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ToMI Episode 1 - Opinions

posted by Mad Mary on - Viewed by 77 users
I just downloaded and started the game. Looks great so far.
Even though my notebook has a slow processor (1,73 GHz) the game runs.
After I set the resolution to 800x600 and the graphics quality to 1 (which still looks good) even the mouse cursor moves more or less smoothly. I've never seen before that a game runs so smoothly even when your computer doesn't meet the minimum specs.

I like the controls. They are intuitive - I found out myself what to do. It also has been a great idea to give the player the opportunity to choose between mouse and keyboard control.

I can't say much about the puzzles yet as I just started playing. I'll add more comments later.
Same for the dialogs.

The graphics, well... look good. Everything else is just my personal taste. (like I would love to see a modern hi-res - 2D or 3D doesn't matter - MI2-Guybrush... with more 'natural' proportions)

There never can be another MI2, but ToMI looks great so far.
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