prequel or sequel?

What do you guys think it'll be?


  • hopefully a sequel...I never was a big fan of prequels.

  • I believe it takes place between 1 and 2, with hansom jack alive(before 2) but sanctuary existing(after 1).

  • well handsome jack is in the trailer and in bl2 he dies so it has to be a prequel to borderlands 2

  • well handsome jack is in the trailer and in bl2 he dies so it has to be a prequel to borderlands 2

  • That was one thing that had me confused during my play of Borderlands, respawning appears to be a thing in the game, so why can't handsome jack just respawn?

  • The lead writer confirmed New u are non canon and just a gameplay mechanic

  • It shows a computerized image of Jack so it could take place after the end of the main game.

  • The Jack we see is not Flesh, so it could be a hologram or something else. No guarantee that it is a prequel

  • Jack used his cloning machine?

  • here is how my mind set is with a prequel. there are only 2 reasons to make a prequel 1. to expand on the lore of your universe or 2 because you have no way of going forward beacuse of the ending of the original game,movie, what have you.

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    Handsome Jack, a man doing everything he can to end your life completely.
    Is also the head of the company that stops you from dying.

  • I think it would be a prequel in case of players who have never played the original Borderland games before this. If it's a sequel though, telltale would have to write a story that not only provides a background of the setting, but not outright spoil the events of previous games.

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    Telltale just confirmed it's gonna be playing after Borderlands 2 and all its DLC on their panel thingy in Austin, so you could consider it a sequel I guess.

  • I wonder if at the end of Episode 5 they're going to leave a cliffhanger for Borderlands 3

  • It'l be a sequel, it's what TTG said at Tales Of The Borderlands panel.

  • I just read, it takes place after the final DLC of Borderlands 2. Sequel.
    As to Jack, I'm wondering if he somehow got into the Digistruct system before his demise in the Warrior's Vault. In the trailer, his appearance reminded me of Digistruct Peak.

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