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Your favorite moments of SBCG4AP Ep 4: Dangeresque 3 [spoilers]

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I usually come out to the world of internet forum anonymity to make some random inside joke that no one understands.

This time is different (I hope).

I work at Telltale as a choreographer. This job title is elusive at times because although we have had opportunities to put together some dance numbers, the job is mostly a combination of acting, directing, cinematography and layout with a touch of technical know-how to make the magic happen.

SBCG4AP Episode 4: Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective was an interesting project because we split up the environments among us and each of us got an opportunity to relive the days of our youth when we first picked up a VHS (or betamax) video camera and tried to make our first movie.

So it will be interesting for us to know which moments of the game you found to be funny, interesting, exciting, puzzling, etc.

I'll start by saying that one of my favorite things to do as I was doing a final play-through of this episode was to try to figure out who was holding the camera for each scene. At times we gave some pretty big hints like showing the character's feet. Other times we just had the camera at an angle that only a couple of characters could reach. There were also some times when there really was no easy way to know.

Since many of us read the forums you might even get responses from people on the team, so tell us what you think...
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