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First of all, wow, that was great, having just finished the first episode, I can happily say Monkey Island is back and in style.

I honestly really enjoyed the episode and found it close to perfect, the difficulty in particular, whilst may be a little easy for hardcore Monkey Island/Adventure game fans, personally I found it to have the right level of head scratching, without getting to that frustrating raw scalp level.

The humor, direction and art style I thought were all spot on, so well done Telltale, this is a game that does so many things right, however no is flawless not even one containing our mighty pirate friend.

Thankfully my issues were only minor and barely detracted from what was a great and one of my best gaming experiences in recent years.

One of the few issues, concerns the audio quality.

Whilst I found it fine on the main characters such as Guybrush and LeChuck etc. The sound quality of the dialog of minor characters was notabley worse, and at times fairly poor.

In addition though the mouse controls were far preferable to the keyboard control, and such an improvement over EMI, I still feel they could use some tweaking, though this may be related to, at times awkward camera angles which was another small grievance of mine.

Finally though in general the graphics and art style were good, I still feel there could be improvement in this department, especially in relation to texture quality, and also character detail, especially the minor characters. There was one scene however (the closing one), involving a certain island that really demonstrated what were some extremely poor graphics and lack of detail.

Though it may sound like I've been picky here, I really haven't intended to be, and I can't really praise this game enough, which is beyond impressive considering the legacy and precedent of quality, it's had follow and adhere to.
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  • I've gone through all 4 previous monkeys last week, and I've just finished chapter 1, AMD64x2, XP 4G (3.something used by XP), GeForce 7900, 1280x1024, Quality 9; no lag at all, no complaints about sound.

    I agree with most of the OP, the game so far truly honors its predecesors, I took a bit less than 5-6 hours to finish, no hard stuck points but barely any trivial actions (I may have been lucky finding out some, but it's part of adventure gamer playing protocol). The story flows perfectly, a nice script, altough I missed some connection from the start of the story with the end of 'monkey 4'. I quite didn't get the feel with mouse interface so I used the traditional keyboard (old school here). All in one a great game, made worth to have waited this long to come. If I had to chose something I loved it would be the maps, but then again I am an old school map-drawing guy, innovative and it was nice to know when you were decoding them correctly.

    Good work, looking forward for Chapter 2, Harr-Harr !
  • I know the sound complaints have varied user by user, but for my it is fairly noticeable, and bemusing?

    The size of the download file for the first episode wasn't at all large, so I don't really understand why Telltale decided to use lower quality audio for some characters and dialog, how much extra space could it of taken up?
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