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TMI crashing

posted by Ali256 on - last edited - Viewed by 167 users
I do have a serious problem while playing TMI. It crashes as I go past the courthouse door. The games freezes and I had to reboot my computer about 5 times.

Here's some specs :
Win XP Pro SP2 / No antivirus running
Intel E600 (original clock speed)
RAM : 2GB (800Mhz DDR 2)
ATI X1950 Pro 512MB / ATI Catalyst 9.3.1 drivers installed / latest DirectX version installed

Video driver setting :
Catalyst AI : enabled / set on "Advanced"
AF : enabled / set on "High quality" (16x)
Adaptative Anti Aliasning : enabled / set on "Quality"

Graphics quality set on 9 in the settings. No artefact or anything nor any sound related issue.
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  • Hey Ali, if the game is crashing consistently in one spot like that, it usually seems to be caused by a bad download. May be worth redownloading the game.
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