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*spoilers*Bug in Unbreakable bottle puzzle

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When you have the unbreakable bottle I noticed that you don't actually have to use the cannon to break the unicorns to make the guy go away. To break the bottle all I had to do was select the bottle from my inventory and then click on the bottle breaker. It would play the same cutscene as it had when I just selected it without the bottle but when the scene ends I have the bottle breaker in my hands and it's also sitting behind me where it was before. I'm going under the assumption that this is actually a bug and I'm not supposed to be able to break the bottle without making the guy go back into his shop first.
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  • I found that as well, and also thought it was a bug. When Crimpdigit is standing there and you use the bottle on the the bottle breaker, he says something like "Don't Touch That" and then Guybrush ostensibly backs off -- it doesn't even look like he gets close enough to pick it up. But then Guybrush turns around and surprisingly, he has the bottle breaker anyway, which he successfully uses without any friction from Crimpdigit.

    Then afterwards you can still use the cannon to make Crimpdigit go away and you can then grab the bottle breaker -- but for what? Maybe it can be used again later in another quest -- I don't know, but I haven't gotten that far yet.
  • Found that too. At first I wondered if it was a glitch, but I hadn't found the cannon yet.
  • Again, I had this bug, and was very lost with the crystal nose door, until the hint system pointed out I should check out the Narwhal.
  • I did suffer the bug also, but THEN manage to get the bottle opener LOL! :P
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