Still no Episode 2 for Mac

Has anyone successfully downloaded the game on OSX in-game yet?


  • No and it is driving me insane....

  • Nope, I've been waiting all day for this and I have nothing......I'm pretty disappointed in Tell Tale.

  • Sorry, my fellow Mac users...Just checked again and still says "Coming Soon."

    Had to move my playthrough to PS3...

  • I know right this is BS i want to play the game but I'm so tempted to watch playthroughs

  • Nothing yet. Been trying for a good while now.

  • its funny because it says a house divided is available on the site but not in game

  • the same thing happened for the wolf among us for me anyway

  • Still nothing :/ and it's 8:36 at night >.< I keep checking every hour

    If anyone can successful download it from a mac please let us know :)

  • now its 05.03 and still it says coming soon

  • 9:15 in the morning and still says coming soon :\

  • And how long after the release did it take for it to finally show up for download? (I got impatient and downloaded the whole game over and somehow it worked. Didn't seem to for Walking Dead though.)

    OpTic_Clem posted: »

    the same thing happened for the wolf among us for me anyway

  • Has anyone tried downloading from steam? I just tried to purchase again in desperate need of play and Steam is down now too..... No luck for us.

  • This is ridiculous, we had a very similar issue with TWAU, and no one checked if the Mac update would work fine this time? If I screwed up like this at my job I'd be fired already.

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