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This game is a glowing success, well done telltale!!

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Just completed the first chatper there now and WOW this game is FANTASTIC!

I am a monkey island fanboy although I can safely say Escape from MI was terrible on so many accounts and this has just broken all expectations I have had for the game. It is in my opinion the funniest game I have ever played. While other games are full of jokes and very witty, this game has it nailed and actually had me laugh out loud at some of the jokes. The animation/delivery from Guybrush is priceless in some spots and really adds to the humour tenfold.

The voice acting is very good overall but Dominic Armato has really shone through as the voice of Guybrush.

The very beginning of the game had me a little annoyed, it starts off with the graphical settings on high and I had to knock them down to 5 to get the game running silky smooth. Even though I have a fairly decent mid-rage machine it had trouble playing on the highest setting and I noticed no difference in graphical quality between the two settings apart from it running smoother.

It is presented in widescreen so no matter what monitor or resolution you play it in, you will have chunky black bars at the top and bottom. Kinda annoying but you forget about them soon enough.

Menu system is VERY clunky and takes a little while to get used to. To examine your inventory quickly I Recommend the hotkeys. Tab brings up the inventory and the 'E' key changes to examine mode. On top of that the controls are very cumbersome, the way you control guybrush is with either the WSAD or arrow keys and you use the mouse pointer to interact with objects. you can also hold the mouse button down and move the mouse to have guybrush walk in different directions but I highly doubt anyone will actually use this method. I see no reason why they cant have just had old school point and click controls.

Story is great and the ending has left me looking to go into cryostasis until next month.

If your a monkey island fan, or even a PnC adventure fan.. BUY THIS!
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