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Had a problem with TMI too, here is the solution that worked for me

posted by TheGreyMatter on - Viewed by 175 users
I had some problems running TMI too , but finally got it to work.
I’m posting my symptoms and conclusions, hope it will help someone.

When I tried to install the game, it was installed successfully
I could enter the game menu, change setting and so on, but after clicking “new game” the game faded to black and just froze.
I tried to make it work several times with several graphic settings, from the lowest quality on windowed 800x600, to the highest quality full-screen. Yet it didn’t seem to work.
Then I tried to install it on another computer with XP and a stronger video card, and to my surprise I experienced the same problem.
That made me think there might be a problem with the installation.
So I uninstalled the game, re-downloaded the Installation files and installed it on both machines, and now they both work fine.

b.t.w I still have both installation files on my HD , so I can regenerate this problem.

if this is indeed the problem, i'm a bit surprised there is no checksum, on the files.:confused:
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