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Michael Land's Music

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While I really liked the new compositions, I was somewhat disappointed about the lack of real instruments.

C'mon, you've got Michael Land to do the music.... give the man some live players!
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  • I agree, more live instruments would be nice, I think these are budget reasons.

    That said, the background music in the beginning was great, as were the opening titles and the first background music of Flotsam
  • I third this. After reading that Land was involved, I expected more than MIDI in this year. (2009, as of this writing)
  • I don't think it's for budget reasons... Sam & Max had a lot of real instrumentation
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    What I want to know is will they be selling a soundtrack CD and will there be MP3 samples of songs on that CD? Because that was one great rendition of the Monkey Island theme. I'd pick up one of those CD's in a snap.
  • Seconded. I would love to get my hands on an official MI soundtrack!
  • If it's Michael Land I don't care if they go back to midi, it'll still be awesome. :D
  • I loved the iMUSE-like transitions in the music on flotsam bay,
  • Wasn't the W&G music done with real instruments? Sounds splendid.

    iMUSE is like the greatest thing ever. Man, now after having played three hours and still not finished I'm getting slight Grim Fandango vibes from this one. The kind of feeling that makes you force to take a break and let this last a while longer... Whilst not all the jokes are super funny, I think Telltale did something right on this one, ay?
  • To be honest the title scene music didn't give me that excited, epic feeling, they really could do with a few more live instruments in there to spruce it up a bit.

    In general though the new music is brilliant, very natural and movie like, though that could also be a negative point I suppose.

    The mark of a good film soundtrack is usually the fact that you never notice it, it's just there, pulling your emotions in the required directions from the background whereas if you think back to the first two games there were lots of very structured melodies that you could hum afterwards.

    Curse of Monkey Island had the same feel, I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I just miss the little ditties :)
  • Oh yeah the imuse type effect was brilliant, it adds so much to the vibe.
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