Walking Dead: Purchased Multi-Pack but is now asking to re-purchase the levels

I recently purchased the Multi-Pack for the Walking Dead ($19.99); however, the additional levels would not download. After re-downloading the app, restarting my phone, signing in and out of iTunes - the application is now asking me to re-purchase the Multi-Pack. I confirmed with Apple that my credit card was charged for the Multi-Pack.

Please help me either get a refund or download the levels I have already purchased.


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    I apologize for the inconvenience. Please view this FAQ on our community support forum to learn suggestions on how to restore your previously purchased episodes on your iOS device here:


    Again, apologies for any inconvenience you have experienced. If you have any inquiries about refunds for purchases made through iTunes App Store, please contact Apple Support for further assistance.

  • I've had this problem for a while now and hope to resolve this problem very, very soon because I don't know how much more other "solutions" I can try out. For example turning off and re installing the game or try restoring it on a new account and so forth. I bought the multi pack ( episodes 2-5 with 400 days), totaling $19.99, and I'm sure of this because I checked with an Apple rep to view my purchases. I have just tried your "workaround" word for word so there is no saying that I have not tried, which did not work for me. Please do not say to go speak to Apple about this because I have just stated that I have. What I would like out of this is for a telltale staff to help me either get ALL my episodes back or help me get a FULL refund of my purchase. thank you in advance for your help.

  • Apple tells me to either contact these people or get a refund and it can take days to get my money back but it only took second for them to take it! They also informed me this maker has had multiple complaints on not downloading what you buy....... I want my money back it's not .99 it's 21.63 total

  • The Apple rep I talked to sent me a copy of my recite, and it said $19.99

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    @Grim_Reaper7_21 Please follow the link to the workaround above in order to restore your purchases, and you will be able to download the episodes.

    @Shelrain Please follow the workaround in the link I've provided above. If these steps do not resolve your issue, I recommend requesting a refund, and then repurchase the game to receive Episodes 2-5 and 400 Days.

    I apologize for any difficulties this may cause.

  • Telltalemike - this isn't an Apple issue. This is an issue in the game itself. The app re downloaded and installed fine from the iTunes Store. The problem is that despite following the workaround link word for word multiple times due to the restore button not working, it simply does not restore my purchase. Please stop apologizing for our inconvenience and just fix your app so it works correctly. Otherwise if telltale doesn't resolve immediately, this I am happy to warn Apple and others of your inability to honor restoring the app.

  • I contacted support from Apple - they indicated that the developer is responsible for issues with re downloading in-app purchases - here are the details http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4009.

    So how do I either get the multipack with 400 days to allow me to restore my purchase or full refund of my $19.99? I still have the app receipt that I am happy to send to you.

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    Please follow the link in my original reply to this thread for the workaround of restoring your in-app purchases. Please note, as long as you are logged into the account that you originally purchased the game with, you should be able to hit the 'buy' button, and you will be alerted that you have already purchased this item, and that you can download it again for no extra charge.

    For any inquiries about refunds or refund requests, please contact Apple Support for further assistance with this request.

  • I only have one iTunes account - RJHolohan@aol.com - and have never had another iTunes account, I have followed the work around precisely and restores still don't work. The only other piece of info that I can provide is that I have changed my account password since originally purchasing The Walking Dead. Apple says that refunds are not available after 90 days for in-game purchases. Please don't be another Microsoft in the making and just cut and paste another canned response telling me to try the link again or contact Apple to get a refund. If Telltale is as great as you'd like your potential future employees to believe on your website, then take responsibility and pride in your work and try to resolve the problem your product has caused instead of hiding behind canned responses and bureaucratic policies. I am available at my email address if you choose to actually support your product.

  • TelltaleMikeTelltaleMike ModeratorTelltale Staff

    My apologies, unfortunately this is the only known workaround for restoring your lost episodes. If you are unable to receive a refund, my only other suggestion would be to ask Apple if you can purchase the Multi-Pack again, and they can refund you for the second purchase, as it will be in your purchase history that you've purchased it twice. I apologize I could not be of more help.

  • Hi @TelltaleMike -

    I'm having the same problem as @RJHolohan with restoring my purchases from season 1. I'm signed in with my same account and followed the work around. No luck. The telltale system isn't recognizing that I've purchased the app before. I have the iTunes receipt and could send it to you directly if that would help verify.

    I did get a new iPad since purchasing season 1 but all account information is the same so purchases transferred to all other apps. The big problem is that season 2 won't restore my decisions from season 1 so I'm torn between waiting for help from you guys or just playing A House Divided with randomly generated decisions. Can you help me out?

  • TelltaleMikeTelltaleMike ModeratorTelltale Staff

    Please note that your Season One save files were stored within the Season One base application.If you replaced your iOS device, you will unfortunately have to start a new playthrough.

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