Why did Clem yell at Luke?

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At the dinner table when Nick and Kenny were arguing. Why do you have the option to tell Luke to listen to Kenny? She made it seem like Luke was provoking Kenny or was trying to start something when he wasn't. It should have been "Nick, listen to him." I don't understand why Clem would tell Luke that, Nick and Kenny were the only ones that were arguing. Luke was keeping a cool head. Luke was actually trying to have a conversation with Kenny after Kenny was teasing them.


  • you got a hearin problem kid? kenny's her friend :P

  • Well, a lot of the dialogue options try to vary Clem's overall attitude. I guess they threw that in there for people who hated the cabin group but loved Kenny.

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    well,I always avoid that kind of option and tried to remain neutral,just like in season 1

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    I told Kenny to stop, the only reason being, Kenny told Luke that Clem was staying with him and I was like "whoa Kenny not now, we will talk later!". I felt kind of bad after and I wished I picked the "Stop fighting option". As for the topic on hand, I don't really know why it's aimed at Luke and not Nick, I mean Luke doesn't really say anything, he just looks angry at Kenny when Nick and Kenny are fighting.

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