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I purchased the mac version and downloaded before I registered on the Telltale games website. Once I couldn't log-in I registered hoping that would fix the issue. I still cannot log-in. I verified my account through my e-mail with no problem. Not sure what to do next. I have the game downloaded and ready to go but I cannot access it.


  • I tried hitting the "return" key instead of "log-in" - - this was suggested on another thread - - but now it tells me that I didn't purchase this game - - even though I did - - now what?

  • TelltaleMikeTelltaleMike Former Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience, can you please clarify if you are playing the Telltale Games version of the game downloaded from our website, or the Steam version of the game? If you are receiving a Telltale Games Log In pop up right when starting the game, please close out of the game, and restart your Steam Client.(You should not receive a Telltale Games Log In window pop up message) Then after Steam has finished opening, click Play on the game again, and before you click on the 'Click To Continue' screen, try waiting a few minutes before clicking to continue. You should then not experience the issue again.

  • I don't know what a Steam Client is - - I downloaded the Telltale version of the game onto my Macbook from the website.

  • I downloaded Steam and signed up. i tried opening GoT as you suggested and the same message pops up for me to sign in to telltale - - but when I do, it tells me I did not purchase the game still.

  • My purchase number is #976152

  • TelltaleMikeTelltaleMike Former Telltale Staff

    My apologies, if you purchased the game through our website, you will not need the Steam Client as that is a different means to purchase our games through. After looking up that order number, it appears to be tied to a different account using a different email address. Is it possible you used a different email address when purchasing the game? Or if you used PayPal, is there another email address associated with your PayPal account? If so, you will need to use that email to log in.

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    My purchase number is #976152

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