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  • Once again they gave us a cliffhanger, causing me to be impatient again. But it was still very good of an ending.

  • May 20 is my guess for the release date.

    I am worried that the delayed release in Europe for episode 2 will push back the release date for episode 3 some. That said I really hope the episode 3 release does not bleed over in to June....

  • The story is so good it's hard to wait for it.

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    I think Telltale gonna release (or atleast try to release) their games every two months now. What i mean by that is, we will get to play the next episode of " The Wolv among us " next month and the next episode of " The Walking Dead " the month afterwards.

    First week of May seems like a solid gues to me...

  • It's all part of the package

  • Good strategy. Right now I plan on playing episode per week (takes up 8 weeks) while playing RDR, Last of Us, and some other old games of mine.

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    9 staches and beards

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    ...They have their release schedule there for a reason. And looking back at the first season they kept within their sechedule for just about all episodes. However, Starved For Help took longer than usual, like all other second espisodes for games by Telltale. May is out of the question. I strongly doubt we'll have to wait two months for each episode.

  • Dude 20 May is 2 and a half moths from now one !!!

  • It will not be a shorter wait as "they" said on twitter, we would still have to wait till May or even longer. We waited almost 3 months for episode 2 thanks to Telltale and their "coming soon" shit.

  • Late-April but most likely early May since The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 needs to take centerstage again for April.

    That's actually not that bad of a schedule either if it goes like this. Sure it would still be nice to be less than a month, but that's pretty much an impossible dream.

  • Dude you got it wrong, they said that the wait will be shorter.

  • Then playing this game will be one hell of an experience.

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    My guess is:

    A Crooked Mile: March 25

    In Harm's Way: April 15 or 22

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    I don't want them to release it too soon. since by then the episode will be extremely short. I just want them to take their time and I'll wait if I have to. so I think episode 3 might be released in May.

  • Yup... Sure is.... I think TTG will use every second of that 70 couple days it took to release ep 2.

    Heck ep 2 is still not released yet in Europe. I think that will delay ep 3 some.

  • Yeah, mid may sounds good, I don't like to wait soo long and they won't release it too soon. so that month seems more likely.

  • Umm, in April the 22nd is a Tuesday. The 18th and 25th are Fridays. I think you might be confused with March.

  • Mid April is my hope. Late April is more likely. Early May if were unlucky. But I hope for Mid April :)

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    @BenEyler There's lead time, of course. Some of Ep3 has been recorded.

    — Gavin Hammon (@gavinhammon) March 7, 2014
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    I don't think the European delay will make any difference to the release schedule, i think the delay is down to Sony and not Telltale, they should have the final build but haven't released it on the European PSN yet.

  • Don't even go there about episode 3 I've listened to the bullshit on this site about where is episode 2.. Are we gonna start this shit again?..come on really?

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    It looks like we are going to get another episode of Playing Dead soon, hopefully they tell us about the stats like they did for season 1

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  • ( ? ) The community is skeptical of Telltale's nonsense

  • This was also the best episode in my opinion

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    I don't understand you people actually thinking the episode will release in mid to late May. Look at the facts. For literally all games made by Telltale the second episode has always taken longer than usual to release. This is due to Telltale taking feedback for the season now when they have a plot; what to add, what to change, etc. And now both Laura and Job said themselves the wait won't be as long, and it'll come sooner than we think. If you want to wait two point five months for each remaining episode we'll play episode five late this fall or early winter. All remaining episodes for the first season released within their time frame of four to six weeks, and so will the remaing episodes for the second season most likely too, unless they face an obstacle. And the concerns for The Wolf Among Us should not be a thing. They can't allow two games conflict with their releases.

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    In season 1 the wait between episode 2 and 3 was 61 days so it could be a similar duration this time around without the added complication from the delay from TWAU and the fact that the Christmas period might have slowed production if they didnt have as many people working in the office, they seem to be working on some voice acting now if this tweet from Job is anything to go by https://twitter.com/jobjstauffer/status/438514944464547840 so hopefully they wont take too long, my guess is May 6th 13th or 20th with TWAU being April 1st 8th or 15th

  • My best guess is that they will release TWD Ep3 either April 29, May 6 or May 13. One of those HAS to be correct!

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    At least 61 days is a huge difference from the 77 days we had to wait for A House Divided. But two months is a worst case scenario. I still got confidence for anything between April 15th to April 22nd.

  • Oh gawd, the bots are invading the Discussion! Run!

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    I do hope we get it earlier that what i have guessed but we did all think that we would get it on the 18th and then the 25th as we all felt that that was enough time between episode and enough time spotlight time for Smoke & Mirrors, A House Divided needs some time in the spotlight and then they will focus on A Crooked Man by releasing screenshots and teasers and then the game itself, it also needs some spotlight and then they will start teasers for In Harms Way, i am overestimating dates rather than getting disappointed if its not out at exactly 6 weeks.

  • I think he's right. We're not seeing this game until May, regardless of what TTG staffers infer in their vague announcements.They've built up a (begrudgingly) accepted timeline of 3 months per episode, so i seriously doubt they go back to a 6week to 2 month model.

  • They've more than took their time with their last 3 games and they were still all shorter than expected and glitchy. I haven't played a house divided yet, though.

  • Can't say I'm looking forward to it- if the first IGN PD is any indication it's going to suck.

  • They'll probably leave next week to promote A House Divided a little more, then, by Sunday (March 16th) they will release the first screenshot of TWAU Ep.3 and a trailer on someday of that week and release the episode on 25th

  • Well, in that case Eddie and Wyatt would be confirmed for Ep3.

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