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SXSW Gaming Expo

We're doubling up the Telltale goodness in Austin this weekend! Not only are we doing a special Tales from the Borderlands panel at 5:30pm on Saturday, Telltale will also be speaking at 12:30pm that day about the future of entertainment.

About the panel, "Telltale Games on the Future of Entertainment":
Join Telltale Games President and Co-Founder, Kevin Bruner, along with his team of designers and storytellers as they discuss their vision of the future of entertainment from both inside and outside of the studio walls. The award-winning studio has crossed the trans-media divide with the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead and the breakout hit The Wolf Among Us, and will be premiering an all-new series, Tales from the Borderlands in conjunction with Gearbox Software, as well as Game of Thrones in partnership with HBO. Learn about the team’s philosophies and iterative approach to storytelling and game development, and how their process of ‘live development’ affects the team’s series as they progress. Panel will be moderated by Editor, Brian Walton.

SXSW Gaming Expo
Long Center
Dell Hall
701 W Riverside Dr
Austin, TX 78704

Saturday March 8th, 2014
12:30PM - 1:30PM

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  • Blind SniperBlind Sniper Moderator
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    Sounds exciting!

    For those of us who cannot go, will these panels be recorded and/or summarized by Telltale? I presume other gaming news websites will probably cover the panels, but I'm curious if we can expect any coverage from Telltale.

  • puzzleboxpuzzlebox Telltale Alumni
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    The Tales from the Borderlands panel will definitely be filmed by our video man Shaun... which is awesome, because there's some really cool stuff being shown!

  • Hola a todos tengo algunas dudas espero puedan resolverlas.
    Me compre a través de playstore The Walking Dead Sesson 2 pero esta en ingles y quería saber si se puede y como hacer para pasarla al castellano, me paso lo mismo con la primer temporada pero no se como sucedió que se paso al castellano sola después con el correr del tiempo yo no hice nada. si alguien me puede dar algún tipo de respuesta o solución se lo agradecería.
    PD: uno de los mejores juegos que he jugado hasta ahora junto con The Last of Us

  • Laura how is that new engine working out that you guys are developing? Is that part of this TTG on the future of entertainment?

  • Blind SniperBlind Sniper Moderator
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    You mean the engine update Kevin Bruner mentioned in that Telltale Reddit AMA?

    I recall Kevin twice alluded to it "launching [this] summer," which I imagine would be when Wolf and Walking Dead Season 2 end and Borderlands could possibly release. If I had to guess, Borderlands and Game of Thrones will probably use the new engine.

    I am only a community volunteer moderator with no advance knowledge from Telltale, though, so my guess is good as yours.

  • Yea the one Kevin was talking about. I have not heard much else about it so I figured maybe the future of entertainment would talk about it?

  • I figure they will most likely talk about their game design and whatnot. If anything, I presume the most we would see about the new engine would come out of the Borderlands panel assuming we get some early screenshots or something.

  • Hola! Pues te comento, yo tambien compre el 1 y lo jugué en inglés. Al cabo de 1 año quise volverlo a jugar y ya estaba en español (bueno, latino diria yo, me aparecen frases como "ahorita no" (con todo el respeto a los latinos)). En este pasa lo mismo, tardarán 1 año a meter los subtitulos traducidos. La gran pregunta es: si el juego ya tiene sincronizados los tiempos de los subtitulos, no puede contratar gente para traducir ese texto y meterlo en el paquete? Realmente es tan dificil? Deberias estar mas preocupado por poder descargar el capitulo 2 que por los subtitulos; al fin y al cabo se entiende. saludos

  • I read the title as "New Telltale Game at SXSW" and my Breakfast literally flew out of my mouth. Now I'm slightly disappointed and I have to clean my keyboard. :(

  • Borderlands and Game of Thrones not enough? :P

  • The Tales from the Borderlands panel will definitely be filmed by our video man Shaun... which is awesome, because there's some really cool stuff being shown!

    Are both panels being recorded, or only the Borderlands panel?

  • That's why I was so surprised at first! :p

  • I think it's the same old engine for Borderlands (see the actual traile footage), due that the cartoon style doesn't need extra graphic power.
    It will probably be updated with Game of Thrones, but don't expect it to be a true revolution: it will probably be an improved engine based on patching the old one. I remeber Dan or Kevin sayin something like they not interested in the grafic as they are in the story department.
    I hope that they'll make Tessellation in it, it would be an Holy Grail for scaling their games into every platform.

  • Blind SniperBlind Sniper Moderator
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    That's what I'm thinking as well.

    I'm expecting a notable but moderate jump, kind of like when Telltale upgrade their engine for Wallace and Gromit, which was a notable change from Sam and Max Season 1/2 and Strong Bad.

  • will video or livestream be posted here?

  • I don't know, I'm only a volunteer moderator.

    @Puzzlebox mentioned that at least the Borderlands panel will be recorded, which I presume means it will be shared on YouTube.

  • oh man im so excited to here the news later

  • hmmm i heard telltale said a lot of stuff today..any news

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