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More Graphic Settings ?

posted by Chrls on - last edited - Viewed by 184 users
Hey everyone,
So I just started TMI, and I was wondering if there was any way to change the graphic settings other than "Quality : 1 to 9" .
The thing is, I often don't put Anti Aliasing on my games, so I can run them on Medium-High settings pretty much "fluidly" (Due to my old Graphic card, Anti Aliasing always screw with my FPS)

In short : Is there a possibility to play the game with all the cool effects -like bloom and hdr for exemple- , but without the Anti Aliasing ?

Thanks for your answers.
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  • have you got a nvidia control panel or atis equivelent? if so you could try forcing anti aliasing off with the tomi executable, it works for some games - though in my case i usually force it on!.
  • I just checked (Catalyst control center, my card is an ATi), and I can't force the AA off. I can only do it with the Vsync :(
  • I think they described the 1-9 quality settings once for Wallace and Gromit. Try setting it to qualit setting 1. It probably means that all the graphics effects including anti-aliasing are turned off.
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