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Stuck near beginning :(

posted by CissyB on - last edited - Viewed by 623 users
Dang! Guybrush dropped the root beer. So, I dropped the breath mints in the grog and wetted the cutlass. But, how do I replace the rootbeer? Gee, I hate being stuck so soon after starting the game!

I do wish there was walkthrough I could refer to instead of stopping game and logging onto here to bug you all.

Thanks for any help. I need to move forward
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  • I'm stuck in the same place, so don't feel all alone.
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    Basically, look around.

    Click on ANYTHING that you can, literally, anything that lights up, click on it.

    No point in adding spoilers for this, just really, examine everything.
  • Maybe you can put some root in the root beer?
  • You can change the hint frequency in the game settings.

    But yeah as Pad said, at this point just click on everything around you. There's not too big an area to explore :)
  • i switched the hint frequency to lowest, and i am still getting hints... I DONT WANT HINTS
  • OMg, of course!! d'oh........thank you! LOL. So simple when someone noses ya in the right direction! ::whew::

  • I got it after I posted...went back in and looked around some more. I should have remembered that it's all right there...duh!
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