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Mix 'N Mojo and other sites down

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The servers for such sites have been down for quite a while... Is anyone looking after it?
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  • Server-related, apparently. :( I hope it'll be fixed soon. It would be very sad for MixnMojo and to be down on the day Sam & Max is released.
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    There is still November 1st!
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Yeah it sounds like the Mixnmojo server has suffered some horrible hard drive-related issue and may be out of comission for the time being. Data loss was also mentioned, which is pretty frustrating since they apparently also don't back anything up! Here's hoping they can bring it back to life relatively soon, though. :(
  • Are there any spare megs hanging out the back of the Telltale server they might wish to rent out* at a reasonable rate, Jake?

    *Or that you could sneakily transfer the site to?
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    It may come back to life sometime soon, in some form, on the Idle Thumbs server... That domain name was registered so long ago and has been poorly maintained, though, so it will be a pain in the butt to change its info around at all.

    edit! sounds like they were able to recover a lot of the data from the exploded drive, so things should be coming back to life sometime soon!
  • Ah, there's nothing in the world like a Mixnmojo server crash. Stuff of legends they are.

    Seeing as it's back up, though, this post is somewhat meaningless and now exists so that I can get the coveted “Posts: 1” thing under my Joined Date…and that’s where babies come from. :confused:
  • Qouhog;10056 said:
    Ah, there's nothing in the world like a Mixnmojo server crash. Stuff of legends they are.
    Yeah, and it seems that it's always the hard drives that cause the trouble.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    It sounds like the new server has a real backup solution in place, so maybe this is the last time the site will eat itself alive.
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    Perhaps they ought to relocate from next door to that magnet factory.
  • So, less than 24 hours until Sam & Max's release, and true to form, Mojo has fallen over again!

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