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Minor Monkey Bugs [spoilers]

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First of all, the MI game is awesome incarnate.
This are just some minor stuff I noticed while playing :)

In the Voodoo lady's house, the book on the bookshelf about the killer chickens has a Spanish letter that turns into a block symbol. Looks like the font doesn't support accented letters.

The parrot's speech is missing when you pick it up for the first time and when you use it. It works fine when you examine the parrot in your inventory, though.

There's quite a few texture glitches of plates of the sandy floor in the jungle that don't align properly, it leaves gaps and lines across the ground. Especially in the treasure place.

Once open the rolling round door to the temple twitches (falls into place) every time you exit the temple again.
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  • The " " are messed up and a line in Nipperkin's text begins with -. I saw one thing with a period ending by itself on a line. No huge deal, but minor.
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