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help loading saved game

posted by Religious Corn on - last edited - Viewed by 831 users
I've checked everywhere I can think of, but I still can't find an answer, and I hope someone here can help me.

I can't seem to load a game I've previously saved. :confused: I'm sure the answer is simple, but I'm just missing it. Thanks!
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  • Let's see, you did the obvious right? Clicked on the save/load button, then clicked on a save sl- oh wait, you're not playing the demo right? If you are, you're not allowed to save.
  • I purchased the real game, and played it, and clicked on save. When I save the game, it says "Game Saved," but when I try to load it, it looks like there's nothing there to load. When I try to load a saved game, The Paper always comes down saying, "Sorry, you can't save right now." I've gone through the tutorial, but it doesn't tell me about how to save or load.

    There should be a simple answer, but I can't seem to find it. :(
  • Do you press Escape to bring up the menu and then select "Save\Load"?

    (Also: Wii or PC?)
  • I do bring up the menu, by either clicking on the "main menu" button during the game or (after quitting the game), clicking on "go to main menu." And, yes, I click on save/load.

    On a side note, I did download the demo and play it, but about a week ago I bought the full version (for PC) and played it.
  • Since you're in the PC version, I'd say make sure that the game is actually creating save points. First off, attempt to save again to try making a save point.

    Go to My Documents/Telltale Games/ (*username*/Documents/Telltale Games in Vista.) And then into the episode that's not working. In there there should be a few files, those are the saves. If there's nothing in there, it's a bug.

    If there is stuff there, the game just isn't handling them well. Then it's a bug.
  • Also, just to get some of the obvious problems out, you've entered the code for the game at the start up screen, right?
  • When you save, it should ask you which of the three available slots to save in. Is it doing that?
  • No, what code?

    And, no, it doesn't ask which slot to save in, for some reason. :confused:
  • Religious Corn;103039 said:
    No, what code?

    And, no, it doesn't ask which slot to save in, for some reason. :confused:
    So.... if you entered no "code", then I'm guessing you're still demo'd?
  • No, I don't have the demo. Do you mean did I enter my Telltale Games user name? If you do, then I entered that.
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