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Bone:(Spanish version?)

posted by yeladies on - last edited - Viewed by 311 users
Hi, i'm interested in purchasing the Bone series. but i'don't know if the game comes with an spanish translation (Subtitles). someone can reply me?

I want to know it, to purchase, thanks!!!

PS: Sorry by my ugly english :P
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  • Hi Yeladies! No problem, your English is fine. :)

    We were working on a version of Out from Boneville with Spanish subtitles, but then had to put that on hold when we started talking to a European publisher. We might end up doing a subtitled version at some point (I hope so!), but it's not something that would happen right away.

    If you buy the game in English and then we add subtitles, you will be able to upgrade to the subtitled version for free.
  • Ok, Thanks

    I wish that you can finish the translation.

    PD: 2 days only to play Sam & Max!!!!
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