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Partial refund of taxes possibly wrong (wrong amount)

posted by Blacklin on - last edited - Viewed by 398 users

I received partial refund of taxes of my order (order number #600009867678991). The amount returned was $12.1. According to my invoice I paid $18.68 taxes. Is this correct or should the returned amount have been $18.68? :confused:

My order is in customs and I have to make sure value of my order and amount of taxes I pay to customs is correct. Can you send me corrected invoice?

I tried to email [email][/email] tuesday, but haven't received an answer.
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  • Hi,

    I asked Doug to take a look at this but he probably hasn't had a chance yet due to the Thanksgiving holiday (our office is closed right now). He'll take a look next week and get back to you with more info.
  • I still haven't received an aswer. I have to fetch the package this week (this friday is last chance).
  • I'll check in with Doug again, but just to make sure, did you receive his response on Monday 12/1 saying that he's looking into it? It's not the answer you need, but I want to make sure you got the email (if not, can you check your spam folder?)
  • Weird, I didn't receive that message. :confused: I usually receive your newsletters and other emails, no problem. Spam folder was empty.
  • That happens sometimes, I'm not sure what it is about our support emails that some ISPs don't like. :p

    Anyway, Doug is out and I'm not sure if he'll have time to look into this for you before Friday, so I'm just going to refund the rest of it. Let us know if you run into any problems with customs, but hopefully you'll be all set now. :)

    Thanks for your patience!
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