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My serial number grows lonely

posted by Knurrunkulus on - last edited - Viewed by 624 users
Hi there.

This is a very minor issue, well, it is not really an issue. But when I pre-ordered Tales of Monkey Island, I got this lovely serial number for activating the game and the serial number really anticipated the launch of Guybrush's new adventures because then it would finally be put to use. But now the game is out, I launched it and I couldn't enter the serial number anywhere. The only option was to log in with my Telltale username/password to unlock the game. Now the serial number is sitting here, crying his/her (I actually don't know) guts out and feeling lonesome.

Just wanted to know: Is this a common issue? Do you guys also have serial numbers that feel thrown out of society? Feel free to say it. We could go into a support group for serial number owners, or ... well, whatever. ;)
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  • If your user information gets noticed automatically you don't need the serial for activation on this system anymore.
  • I think it's only used for offline activation. You could disable your internet connection, uninstall all traces of the game, then reinstall and use your serial number. Would that make you happy?
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Yeah the serial number is "just in case." There is a less readily available second screen in the launcher which lets you put in a serial number or send a hardware key to support if all else fails. We realized we could just let people log in with their forum account and have the server return the serial number to the game, which seemed a lot easier, but we kept serial numbers around in case that screws up for anyone.
  • Ah, that explains it. I was also wondering to what that key is needed.
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