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New problems buying Bone I & II together...

posted by bluewolf on - last edited - Viewed by 792 users

I wanted to buy the two Bone games together the other day.But since I didn't have my card on me then I decided to come back today. The webpage got obviously a new look, and now I can't find anywhere where one can buy both games together. My question is why not?!? :confused:
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  • We had to take the bundle down temporarily because the way it was set up before won't work with our new shopping cart system. We hope to have a Bone bundle (for the same price as before) back up in the near future.
  • I can't quite remember the price, would it be more expensive for me to buy the two games single and therefore saving by buying the bundle, or wouldn't matter at all....??

    You see, I'm impatient for having to wait to get the games.... lol :cool: :D
  • The bundle sold for $29.99 and individually they are $17.99, so the bundle saves about $6.
  • Ok.

    Will be waiting as paitiently as possible for the bundle to be put on net... :D
  • I was reading the blogs from last week and it stood that the games would be online again sometime this week. Just wondering if you have a date now...? ;)
  • Yeah, unfortunately it's going to be longer than we expected. :mad:

    The games are going through the approval process right now, so we're very close. However, with next week being a short week due to Thanksgiving, that's probably going to make approvals take a little longer than they normally would.
  • to bad... :( Oh well, not much for me to do but to wait even longer.... Thanx once again, Emily. You're great! :p ;)
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