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HDTV resolution missing in Tales of Monkey Island.

posted by Markusdragon on - last edited - Viewed by 498 users
Aw, come on Telltale, I thought we'd sorted this. You'd got HDTVs working nicely in Wallace and Gromit, but you've gone and stopped it from working properly in Tales.


And what's more, with the fact that the game can ONLY be played in widescreen, it means that if I want to play the game fullscreen on the only other settings that work, it gets both letterboxed and pillarboxed at the same time!

Yes, 1370x768 is a stupid resolution, but I didn't come up with the standard now, did I.

Is there any way to add or force this resolution, or am I going to have to wait for you to add it to season 2?
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  • Sorry. I should have searched the forum before posting.

    Mind you, then I wouldn't have been able to rant. Venting is good for the soul.

    Sorry bout that, chaps. Fine product, I should get round to playing it now, etc, etc.
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    I cant play the game in anything other than a tiny little window (about 1/3 of my screen) which is frustrating. Trying to change to fullscreen crashes the game and i cant click and drag the windowed game... other windowed games i usually seem to be able to.. (like WoW for example) without issues.
  • you have luck that it even start i cant play it at all becuse of that nothing when i open it i mean it just dont start
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