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Completed the first part.. Now what?

posted by Valfader on - last edited - Viewed by 778 users
All right, so I pre-ordered the game with much anticipation. Did the same thing with the Curse of Monkey Island Special Edition as well.
It is now 05:30 AM (GMT+1), and I have played through the entire game. I was even stuck at a certain part in the jungle for about 25 minutes. So the total enjoyable gametime in this part came down to about 4 hours. And that includes listening to the dialogues as well as experimenting with different item merge combinations.

All in all I wasn't so much disappointed with the game itself, rather than the shortness of the episode. After all, there was a lot of fuzz in regards to the release.. And I now have to wait a full month to continue? What's the point of that?

It seems to me like the one episode-per-month release plan was something you did in order to buy time to continue coding the game. Which in my oppinion is a bad thing. I will now have to endure the frustration of waiting to see what happens next for nearly 6 months.. And for what?

I'm already coming up with a wall of text here, so I'll try to shorten it down. This is what you did good and bad in Tales of Monkey Island:

- Smooth running game engine
- Pleasant graphics
- Familiar voice acting
- Some challenging puzzles
- Some references to the previous games
- A new twist on the whole LeChuck-thing

- No obvious way of skipping dialogue you've heard before
- The character controls are horrible
- You did not specify a release time, other than claiming the game to be available for downloading at the 7th of July. This kept me waiting for 19 hours.
- The integrated hint system in the game, even with non-frequent hints, becomes annoying really fast.
- Most dialogue was boring, even though the choises to choose from were not.
- This game did NOT make me laugh out loud like the other games did.
- The game was way too short to justify the long wait time for part 2.

So, as you can tell, I am pretty disappointed with the release and certain aspects of the game. Even though I have been a loyal fan for nearly 20 years. I'm hoping that the rest of you will share some input here as well when you complete the game, and hopefully give a better average experience than the one I had.


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  • Armakuni wrote: »
    I disagree. I got used to them in minutes, I think they work well. I didn't touch the keyboard other than for running.

    Hint: hold right mouse button down to run!

    That way I never had to put down my drink in my left hand (well, except for the puzzle with the monkey, which was absolutely brilliant).

    After a few minutes getting used to not clicking to start walking, I found the new controls excellent.
  • Did you expect each episode to be 10 hours long or what? That'd be the length of many full games released nowadays.
  • Just finished Chapter 1. LOVED IT!!! Monkey Island is back ... yay.
    Look forward to Chapter 2. When can we expect a Release Date?

  • As for what we can do now, I think the sequence after the credits of Monkey Island 2 has a nice list of suggestions that we can all do...somebody should make an animated GIF of that, actually.
  • Arodin wrote: »
    , considering they hired a new actor for the Voodoo lady.

    I thought she was the same actress as MI 3&4. Was she not?
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Schlichi wrote: »
    When can we expect a Release Date?

    So you're actually asking for a Release Date of a Release Date?
    That's so meta :D
  • Everyone complaining sucks.

    It's like you all had sex with Angelina Jolie and complain about the bedsheets.

    Just because you were perfectly satisfied with it does not mean that the game is immune to criticism. What may be perfectly fine for you may be annoying to someone else. Your tastes are opinion, not fact. So long as someone gives a detailed and clear reason as to why they didn't like something, there's no reason to insult them for it.
  • Criticism does not equal whining.
  • And the only whining in this thread is when he says he doesn't want to wait between releases. Aside from that, he gives criticisms, but only states them. He doesn't whine about them. He even says that he hopes other people had a better experience than he did.
  • stemot wrote: »
    I thought she was the same actress as MI 3&4. Was she not?

    Nop. Different actress. Very similar voice though.
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