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Inventory carryover? (spoilers)

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I was wondering if episode two would seamlessly pick up where episode one left off. Will We retain all our inventory? (Or will it all zero out, like most of the Sam and max episodes did?) One of the things I loved with the original monkey island games was the huge inventory you had by the end, which added to the difficulty in later parts of the games. (deciding what would be useful, and wondering if you missed something, etc.)

While I could do without inventory carry over in the Sam and Max games. (The month long spans in-between the stories became part of the stories themselves, explaining the tossed inventory.) But in monkey island, inventory carryover it is almost a necessity... since the story appears to be seamless (The next episode picking right up where the previous left off) then the carryover should be seamless (inventory and all). And because reusing crap we picked up in previous episodes in addition to new stuff, would be so typical monkey island.

Not to mention the added difficulty it would add to the later episodes in the season if you had a huge inventory to sort through.

Anyways, what does everyone else think? should Tales of MI have inventory carryover or not?
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  • I think you will most probably keep the most significant items from the previous episode, but I doubt you'll keep the very same items, because afaik all the episodes are independent from each other, so the next episode couldn't know which items you had before.
  • Mostly agree, i guess they could skip some stuff tho...
    I don't really see any reason to keep the treasure map, for instance.
    And some objects DID vanish from one chapter to another in the old games... Maybe not in MI, but i'm sure i've seen it happen.
  • Fausk;152048 said:
    Also, it seems like there's only three columns of inventory space, and it was already almost maxed out a couple times in the first episode.

    As much as I'd love it, I just don't see how they'd do it.
    They could always add arrows to the inventory screen, allowing for multiple 'pages' of items.
  • Planeforger;152084 said:
    They could always add arrows to the inventory screen, allowing for multiple 'pages' of items.
    I suppose so, it was done in Curse, I just don't know if they'll go that route, or if they can in their engine.
  • Yeah they can... Sam and Max 201 and 205 had an inventory scroll, and Wallace and Gromit uses a scroll wheel controlled scrolling feature
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    There will be some carryover but not complete carryover, just like past Monkey games. At chapter breaks, those games did conveniently drop a few of the optional or no longer relevant items from your inventory without you noticing, and we'll be doing the same, but there are some things which will follow you along in Guybrush's pocket for a while.
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