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    It most likely was. Telltale's co-founder Kevin Bruner said that the delay of episode 2 was "an unusual and specific set of circumstances" and because of that he doesn't anticipate any delays of that length happening for the rest of the season.

  • With the pattern how episodes at coming out it seems to be every 3 months or so, So I am thinking Episode 3 comes out sometime in May for Wolf Among Us, and sometime in June for Walking Dead.

  • maybe they'll tell us to expect news soon. then on April first they'll write: "I am sorry to report that due to several major conflicts and problems, we will be discontinuing The Wolf Among Us until further notice."


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  • Yeah... I think they might do that actually. :D

  • I'm guessing early May for episode 3.

  • Well assuming they know how upset we have been because of the long wait for episode 2, I believe (hopefully), #3 is released first week of April. Cmon TellTale we waited long enough with the second one!

  • I think that it will come out April 4th, because they seem to have a pattern between TWAU, which the second episode came out February 4th, and TWDS2 episode 2 which came out March 4th.

  • Nah. Only if April 4th was a Tuesday. If they were gonna go Early April, I'd probably think they'd release it April 8th for PSN and PC and April 9th for X360 and April 10th for iOS and whatever.

  • What does Tuesday have to do with it?

  • Telltale always releases the PC/NA PS3/Xbox 360 versions of their games on Tuesdays.

  • the wait has caused me to go back and play the two episodes multiple times and try to change as many things as possible to get different stories, same goes for TWD season 1 and 2

  • Telltale did say that the wait for episode 3 of TWD will be shorter...I wonder if that counts for TWAU to :I.

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    If lucky Telltale will retreat to their regular time frame for The Walking Dead, and hopefully The Wolf Among Us. (Four to six weeks). They exceed the six weeks by March 18th. Perhaps we can expect a release sometime around that date? It'll give The Walking Dead 13 days to be in the spotlight.

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  • I'm afraid of another delay. Because there is nothing about TWAU in their twitter, only Tales from Borderlands and some TWD news. But please, Telltale, don't do that again, don't delay ep.3 of TWAU. Because it will be unfair.

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    I wouldn't worry just yet. The Walking Dead need some time in the spotlight before they tease us with The Wolf Among Us. However, if we reach late March with no news I fear the worst.

  • Episodes keep getting shorter and shorter but wait time between episodes keep getting longer and longer! What is going on at TT?

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    Working on two games simultaneously is the problem.

  • read the comics in the meantime. that's what I do :) helps and they are lots of fun :)

  • Haha, I've been thinking the same thing but they would say something like this: "We are sorry to announce that all the files we had for The Wolf Among Us have been deleted. The Wolf Among Us won't return until next year." Then right after that they would say, "APRIL FOOLS!"

    But truthfully, it could be possible that we see a new episode on April 1st. It will follow their pattern of releasing a new episode on console and PC operating systems on a Tuesday, and it will be more than six weeks after the second episode release date.


    Since you can have four saved files, I have one for my own decisions, one for the majority, one for the minority and the last one is for me to make up a combination of the two. It's interesting to see the many changes from one story to the next and how the choices you make really do effect your game play.

  • I would, but they spoiler too much.

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    ...umm, TWD season 2 episode 2 came out last WEDNESDAY on Xbox :p

  • I'd have to agree with you on that one. Late March/Early April? Doubt it highly

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    I see your point but Telltale said they won't start working on any of the new titles until both The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us is finished.

  • I know wut u mean I already read about wut happens to crane, hope TELLTALE changes it.

  • I LOVE this game, but seeing as of how it took four months just to release Episode 2, I ponder whether they'll be able to release all the episodes in 2014. Telltale are exceptional story tellers, but they need to work on their turn around times.

  • I still don't understand why they can't release the two games during the same month.What's wrong with releasing TWD in the beginning of the month and TWAU in late March ?

  • You're right, but they usually post news about 2 weeks before the release. If there is no info now, it means that episode will be delayed again, because 6 weeks mark is 18 of March. Maybe we will get the game late March-first week of April.

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    Tbh I don't think it's Telltale's fault if they can't release the two close to each other. I blame Sony and Microsoft for not approving Telltale to release when they want. If The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us was a PC/Mac only we'd have at least one episode per month. I really wish Telltale can release to the platforms when they have them than waiting until they have release dates for all platforms.

  • as i know that episode 3 will take too long to come out.. i still haven´t played episode 2.. i´ll wait at least for episode 4 to come out to start playing this game... i hate all this waiting!

  • Tuesday for PC/mac and EITHER PlayStation or Xbox. some times it goes Tuesday for PC/PlayStation, Wednesday for Xbox, sometimes it goes Tuesday for PC/Xbox, Wednesday for PlayStation.

  • Almost wants to make you use one of those powerful spells from the Homelands on Telltale, huh? Put them into a trance that makes them work constantly until episode 3 to 5 is finished, muahaha.

  • i hope there wont be another delay .. we soon get to 6th week and not even one remark about episode 3 , not even 1 "soon" ..
    Seem that there is going to be delay i just hope not a big one..

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    Some useful websites if you want to try and find some more information about a possible release

    The Australian Government will normally rate the game once the get a final or near final build of the game, It will not be released until they have rated it. http://www.classification.gov.au/Pages/Results.aspx?q=the+wolf+among+us&t=lfc

    The Steam database updates mean that Telltale have added or change files on the Steam servers, this website proved to be useful to track A House Divided's updates and gave a accurate download size for the episode (more changes = good) http://steamdb.info/app/250320/#section_history

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