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Start a Story, be your own Fable. (Create a Fable Thread)

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The Introduction:

(smokes a Huff & Puff cigarette while exhaling relaxingly)

Oh, salutations! Didn't quite see you there stranger, I mean, you did just stumble into my manor in the middle of a totally-not-so-spooky night and expected some sort of shelter from the foreboding darkness and chill factor, correct?

(silence fills the air)

Ah, well, no matter. Come. Sit down. In the opposite chair across from mine by the fireplace. Oh no, by all means, make yourself comfortable. Can I get you anything? Pillow perhaps?

(you sit suspiciously as I grin, while handing you a blank page book with the title: "Your Fable, Your Destiny")

Well, you seem puzzled, so I'll get to the point. Basically, this will be the blank canvas (and topic) that will get you on track to start your own fairy tale story concerning the Fables universe, and, you may as well ask: "Story, you say? What makes you think I would want to create a story?" Well, stranger, that is a question I cannot answer, as it is up to you to fulfill your destiny. To create a Fable that best describes you and how they blend in with the Fabletown community.

But, you don't have to be entirely honest if you don't want to, as you have the option to create a Fable character that doesn't even relate to you in the slightest, human or not.

Anyways, be creative! And you are more than welcome to draw a picture of your custom Fable if you'd really like! You are my guest after all, in this spacious manor.

P.S. - Newcomers and veterans to the Fables series are welcome to post in this topic too! Or if you are a stranger to the comics but love the game! Don't forget to use your creative juices, the lot of you! :D

Appreciation Speech: This is for everyone who has contributed to this topic, new, old, heck, even future storytellers that are inspired by this thread!

It has been a great honor to read all of your stories so far. Every sentence, every little detail, every emotion-induced moment included with the literary package you've brought to the table (or book, in the matter).

Wanted to say my thanks again, to everyone that has made this possible.

You can view the following Fable 'award ceremonies' for 2014 down below. Any potential future ones probably won't be created by me since people aren't all that interested in them anymore.

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  • After a few hours of hard work planning out the second chapter for the continuation of my story. I believe that I am done with it currently, I may edit some parts later on, but you can see the edited version of my post up above to view the second chapter, let me know what you guys think!

    P.S., I edited the first chapter in the process as well, just a tad bit though!

    • Well done Dragon superb so far love whole concept with the dragon and the glamour, loved the references and appearance of TWAU characters, Perfect grammar and spacing a really exciting and brilliant read can't wait for the rest your very talented but won't be doing a full review till your done as won't be fair but so far quality

      • That's really nice of you, man! It may take me some time to complete the rest of the chapters though, because it isn't easy coming up with these type of stories from scratch, I had to do research on some stuff concerning Fables, edit it multiple times, and include references, in order for these stories of mine to make sense. Really time-consuming!

        • No pressure make best possible story you can whatever your doing obviously working quality so far keep up good work even your recent threads are genius well done. Thanks for reading my story to it was so long and you still put effort in to read it then leave a nice comment I really appreciate it bro.

    • Name: Draco
    • Species: Fable/Human?
    • Likes: Drama,Fighting,Eating, Illegal Racing in Florida,Baltimore and New York, Komodo Dragons, Dinosaurs,Feisty Woman, old school rap, cannabis, hanging with family,friends occasionally.
    • Dislikes: Liars, Bronies, Swimming, Mayonnaise.
    • Hobbies: Burning Jackasses alive, Racing,Fighting,Mortal Kombat,Exploring,and Lounging.
    • Age: Early 20's He's about 5'11, weighs about 150, Built somewhere between athletic. Eye Color: Brown and reddish brown hair.

    • Back story: Draco was born Human and Fable. His father was a Dragon and his mother was a Human(Mundane) who met Draco's father in her hometown, little is known about the for details of their encounter. Draco father came to mundane world in refuges several years before the great exile and learned to adapt with the mundane culture. His mother was a nurse who happened to ran into Draco's father after being injured in an accident. This is where the 2 began falling in love. One night as Draco's mother was on her way home, she was being mugged by a coming thug. Then Draco's father came to rescue and scared the thug away by exhaling his flames. Draco's mother, wasn't frightened that night..she was fascinated by his mysteriousness.

    9 Months later, Draco was born and as his father pick up toddler Draco the two was embedded in a warn flaming aura. It was surely Draco's father proudest moment of his life. Unfortunately Draco got older, his father had to return to the world of fables. He gave his lover a sweet kiss and hugged his son tightly and gave him a medallion with a dragon on it just before he transformed into his dragon form and took off into the night. Draco stared into the sky as his father disappeared out of his life.

    The rest is a mystery, but let imagination finish the rest for you.

    Draco in his human form: ?????

    Draco in his dragon form:Alt text

    Alt text

    edited for grammar/changed Draco''s dragon , i prefer this one lol

    • Part 2:

      One night around 1:30 AM after going home from one of his races, Draco feels a strong wind blowing north of him. He is then attacked by large wolf and seems to effortlessly dodge its attacked. However, knowing if the wolf really wanted to harm him the wolf could easily made his attack while Draco was distracted so he feels that he was being tested. Draco threw a fireball at the wolf and when the smoke clears the wolf was on top of a building taunting him. Enrage, Draco went after the beast then the chase ended with Draco abruptly running into a strange portal leading from the mundy world to a snowy forest.

      Alt text

      Several feet away the large wolf stood waiting for Draco. So Draco got up and said "So you really want to get smoked huh wolfy?" The wolf grew twice as large and began taunting him even more until Draco transformed into his dragon form out of frustration and then a large crest between them lite up between the two. The wolf responded, my father was right you really are the son the Delphantez, the dragon prince....

      Alt text

      To be continued to part 3

      • Just epic can't wait for the next chapter battle of the beasts well done quality writing

      • Leaves you wondering what will happen next. Also, are you getting the pictures from? They compliment the story nicely.

      • Interesting, very interesting. (ponders to self and smokes another Huff & Puff cigarette)

      • I googled the first one while looking for a picture of a giant wolf lol, and the second is actually my profile pic on another forum.

      • I plan on making part 3 a bit longer, maybe throw in some more folklore to make things more dramatic lol.

      • Part 3

        Draco preparing to strike suddenly halts and the aura from the crest reverts him back into his human form, and renders him unconscious. The large wolf also returns to his normal size and summons a group of fairies to take the unconscious Draco through the forest.....

        Alt text

        Draco awoken inside of a house in front of a warm fire, with the only memory of him and the wolf during their short conflict.

        Alt text

        He notices a group of pictures decorated. They were label pictures of people and mystical creatures and he browses through as many before he is interrupted by a dwarf. "What the hell...." Draco as he see's the dwarf. "Yes i sometimes get that alot" the dwarf replied. But really, there is much I need to discuss with you regarding your father, the homelands and the mundy world. Draco interrupted the dwarf and told him "Yeah sorry but as much as I would like to learn more about this fairytale, I have move importants things to do in the REAL world. So if you don't mind..." Gwaghohoho, you are so stubborn and selfish, just like your father. Bare with me young dragon I will gladly take you back to your world but seriously there something you must know. Please come with me and i'll explain everything. Fine, Draco replied and then he followed the dwarf outside to old ruins.

        Alt text

        While arriving at the entrance, the dwarf explained to Draco he was part of a royal dragon bloodline that date back hundreds of years and through those the royal dragons protected the dragon utopia of Garraz. He also mentioned that Draco's father was a prince and soon to be king before the great exile. "How did you know my father? Draco ask. The dwarfed replied "i met him 80 years ago, when i visited the mundy world in. He saved my life so in returned, I would find you and teach you about your heritage. Really Wolven did the finding though,gwahahhoho" Who is that? Draco asked. The big wolf that attacked you, he's a good friend of your father and me, quite the character he is, the dwarf said. Draco replied "Ohhhhh whats his story...?" "I don't know his whole story, but I do know he is one of the 7 sons of the North Wind and Winter. You may have heard of one of his younger siblings in mundy tales, The big bad wolf." the dwarf explains. "Well that explains alot sort of..." Then suddenly Draco and the dwarf is attacked by a monstrous creature.

        Alt text

        "What the actual fuck is that thing?!" Draco yelled. IT'S A WENDIGO, WATCH OUT FOR IT'S CLAWS, the dwarfed screamed. Draco appears to be weaker and slower due to the side effects from the crest. The wendigo scratches Draco's arm, badly wounding him. Suddenly as the monster draws in to finish Draco off, it is suddenly tackled by who it appears to be Wolven. Relieved, the injured Draco tries to to help Wolven and tries to transform to his dragon but he is still affected by the side effects of the crest. As the battle rages on the wendigo tries to grab Wolven, but his swiftness is out matches the monster. Wolven the manages to bite the wendigos neck and tears part of its flesh off. The Wendigo falls the the ground in pain, before triggering its powerful regeneration, then mutters "Well well, my Master sure knows how to choose them..." Wolven then replies "Soon your master will be another bloodstain on my fangs,and the rest of your monstrous clan." Then the wendigo grins then vanishes into the forest....

        "Are you ok?" Wolven to Draco. "Yeah im fine...hurts like hell, but fine." Good, Wolven replied. "I need to pay someone a visit Dewloren will guide you back to your world after your wounds are tended to." Draco showed disprovement and demanded that Wolven answer his questions. I will tell you everything I know a soon as I can, but right now you need to get back to your world.. please Draco." In unsatisfaction, Draco muttered "Fine, but before he would leave, Draco demanded that Wolven, tell him who and where exactly his father was. "Right now I can say is that he is in this world, alive but needs our help. But right now you need to rest and return you world. Besides, this wont be the last time we will meet." said Wolven. Draco nodded in approval, then is helped up by Dewloren who ask Wolven, "So this is really happening. The war is really happening...?" Wolven looked away and said " We could end this before it actually happens we just need to tie up loose ends" before dashing away into the night.

        Alt text

        "Does he always do that?" Draco, said. Dewloren laughs and the 2 returned to the cabin while being watched by a mysterious woman hidden behind the trees who then turns into a bird like creature and flies away.....

        To be continued to part 4


    • **Part 4**

      Wolven makes his way through the forest until he arrives at a large pillar decorated with a nordic symbols. He moves closer to the center and howls elegantly until the symbols glow and teleports him to a shrine in the mountains. The shrine contains artwork and artifacts of the history lycanthropy. One of the artifacts being small statue of a werewolf fighting what it appears to be dracula the vampire king. Wolven then is greeted by a large white werewolf creature. "Young wolf, you have entered my chamber. What business thy have here?" the white werewolf said walking to its large chair. "I am Wolven son of the North Wind & Winter, i have come to request info on the 2 things. The crest of Lupus Et Draconi, and the fortress that is holding the dragon prince Delphantez." Wolven said. Then the giant werewolf looked at the skylight and said " The crest you speak of contains great power. Enough power to grant power to anyone or anything that calls upon its power... What do you want with such power?" The werewolf said."

      "I plan on using it's power to slay a demon king known as Aizaax. After 2 years I have finally caught up with him. He plans on using of army of wendigo to invade the homelands and the mundy world." Wolven said.

      Then the werewolf said to Wolven "Yes, but as of now he is too powerful for you to face, even with the power of the crest. Do you have a plan young wolf?"

      Wolven looked at the ground and said "Yes, i manage to find the son of the dragon prince. I have already tested him, and he is indeed the chosen one. I believe we can this battle with him, but we need to come up with a more subtle that Aizaax won't even be able to counter. I also have someone that can deal with the wendigo army as well"

      The werewolf smiled and said "This generation is quite fascinating, i might just have to step out of my chamber and join the fun myself.... Very well then, I shall tell you something that will be severely useful in your quest. The crest may be able to maximize it's power when the 2 chosen beast are brought together but when combined with powers of other legendary creatures and fables it will gain enough power to destroy a entire world and do much more. Which is it must be used carefully. As for locating the dragon prince, according to my sources he is currently being held in a stronghold in the ruins of his kingdom guard by wendigo's. Getting inside will not be easy."

      "Thank you elder, that all i needed to know.." Wolven said and then kneeled in respect and went to the exit, but is then the werewolf ask Wolven "Doe's the child know what he up against?" Wolven then said "I believe he is destined for great things, in short time and some training he is just the kind of hero this world needs. Thank you again elder wolf" Wolven then leaves the chamber.

      Meanwhile in the mundy world, Draco is walking out of the strip club accompanied by his best friend Marco, a half vampire. "Lighten up Draco, then life style your living you going visit places like this all the time "Nascar driver!" LOL" Marco says to Draco as they walk down the street. "Atleast I wont be scaling the streets for my next helpless victims just to get a moment of "clarity.".." Draco said sarcastically. "Very funny, now tell about your adventure in fairytale land you had yesterday will ya?"

      "Well i got attacked by a wolf, i chased it through a portal it we fought and then some symbol or something lite up then I fell unconscious. After that I woke up in a dwarfs cottage and we went to old ruins. THEN, we got attacked by some shit ugly monster, uhhhh a wendigo that nearly killed me. Oh and I found out my dad is a prince and held captive by a psychopathic demon who commands a army of wendigo's AND NOW I have to find a way to get back my dragon powers save him and the fable world and this world...." Draco ranted.

      "Are you getting high again lol" Marco said. "You then how do explains this big ass scar on my arm. This is real." said Draco.

      " Well, us non-humans just can get a break. Always someone trying to take over the world or destroy or screw something. My father wanted me to live with him in his castle in europe, but I really like it hear in the states. I remember I first came here and the first place i went to was the strip club in area in new york. The pudding pie I think thats what it's was called. The owner was a fucking moron too.."

      "What is with you and strip clubs?" Draco asked. "Well ya know, you have your thing I have mines. Need for speed, im need for wet kitties." Marco said.

      "You are so fucking..." Draco pauses as he see's woman standing in front of him and Marco. The woman has long blue silky hair...white skin..dressed in a leather outfit with a picture of a phoenix on it and she's about Draco's age, in her early 20's. She has a medium size sword similar to a katana on her back and a phoenix medallion around her neck.

      "Well well, what anime convention did you come from beautiful..?" Marco said flirtatiously.

      "Sorry to interrupt the playdate but, im going need the dragon boy come come with me.. so if you don't mind, fuck of bloodsucker before i have to poke you with something sharp.." The woman demanded.

      "Ooo feisty, direct and kinky. Ist oday my birthday cuase im very horney...and thirsty" Marco said joking.

      "Hold up, who are you? How do you know that im a dragon? Draco says before the woman takes out her sword and lunges towards him.

      "You need help, homes, you don't have your power you know?" Marco says.

      "Just shut up and watch this" Draco says before he crafts a sword out of his flames.

      The woman was surprised after witnessing draco do that and continued her assault on Draco and see drew closes the two collided and only flames seen after impact....

      **To be continued to part 5**

      really wish i could post the pic of the woman, she was well drawn.
    • Part 5

      The smoke and fire cleared and Draco and the Woman stood barely injured. Marco was sitting on a rooftop from distance and yelled out "Umm I think you 2 should wrap this up... I see firetrucks coming... seriously...." Then suddenly the woman put her sword back into its sheath and collapsed exposing her burn. Draco rushed over to the fallen woman asking her if she was ok. The woman didn't want to accept Draco's pity and then black out. "Shit.." Draco said angrily. He then picked the girl up and told Marco that he was going to take her to Irene's to get fixed up. "Marco you should get out of here too, stay safe dude." Draco as he left the park. Marco nodded then speeded away with his extraordinary vampiric abilities.

      Draco arrived at a house in the middle of a cul de sac in the inner city. He and the unconscious woman went to the doorstep and Draco knocked. A pretty short hair woman about the same age as Draco answered. "What the hell? Draco NO. NO NO NO!" the girl said while closing the door. "Wait irene please! You the only one i know who can help me at this point! Please!" Draco yelling and pleading. "Then why didnt you take her to the hospital. What if you cops scene you?" Irene questioning him. "She is just like us a fable. Please Irene, please..!" Draco pleaded.
      Irene then opened the door and let Draco in.He went into the living room and put the unconscious woman down on the couch and then Irene treated her wounds using her magic. "Thanks Irene" Draco said in relief. "Yeah now mind explaining to me what the hell happened?" Irene demanded. Draco then explained the past event's from meeting wolven and his encounter with this woman.

      "Ok wow, yeah encountered a wendigo and survived? And now you have to stop and demon from destroying both worlds? Draco how do you get yourself into these kind of things" Irene while shipping her wine. Yeah i know, but I cant just you the asshole get away with, besides he has my father. "I know but you are going to get yourself killed man. You may be a fable but you are still human." Irene saying while concerningly. "Im getting stronger, even if i dont have my dragon power at the moment. but i gained something new. And im starting to get the hang of it..." Draco as he made a fist of fire. "Even if you master this power you need to be careful and know what you're up against." Irene as the woman wakes up.

      The woman wakes up and looks around, she see's Draco and tries to attack him "Woah wait hold on. Im not your enemy calm down and why did you attack me back at the park?" Draco said. "You healed me, after i tried to cut your head off.. Thank you.. handsome, but you didn't have too......I" The woman as she lies back down. "Its alright you weren't no where close to killing me. "Draco said and then Irene rolled her eyes and sipped her drink. "I was ordered to either kill or bring you back alive by my master, but you put a good fight.." The woman said. "Who is your master and why do he wants to kill me?" Draco asked. The woman then paused and responded "In return for my sisters life, I would bring you back either dead or alive. He was going to feed my sister to those monsters. I couldn't allow it. Lord Aizaax can be very convincing." The mentioning of his name struct Draco and reminded him that Aizaax is the one who is holding his father captive. "Wait a minute he's the one who has my father.. he's the antagonist in all of this and he needs to pay for all the pain he's caused people. Hes going to pay for this dearly.. By the way, what is your name?" Draco asked. " Name is Viera, i am daughter of the phoenix queen..." The woman replied.

      Draco decided to ask the woman to join him on his quest to help save his father and her sister and stop the sinister Aizaax. But Viera hesitated and looked down and said "But if he finds out...." He wont, and we can stage my capture. You take me to the fortress and we go in saved my father and your sister and kill that fucker Aizaax. Easy right? Draco said confidently.

      "I guess but it wont be that easy with the just the two of us... We need more help." Viera as she picks up her sword. "Don't worry, Wolven is help us and the dwarf Dewloren is rounding up reinforcements. We just need to stick to the plan and the goal. We can this." Draco as he grabs Viera hand." Viera takes his hand of hers and say. "Fine, i hope your right.... now lets go find your wolf friend" Draco smiles and Irene is interrupts the two saying "Um what the hell is that on my front lawn. And why isn't it glamoured..?

      "Glamoured?" Darco as he walks towards the window and i shocked to she a wendigo out there waiting for something and he goes outside to see why.. The wendigo is different this time its not like the wendigo Draco encounter in the old ruins. Its humanoid but has identical features of the other one. It raises its hand and points to Draco and Viera and says "Viera... you have failed now, you and the dragon child must perish. Lord Aizaax has spoken." It approaches the two and draco prepares for combat only to be interrupted by Viera. "Draco please, let me handle this. I had enough of these bastards." Viera as she unsheathes her sword. "But Viera..." Draco as he tries to engage the wendigo. "You like to hog all the glory dont you?" Viera as she does her battle stance.

      The wendigo the launches at Viera and she effortlessly dodge the creatures and then manage to slice its chest leaving it with a large bleeding gash. The wendigo then conjures aspell immobilizing Viera. She struggles to break free as the creature draws now and says "It's no use, your time has come" while licking his tongue. "VIERRAA" Draco as he tries to help her. Suddenly the spell begins to melt and a flaming aura in a form of a phoenix covers Viera. She then appears behind the wendigo and slashes it's skull in half. It falls to the ground and then its corps turn to ashes. Viera then sheaths her sword and turns to the bedazzled Draco and Irene and says "What?"

      After the conflict Draco and Viera prepares to leave and is stop by Irene. "Wait, uhhhhh, ya know you're going your unavoiding demise so you might want to bring someone who can patch up your wounds soo..."

      "Fine Irine you can come" Draco says doing a facepalm. Irene smiles and says "Yeah saving lives and stopping maniacs, maybe i'll meet the man of my dreams on the way"

      "What ever Irene lets go. Im going to ask Marco if he wants to tag in too. Might as well..." Draco says. Then as the trio walks out Irene shouts "Do we really have to bring that pervert along...??" "Yes Irne Marco may be pervy vamp, but we need all the help we can get. Now lets go."

      The trio arrives at the club that Marco usually attends is greeted by him at the front. "Woah woah, ninja chick and SWEET IRENE!!" Irene turns away and gives him the finger and he smiles. "Come on Marco were going on an "Adventure" in the fablelands" Draco says. "But wait, wait a minute, you plan of fighting those things alone???" Marco as he reminds Draco what is waiting for him at the fortress. "Yeah, yeah i know. Which is why im recruiting you in this. I need your help man, pull this off with out you. You are fast, sneaky and you could easily get pass the guards in the fortress without being notice. Your the key asset in saving my father. Draco as he convince Marco.

      "Fine if i do this, you gotta hooked me with uhhhhhhhhhh, IRENE!" Then Irene pulls a muzzle out of thin air and puts its over Marco face and says "As if" and walks away. "Good its settled, when we get to the land of the fables we will stop at the dwarfs house. We can rest there until Wolven arrives, then we plan our strike." Draco as he and the group begins to walk away. "You make it sound easy Draco." Viera as she takes off her phoenix medallion as and holds it to a wall opening a portal" Draco smiles and says "Not i only i have a need for speed, i have a need for danger.." and then flexes for Viera. "Your so corny..." Irene says pushing the muzzled Marco and then group walks through portal..

      Meanwhile in a dark dreary fortress a well dressed man stands in a chamber staring at a unconscious dragon and young woman and says "They are coming to save you, and little do they know they have now idea what awaits. Its courageous but foolish. And tell me Delphantez, do you really believes your pitiful son and stop me?" The dragon wakes up and shoots a large fire ball at the man and misses. The man grins and turns around and walks away while saying "Typical"

      End of book one.
  • If i will make my own story with a character based on me i will be like snow :3 i know it sounds stupid but she is one of the most awesome nicest and kindest character in the game and if someone will be bigby i will want him to be my acquaintance :D

  • Bump keep this alive

  • Okay, this is going to be a small introduction of my fable, and how he is starting to adapt, and live in Fabletown. And I have to apology if my writing is not 100% after the rules, or I have bad grammar, I'm from Norway, so it's not very easy to write in English

    Name: Tobin

    Species: Human - Vampire

    Traits: Lightning fast, very strong, needs blood every 24 hours, can see clearly in the dark, has razer-sharp teeth (fangs), almost invicible during night (as he gets very dark when it's dark) and he becomes weaker and slower during daytime (when the sun is showing). He is also very weak towards silver, garlic and holy water. Get's really tempered if a priest is in presence.

    Alt text

    Tobin arrived at Fabletown about 17 hours ago. He lived in a castle, in a place called Brightloch. There he lived with his brother, father and mother. One day, the castle was attacked by a bunch of werewolves, killing his entire family. Tobin nearly managed to escaped, and travelled to Fabletown, a place his father sometimes had talked about.

    The day had turned to night, the wind was standing still, Fabletown was in complete silence. It was completely dark, there were only some few lights coming from the mayor’s office, someone was obviously working overtime.

    The clock had just hit midnight, and there were no fables out in the streets. I believe it was a cold night, but of course, I don’t know for sure, cause’ I don’t know how to freeze… The air was fresh, and I started to get stressed, it was a clear sign of my lust for blood. You may not know me all that good just yet, let's say you can call me a “good vampire”. It’s one simple reason for that; I don’t kill, or feed of humans unless I absolutely have to. I usually feed of birds, rabbits, squirrels and sometimes deer. The speed and they’re agility is no problem at all, as I’m much faster than all of these.

    I don’t know anyone in Fabletown yet, as I just recently came here. I’ve been hiding in this alley during night-time, and during the day I’ve just trying to blend into the community (the fables is not the most observant people in the universe…).

    The night was getting older, and it’s during nighttime I’m at my best. My body was in need of blood, so I decided to travel up to the woods. As I see extremely good in the dark, hunting in the woods during nighttime is no problem.

    Well, I was in a hurry, so I started my journey up to the woods. It wouldn’t take me long, as I’m extremely fast (not to brag about my self). With the speed of a flying bird, I was on my way to hunt down my first prey during my time in Fabletown.

    So, you guys think this is something I can start building a story on. Any toughts? Any thing is appreciated!

  • I don't care if this is not made up lol < Rule Of Rose is really obsure and I always loved the Little Princess story.

    Once upon a time, there was a precious little girl.

    Her friend, the Princess of the Red Rose, was always at her side.

    Then one day, her mummy and daddy died suddenly.

    The princess too disappeared, leaving the girl all alone.

    And the poor little girl was sent away to a strange house.

    At her new home, the Aristocrat Club lived by the Rule of Rose.

    But the girl found herself very much alone, until she discovered a wonderful new friend.

    The girl and her companion obeyed the Rule of Rose.

    For in the Aristocrat Club the Rule of Rose was absolute, as was the word of the Princess of the Red Rose.

    The girl obeyed the Rule of Rose, but the Countess refused to like her.

    The girl obeyed the Rule of Rose, but the Baroness punished her still.

    The girl obeyed the Rule of Rose, but the Duchess taunted her anew.

    And yet, the girl and her friend were still faithful to the Rule of Rose.

    The Princess of the Red Rose found this all very dull.

    And so, she issued a Rule of Rose for the final time.

    The girl was to sacrifice her very special friend.

    And when she did, she became a princess.

    A lonely little Princess, burdened by the Rule of Rose.

    The woeful Princess put her memories under lock and key,

    forever and ever.

  • Wow I'm just a new user but seeing all this stories are just great a great idea

  • So, here is the first part of my story. Will start a bit slowly, but will promise much more action and excitment in the future parts!

    30 feet, the only thing standing in the way between me and a big, brown deer. My body started to get in a rush, the time had come. I waited about 30 seconds, just to make sure it was safe and clear.* “Wroooom”* it said, the bushes war rattling, the world was not fast enough to react. In just a spilt second I’ve reached the deer, and straight away I sank my fangs into his throat, it didn’t scream… The blood was flushing down my throat, and I started to feel more and more alive for every second. As I had filled up, I thanked the deer to my self, and started to travel back to Fabletown.

    Part 1 - In No Harms Way

    - Three days later –

    It was midday, the sun was out, and as usually I sat on this bench, and was getting strange looks from almost everyone that walked past me, I bet it was because I was new around here. There wasn’t much happening, all I hear was buzzing coming from the other fables out in the streets, but then I suddenly caught up.* “Have you heard the latest news?”* a tall blond man said, “No, what is it?” the person next to him answered. “Apparently, at night time, someone is out in the woods killing deer and other animals. This morning, they found another one, making it three deer’s and one rabbit! The animals is found with two large and deep holes on their throats. There’s something fishy going on at the moment…” *said the tall man. *“Jesus! What are they going to do about it?” the other one asked. “I don’t know, but apparently they’re going to send scouts up there when night falls. This creature definitely won’t strike again” My heart stopped for a second, as I thought to myself, “Oh my god, what is happening now!?”

    - Late evening, the same day -

    Fabletown had gone into hibernate. As usual I was hiding in an alleyway, where no one could see me. It was pitch black, and my body started to get into “The Zone” as I call it. It means it’s time to fill up on blood. My plan was to go to the forest and continue on what I’ve been doing, but I didn’t want to take the risk. There were lights all over the woods, and there were ravens, squirrels and other birds and animals scouting through the forest.

    My body started to get inpatient. If I didn’t get enough blood in time, my body would go into shock, and eventually I would fall dead. I started to feel ill. I needed my blood. As the night was getting older, and my body started to get more anxious for every second that went, I had to take some drastic actions. The only thing left to do, was to feed of a fable.

    There weren’t many fables out at this time, but I knew about a place where I’ve might have a chance, “The Pudding and Pie”. I’ve heard rumors about this strip club, and if it’s one place there is people out at night, it’s definitely there.

    I walked a few yards, staying in the shadows of course, when I saw this big lit up sign, “The Pudding and Pie”. There weren’t many people out here, but right outside the front door, a young girl with beautiful blonde hair was standing, smoking. I had to act soon, my body was on the verge of going into shock. I went into this alleyway, and quickly as I could transformed my self. The fangs came out and I got bigger, and faster. I slowly sneaked up behind the corner of the building, and I got a glimpse of her as I peeked around the corner. I counted to three inside myself, “1…2……….3!” I jumped at her. She screamed, loud! “HEEELP!” I started to get anxious, what if someone heard? Luckily, it didn’t take long before she went silent, and I carefully sank my fangs into her throat. The blood was streaming down my body, and it was like this amazing orgasm!

    I had just filled up enough to last another 24 hours, and was about to get away from her, when suddenly this extremely bright light lit up right at me. I froze for a moment, I felt tempered, something wasn't right. I slowly turned my head around, and I couldn’t believe what I saw…

    Alt text

  • Zombieboy

    Bob was a boy just a normal ordinary boy. One fabled day Bob was happily bobbing along, exploring, and playing around his home. In the games which Bob plays, he quests looking for shiny treasure, adding to his rock collection, often from finding the smoothest shiniest pebbles. Bob searches and searches, occasionally prying loose this treasure, but always questing looking for more shinnies.

    When searching, Bob stumbles into a trench falling down a disused mine shaft. Unhurt from falling down below onto the soften earth. Bob rises shakily shaking off his dirty clothes. He is trapped, he cannot climb out of the above mineshaft. He begins to scream for help, he screams, and screams, hollers, and hollers. Blue in the face from all his effort, but nobody hears his yelling echoes. Blindly Bob gives up his echoing cries.

    Bob movies on forward. Going deeper and deeper down through the underground cave, looking possibly for another way out. Moving into the darkness, Bob becomes very disorientated, when progressing further on ahead. Bob finds an opening leading into a very large chilly earthen cavern. Bob hears, some eerie woeful whispers coming from ahead, these sounds becoming louder, and louder, with each step that is taken forward. Frightened by this sound, Bob stumbles backwards falling over. He is quite shocked by these eerie woeful sounds. Bob rattles his head trying to clear it. Realizing the sounds aren't just his mind playing tricks on him, from breathing, or any air rushing through this very darkened cave.

    Bob deciding to muster up all of his remaining courage to discover the source of the noise. BleHHHHHHH, BleHHHHHHHHH, BLEHHHHHHHH, the noise continues to woefully torment him. Bob begins crawling, clawing his way through the earth when moving forward further into the darkness, shivering at the fright of each sound. Bob progresses on his hands and knees scraping by, until falling on and discovering a large rounded stone sarcophagus. Within this sarcophagus is the source of the noise. Inside of it containing a mummified and preserved corpse.This thing has been calling out for rescue, sounding frighteningly scary to Bob.

    Inside of the sarcophagus a Mummy has been embalmed through some kind of magic preservation. The Mummy having it's mouth full of cotton wadded bandages, sounded distortedly muffled as it tries to speak. Bob rises introducing himself to this creature. Asking the Mummy who it is? Why the Mummy has gotten stuck inside the sarcophagus? To these questions the Mummy chooses not to give any answers. Bob pleads for an exit, a way outside of this cavern. The Mummy answers, promising to help Bob, but only if Bob can help to free it from within the entombed sarcophagus. The Mummy sounding much to Bob like. Blobbbbb ill ouuuuu, fry meeee, enddd Ill ate ouuuuuuu. Bob is quite scared by the Mummy's choice of words. Although Bob didn't have too many other options. Realizing that he was quite trapped within this dark cave, this might be his only way out, if all he could do is help. So Bob will just have to try and help.

    Bob begins using all of his strength, trying to pull open the stone sarcophagus. Bob pulls and pulls, but the sarcophagus simply will not budge, not even just a little bit open, at all. Dizzily Bob starts to feel around the stone sarcophagus, looking for a possible way to get inside and open up the stone. Bob searches discovering a small hand print embedded into the stone. The Mummy shouts making more noise. OHHHHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHHH, the Mummy yells. Bob misunderstands mistaking this sound, thinking that this is the way to open the stone sarcophagus. Bob presses placing his hand into the printed stone. Ouchhhhh screams Bob, his hand is pierced, some embalming needles have pressed into his palm, Ouchhhhh yells Bob crying out again.

    The sarcophagus shakes beginning to faintly rattle open. The Mummy is rescued, freeing itself from inside. The Mummy who much like Bob's hand, is pierced with many similar small needles marks. Stumbling out of the sarcophagus the Mummy begins removing the cotton bandages that are wadding around it's mouth. The Mummy speaking now in clarity, introduces himself as the once King Lazarus.Telling Bob of how he had gotten so very very ill so long ago, later buried within the present sarcophagus, having been embalmed to preserve himself. This was a magic kind of ancient medicine, a way of curing illnesses, also a preservation, a means of if any later remedies were discovered. Gratefully Lazarus thanks Bob, and promises to uphold their bargain, helping Bob to escape from inside the cave. Lazarus gathers up his few belongings, importantly a torch that Lazarus proceeds to light.

    Traveling journeying along their way to find an exit leading out side of the cave. Lazarus warns Bob. Saying Bob, you have been pierced by the magical embalming needles. Bob you will soon start to change fading into an immortal zombie. Bob doesn't know what this means, he lets this fly right over his head, sure his hand hurts, but he feels ordinary and looks normal. Finally they begin to reach an exit, traveling through many small winding earthen tunnels. Bob sometimes stopping along their way grabbing and prying at some of the shiny rocks, his treasure he calls them, many are entrenched within the caves walls. They later reach an opening leading them up into a very large crypt.

    Bob is so happy he charges on forwards, running off ahead. He is finally free of that dark cave, happier to have some stories to tell about his adventures. Forgetting about his companion, he starts looking back, he slowly turns noticing a heap of smouldering bandages behind him, back on the crypts floor. Bob starts shouting screaming for Lazarus. Lazarusssssssssss, Lazarussssssssss, Bob cries. But Lazarus is gone.vanishing, leaving behind only a small smouldering fire of cotton clothed bandages. This is all that remains of the past king Lazarus. NOOOOOO, HEEELLLLLPPPP, Bob desperately despairs at the loss of his friend. Without Lazarus, Bob wonders where he is, or how he is going to find his way home? Eventually giving up, after searching for Lazarus. Bob moves to the door, opening up, the unlocked crypt,.

    Bob steps outside, into a starry moonlit night. Bob is so tired, drifting off falling to sleep, nearby, under a large tree. Bob dreams he will find his friend, hoping he will be able to get home. Bob really wants to tell his parents about his adventure, because he knows that they will be worried and searching for him. Bob awakens the following morning, but in much to his shocked horrific surprise. Bob discovers that he is no longer a normal ordinary boy, he has changed fading into a zombie. Bob begins wondering what Lazarus had said, if he is now really immortal? Bob realizes his parents will not recognize him anymore, he looks different, he speaks different, he has faded into a Zombieboy.

    Zombieboy eventually travels to Fabletown, hoping to find a possible cure.....

    • Love this well done only say recommend space it out or split into chapters because wall of text will scare off people without even reading it but apart from that epic loved it so random and funny well done

    • Interested to see where this goes. While the zombie theme is familiar, Bob seemingly keeping all his mental faculties intact is somewhat different and could lead to poignant circumstances depending on how he is greeted in Fabletown. Also, as Mark said, splits here and there would be useful, but otherwise a good start.

      • Author's Note: Acknowledgements.

        Writers Block......... How to progress. Evil, Good. Happy, Lost.

        The fabled story is constructed as a "tale of the crypt". Within Horror there are no real happy endings, but in Fables there is always the ever after.

        Although any beauty in this tale is when leaving the reader with their own choice of any happened events. Masked in humor to prevent some macabre and chilling content.

        Zombieboy being catchy as a reference only to the undead, rather then being that rabid festering ghoul in any physical manifestation. A different take on the zombification processes when working into ancient medicine. Using some known fabled lore references as catalysts.

        Apology on the use of my lazy grammar and leaving some facts to your own discernment when being somewhat iinconsistent to final explanation.

        Final thoughts: Within the afterlife there is only ever repetition. But did in fact provide as a way out a means of escape, or was truly evil?

        How would any apparition manifesting, fit into Fabletown, harder to say......
        • Well that was interesting take your a great writer MOAR bobit please
        • That clarifies a few things.
          If you've got the ol' writer's block you could try imagining yourself as the reader and contemplating where you'd like it to go, without all the thoughts of the writer.
          If that's terrible advice, my apologies.
          • lol I do that kind of the great thing about writing is when you get bored can throw in random violent scene to much fun lol

            For me with writers block I write story's like I'm writing a blockbuster film I imagine the start, middle and end with all big events I want to happen then during the day on reflection you perfect your ideas. Then when your writing it's easy just write about the movie playing in your head if visualize the story helps me notice story pacing issues or making the story make sense and be realistic.

            I beat your terrible advice Lupine lol

            btw can't wait for your story
            • Yeah, I try and go for the movie playing in my head too, so now I'm not sure why I said the above. I bow to your superior writing insight ;P I've written a little and it's pretty much ready, however there's not much as I'm a little unsure of it. Oh well, I will post it soon.
            • If I had been a better writer. I would scrap the story, starting again when using most of the original draft idea's. This story hadn't quite conveyed the movie I wanted to see. Working better for a graphic story, possibly, or a fable? But not quite the horror I had intended.

              Any questions that I would have wanted better explained, but when wanting left mostly up to the readers imagination were.

              Had the boy died for dropping down into the mine?
              Did the spirit only want to free itself?
              What specifically is a zombieboy?

              Presently. Now within that supposedly happy ever after, as an immortal. The undead king had freed the boy from being trapped providing a means of escape, and in doing so had freed itself. But like a genie or djinn, when good or evil, disappeared. Costing the Boy, but providing hope for a forgotten remedy. What did this mean? Possibly just a price paid for curiosity.

              Left mostly the readers imagination. If only worded better when elaborating more, correcting grammar, and being more consistent to some events. Endgame. Leaving the reader as lost as any child would, until awakening. The dead won't know it until they have turned, eerie crypt'ic laughs. Bleheh Bleheh Bleheh

              Writer's Block: There is only the ending. Appreciated
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