' button in your Settings page. (To get to your Settings page, click My Accounts at the top right of the webpage, then click Settings from the drop down menu. Inside the Settings menu you will see the 'Link your Steam Account' button.) Make sure you have linked your Steam account, and you should then receive your Exclusive Loot/Unlocks in your SHiFT account.

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