Idol #2

Ok, so I figured out the first idol. Now I have no idea how to proceed.
I have looked at the eyes on the courthouse, but that doesn't offer any help. I try using the weather vein with no luck.

Any suggestions?


  • padpad
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    You'll notice it's also missing the 'wheel' thingy aswell, not just the eyes. If only you had some sort of wheel thing you could get eyes on and use as a replacement...
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    The Screaming Narwhal was assembled from a great many odds and ends. Perhaps something wheel-like could be found there?
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    Ok, I think I also stuck here. Just finished The idol in front of the big wind head cause that wasn't very tricky. The second I finished was the one with the missing nose. I also know I have to use the cheese as the third wheel, but what will I need to get the Eyes placed on that chesse because as it is it doesn't work for me... Little hint would be great...
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    The cheese has an adjective attached to it. This could come in handy if you remember where you've seen some eyes before.
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    unless he meaning click cheese icon to the eyes
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