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Start a Story, be your own Fable. (Create a Fable Thread)

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The Introduction:

(smokes a Huff & Puff cigarette while exhaling relaxingly)

Oh, salutations! Didn't quite see you there stranger, I mean, you did just stumble into my manor in the middle of a totally-not-so-spooky night and expected some sort of shelter from the foreboding darkness and chill factor, correct?

(silence fills the air)

Ah, well, no matter. Come. Sit down. In the opposite chair across from mine by the fireplace. Oh no, by all means, make yourself comfortable. Can I get you anything? Pillow perhaps?

(you sit suspiciously as I grin, while handing you a blank page book with the title: "Your Fable, Your Destiny")

Well, you seem puzzled, so I'll get to the point. Basically, this will be the blank canvas (and topic) that will get you on track to start your own fairy tale story concerning the Fables universe, and, you may as well ask: "Story, you say? What makes you think I would want to create a story?" Well, stranger, that is a question I cannot answer, as it is up to you to fulfill your destiny. To create a Fable that best describes you and how they blend in with the Fabletown community.

But, you don't have to be entirely honest if you don't want to, as you have the option to create a Fable character that doesn't even relate to you in the slightest, human or not.

Anyways, be creative! And you are more than welcome to draw a picture of your custom Fable if you'd really like! You are my guest after all, in this spacious manor.

P.S. - Newcomers and veterans to the Fables series are welcome to post in this topic too! Or if you are a stranger to the comics but love the game! Don't forget to use your creative juices, the lot of you! :D

Appreciation Speech: This is for everyone who has contributed to this topic, new, old, heck, even future storytellers that are inspired by this thread!

It has been a great honor to read all of your stories so far. Every sentence, every little detail, every emotion-induced moment included with the literary package you've brought to the table (or book, in the matter).

Wanted to say my thanks again, to everyone that has made this possible.

You can view the following Fable 'award ceremonies' for 2014 down below. Any potential future ones probably won't be created by me since people aren't all that interested in them anymore.

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  • Name: Brannon.

    Age: Thirty four.

    Race: Weretiger.

    [ His personality and abilities will be depicted in the story.]


    Brannon was born to a different branch of Sheriff Bigby's family. He inherited a bit of the inner wolf, except the inner wolf was actually a tiger. He grew up being picked on by his siblings, mostly by how "puny" he was. It was a bit similar to his cousin's, Bigby's, background. However, the exterior of him was slightly frail, but the interior was all power. He lived in a den with his family, deep in the forests where nobody traveled. His father was the hunter of the family, but his mother was the nurturing one. His father gave him what you'd call "tough love" by attempting to train him, laughing at Brannon's siblings' remarks about him. The disapproval mostly came from his mother, who went missing about a week from a big argument between her and his father. Hate and anger boiled in his veins, mostly directed towards his father. Energy surged through him; he felt as if he could just murder his father right there. But he wouldn't have been able to live with himself if he did. What would you do? He decided to run away, as fast as his legs would carry him. Soon, he was running on all fours. It wasn't regular mundy hands and feet, but paws. He ran off to Fabletown, hoping that his family would not track him down. He hated his father; and his siblings. This was his new start, and he was not going to go back.

    [ Is it good? Please give feedback, I'm doing like a story xD. His weretiger full form is like a white tiger, except larger, who can stand on it's hind legs. He has large black claws also. By the way, don't confuse this with lycanthrope. He can only transform due to anger, fear, or full moons. ]

  • Name:



    Dio (pronounced Dee-o), The Big D, etc

    "The Drunk Cult Leader"
    Born as a bastard child of Zeus in Greece, Dionysus always had a thing for the finer things in life. Specifically, crazy women and wine. As an expert sailor, he managed to escape to the homelands with some of his followers and enough treasure to last him a millennium. He started "Olympic Drinks", one of Fabletown's most successful businesses. As a main source of Fabletown's alcoholic beverages, he is easily able to keep up with his hedonistic lifestyle, at the expense of those close to him.

  • Part 2 Lyla Smith

    "The leash law"

    Georgie took Lyla inside the club; the bright pink neon signs were giving her a slight headache. She continued to follow him until he reached the bar. She took a seat at one of the stools and began rubbing her forehead. It had been a long night and all she wanted to do was rest and hope this wouldn't reach the mayor, sheriff or father. But something told her this wouldn't go away that easy and he was standing before her, pouring liquor into a glass. Georgie smiled; Lyla suddenly remembered who he was and the stories Bigby would tell. He pushed the glass towards Lyla and stood there, just smiling.

    "I'm not allowed to drink just yet. I'm a minor..."

    Georgie continued to stand there. His smile never left. Lyla was now beginning to understand WHY Bigby spoke nothing but horrible things and her father despising this place.

    "It's okay, my dear sweet wolf. I know how much you dogs love a good whiskey or two. You know, the sheriff and I go waaaaaaay back. But I'm sure you know that...your father and I as well."

    Lyla refused the drink and pushed it back. His smile turning into a sour look within seconds. It was bad enough she tore a group of men into mere shreds; last thing she needed was alcoholic attached to it. She looked up at Georgie, who was now exiting the bar. He took a seat next to Lyla and the two sat in silent. Before she could say a word, a tall, well built man with blonde hair entered the room. Georgie ushered him over and began to whisper something in his ear. The man nodded and was soon gone. Lyla looked at Georgie, who to her surprise, was smiling again.

    "What did you ask him?"


    "That man. You said something to him."

    "You like Pepsi?"

    Lyla nodded and before long, the man returned with a very cold bottle of Pepsi. Georgie opened the top and handed it to Lyla. She took the soda, pressed the bottle to her lips and began chugging it. It felt very refreshing on her tongue. She finished the soda within seconds.

    "My, the dog was thirsty, huh?"

    Lyla looked at Georgie with a confused look. Did he see what occured in the ally or was he just assuming because he knew her father?

    "My name isn't's Lyla but I'm sure you knew that."

    Georgie reached his hand over and grabbed her shoulder. He gently squeezed, giving her a calming sensation.

    "So, my dear LYLA...what brings you to my side of the city? Bored? Daddy piss you off? Looking for something fun and exciting? Well, you must have found that thrilling sensation while you killed those poor boys..."

    His grip on her shoulder grew tight; his smile was now from ear to ear. Her heart began to race; her blood was boiling and the room was spinning. If the stories were true, Georgie would throw her under a bus to save his own skin. Lyla quickly got up; her form was changing, her claws appearing, her body changing. She was going to rip this man open before he could walk out that door. Before she could fully complete her change, Georgie brought out his guitar and played a soothing song. Lyla tried to resist but it was too powerful and before long, she was back to her human form.

    "Now, now, love. I don't need to running a muck in my club; already had one do that. Took me months to clean this place up. They should really keep you on leashes...its not safe. Now, I know what you're thinking-this guy knows and he's going to tell. But I won't. You see, I lost two dancers months ago-I'm sure you heard-and I need to find replacements. The money is good; you make your own decisions, your own clients. All I ask, is for you to give me half and anything else I request."

    His smile was beginning to frighten her. His eyes were focusing on every inch of her body. He titled his hat back just a few to get a better look.

    "And besides, my 'girl' is starting to bore me; Vivian these days. I need something new, something fresh...something with a bit more 'spunk'."

    Lyla stood there in silence; she WANTED something different in her life but this was going from 0 to 100 in 30 seconds. Bigby was a man of the law; he would surely find out and report this back to her father. He would come out and do anything possible to bring her back. Then Georgie would spil the truth...she would be taken away...What choice did she have. All she could do was nod. Georgie walked up to Lyla. This time, he began stroking her cheek. From the corner of her eye, she saw a blond girl standing in the corner, her arms folded against her chest. She looked angry; Lyla could only assume that was Vivian. Her disgusted stares and piercing eyes gave it away. Before long, Georgie left, leaving Lyla alone by the bar. Vivian walked over to Lyla.

    "You think this is a game, don't you sugar?"

    "Excuse me?"

    "Poor sad little you. Life got you down? Daddy didn't pay your credit card bill, so to get back at him you decide to work at a strip club and hope you can go back to the comfortable life beside your daddy and the sheriff?"

    "Look, I didn't eve-"

    Lyla suddenly stopped speaking when Georgie returned with a purple ribbon. He placed it in her palms and looked over at Vivian. The two continued until she walked out of the bar without a word. Lyla was feeling nervous; she had heard about these ribbons....

    "There you go, love. Just put this on and you will be good to go. Have to keep you on a leash...would hate for you to run off now and get hit by a car."

    Georgie began laughing; Lyla felt uneasy with his laughter. The blonde man returned, this time with a key.

    'Your room is upstairs; don't mind the mess. You will start in the morning. We will go over the rules,"

    "Can't I just go home? I won't say anything to my father or Bigby...."

    At first, he looked upset but smiled. He had the upper hand. Let this girl TRY and to daddy for help...

    'Of course, my dear. You can go home..."

    Both Lyla and the man looked shocked but before he could change his mind, Lyla left the club. As she walked down the lonely, dark streets Georgie stood outside watching.

    "Sir, I don't mean to ask but why did you let her go..."

    "Oh, don't worry Hans. She'll be back...they always come back..."

    As Lyla got to the street corner, the faint sound of a guitar could be heard in the direction in which she came from.

  • Part 3 Lyla Smith

    "Let sleeping dog's lie"

    Snow White paced back and forth. In her hand was Lyla's file; she was flipping back and forth through the pages. There was silence in the room and it was beginning to make her uncomfortable. Her father was standing next to Sheriff Bigby, both of their eyes focused on her. Mayor Cole stood next to Lyla; he was doing his best to comfort the young she-wolf but nothing was working. All Lyla was worried about now were the 3 people in the room, especially the one holding her file. She was so careful coming home last night; both her parents and three older sisters were asleep. This gave her a chance to run upstairs, crawl into bed and pray this whole thing would go away. She didn't want to think about what took place in the alley or that awful man Georgie....believe it or not, it was he that caused her to lose sleep that night. With that being the main focus of her thoughts, Lyla had forgotten she was still wearing the clothes from the night before; the same ones she killed those men in. The once blue blouse and tan skirt were nothing more then mere shreds and stained with blood. She realized her plan to avoid this was ruined when her mother saw the mess, dropped the coffee and scream. The rest of the morning was a blur; Lyla didn't even remember coming to the business office with anyone.

    "Miss Lyla Smith! Can you now try and explain to us what happened last night?! 5 men were found brutally murdered; ALL of them mundies! We can't hide this for very long; they will soon catch on! This is unacceptable,, Miss Smith! Do you realize how much paperwork we are going to do because of this? Hmmm?? Do you remember how your mother reacted when she saw you this morning? You are on a short leash, Miss Smith. There is only so much we can do to look past something like this. We were able to keep the last incident quiet but I'm not so certain we can this time..."

    Snow White took one more look at her file and placed it on her desk. She began rubbing her forehead and walked over to Lyla. Lyla looked up. Her face said it all and she began to fear if her time in fabletown was up. Surely they would send her away and there was nothing anyone could do. Not even her father....

    "Lyla, sweetie, I REALLY need you to try and remember last night. Were you involved in those men's death? I need to to try and remember. This is serious. You KNOW what will happen to you if you don't TRY and tell us something..."

    "You'll take me away. I already know this. Take away the 'dangerous' children..."

    "We are doing this because of Fabletown. Do you not remember months ago about a similar situation that threw us all in a tail spin? Your father and Bigby spent hours upon hours doing paperwork, answering questions. And they were FABLES, not mundies!"

    Lyla continued looking at the floor. She couldn't look anyone in the eyes. Her mind was racing trying to find any possible story, excuse as to her whereabouts last night. There was only one explanation she could give them and it made her sick to her stomach. As she gathered her thoughts and before she could speak, her father and Bigby were now at her side. The look they gave her sent fear all down her body; must be a male wolf thing. Even as a younger girl, the sheriff always frightened her.

    "Lyla, sweetie. I REALLY need you to start talking. They are going to take you away! Now, we can TRY to cover this up, blame it something else but...they are mundies, sweetie. You know the rules...."

    "Yes, dad...I know the rules."

    The sheriff was now standing before her. He was so close she could smell the huff n puff cigarettes and whiskey on him.

    "Lyla, we just need you to talk. Sometimes, we lose control of things and what were once were can get the best of us; I know this, trust me. But I need you to just tell me the truth.It will save us all the heartache-"

    "I was with Georgie! You the Pudding N Pie...."

    Oh how deadly silence can be. It's the most dangerous thing on this planet; you are not sure what will happen or the reaction you will get. It was a waiting and guessing game. Lyla hated those games. But before long, she could hear her father growling under his breath; she saw him slowly change and the man in the suit was now a very large wolf. His eyes were blood red, his large claws and teeth appearing and his growl deepened. Mayor Cole and Snow Whit began to back up. Bigby stood in front of Lyla.

    "Now John. Just calm down. We don't need this going any further then it has to..."

    "She's my fucking daughter!!!! At HIM!?! Please, tell me this is a joke!"

    Lyla hated the silence.So, she spoke.

    "No...I...I..was..was with Georgie...last night..."

    "Ok John, see. We have our answer. Now, let's just call him up and-"

    Bigby didn't get a chance to finish. John lifted his mighty paw up and took a swipe at him. Bigby flew half way across the room and into a cabinet. Papers, books and other miscellaneous items were now scattered on the floor. Bigby lifted himself up and looked at John, who was now heading his direction.

    "John, calm down. We will get to the bottom of this. I'm sure Georgie-"

    "YOU of all people should know! WHY THE FUCK ELSE WOULD SHE BE THERE!?!"

    "Daddy, no-"

    But Lyla grew silent. VERY silent, as she watched the Sheriff change into his wolf form. Mayor Cole grabbed her and pulled her closer to himself and Miss White.

    "John. we don't have to do this...."

    John took another swing at Bigby. This time, Bigby grabbed his paw and turned it at an angle. he then took his free hand and swiped it at John's belly. The beast roared in pain. Both his hands went flying and he charged at Bigby, sending both beasts against the sheriff's desk. John grabbed a stapler and began pounding Bigby's face with it. Bigby kicked John in the groin, sending him sliding against the floor. John again charged at Bigby but this time, he latched his teeth around Bigby's shoulder, sinking them deeper and deeper into his flesh. Bigby let out a roar and the two found themselves against the wall. John's teeth sank deeper but before long, his jaws were located on his shoulder. John began to growl, tried taking one more swipe but before he could, his motions stopped. Bigby looked on as his friend's eyes closed, his grip loosened up and his body began to give. Before long, the beast was on the floor; nothing more than a bloody, sleeping wolf. Bigby quickly changed back; the other three looked at him with confusion and fear. He turned around to see John's wife, Nancy, standing before him. In her hand was a small musical instrument.

    "Nancy...what did you-"

    "I'm surprised he never told you but then again, why would he. When you marry a wolf, you learn how to deal with their behavior and temper. This little doohickey is the only thing that ever stops him. Just like a guitar only stops Lyla and the sounds of the ocean calms her oldest sister. Why? Just the way it is, I guess."

    Nancy walks over to her husband, now snoring and back to his human form.

    "He will be out like this for another 5 minutes, which gives me a great opportunity to talk to you, my dear pup."

    Lyla looked at her mother. Despite her small stature and the sweet, innocent look that a typical southern woman has, she sometimes frightened her more than her own father.

    "Now, Lyla, sweetie, talk to mommy, ok? Just, what in the name of all that is green on this planet did you do? Now, I saw how you looked, hunny. And your daddy snatched you up real quick and next thing I know, ya'll be in here having tea or something, talking, making accusations, looking at papers-baby, what is going on? Did you do something?"

    "No, mom...I was with..."

    "She said she was at the Pudding n Pie, with Georgie Porgie. I'm sure you-"

    "Yes, I know who that is. I know him very well. What i can't understand is why in God's holy name you be doing there, girl?"

    Snow Whit grabbed the only phone that was not damaged during the fight and began dialing.

    "Well, Mrs. Smith. Only one way to find out."

    Lyla's heart began to race; her mind drew a blank, her breathing became heavy. She wanted to pass out and just hope this would all pass. Everyone was now focused on the woman talking to the one person that would either help save her or ruin her.

    "Yes, Georgie....well, Miss Smith said she-uh huh. Well, there were several murders last night and-uh huh. Ok. She came home with bloddy-ok. Uh huh. No, Georgie. Yes. Ok, I will. Thank you for your time."

    "Nancy, she was telling the truth. Georgie explained to me that last night, she stopped by the club to avoid the cold weather; she thought it was going to rain and he offered her a place to rest. Now, he has no idea what we are talking about in regards to the murdered men but yes-Lyla WAS with Georgie."

    "But, her clothes-"

    "Apparently, there was a fight at the club, his bouncer broke it up and Lyla was in the way during this time...."

    After several more hours in the office and a few hundred papers with her name on it, Lyla and the others went home for the evening. She stayed in her room the rest of the night, still confused as to why Georgie helped her. She had his number; she wanted to call and find out. She finally found the courage to dial his number. He answered.

    "Why did you help me?"

    "I like you, dog. I told ya', you have spunk. Come back to ma' club in the mornin'. That way, we can start your training. You still have the ribbon?"


    "Good. Sweet dreams, love. See you in the morning."

    Silence. The one thing that frightened her the most.

  • Part 4 Lyla Smith


    Lyla was up before the sun that morning. Everyone in the house was still asleep, which gave her the perfect opportunity to leave early. She didn't want another incident like the night before. Lyla wanted to get there in time before Georgie changed his mind. It would take a simple phone call to the bussiness office and she could kiss this life goodbye. Lyla didn't want to take that chance today. She grabbed a quick bite to eat and walked out the door. Before that, she left a simple note on the door. "Went for a walk-be back soon. Love you." She wore her hair in a simple messy side pigtail that morning. It was very cold, so she wore blue jeans, a simple white t-shirt, black converse and a thick jacket. She refused to get sick and began walking down the cold, quiet sidewalk. The city almost looked peaceful early in the morning; there was not a whole lot of commotion and besides the occasional honking of a horn, she could hear her thoughts. Lyla reached into her jacket pocket and took out a cigarette she 'found' last night near the sheriff's desk. Maybe this is why he smokes so much, she thought. Explains the drinking, too. Maybe I should have taken that drink from Georgie....Lyla was so taken back by her thoughts, she did not see the person coming up and ran into him. This made him drop his coffee and nearly caused Lyla to stumble. She turned around and found the man picking up what was left of his coffee. How rude, she thought.

    "Uh, hello-excuse you! I was walking here!"

    "Yeah well, so was I but you were too damn busy with your head in the clouds to pay any attention! Now look-my fucking coffee is everywhere and I'm late for work!"

    "That is not my problem! Maybe you should have been paying more attention instead!"

    The man went silent. He turned around and looked directly at her. His hair was slicked back; one ear had piercings, a scar trailed over his right eye and that same eye was white; empty glance staring back. He was wearing a brown jacket, jeans and boots. Lyla could see his white tee was covered in coffee now. She felt bad and put out her cigarette. She walked up to the guy, reached in her pocket and took out a napkin. The man looked confused.

    "The fuck. Do you always keep napkins in your pocket like this?"

    "Yeah. My mom always told me you never know when you're going to need one. I guess she was right."

    Lyla giggled but the man's facial expressions never changed. He did not seem amused by her comment and she continued cleaning what she could. She finally finished cleaning what she could. The man stood there, just looking at her.

    "There you go. Umm, look sorry about the shirt...and coffee. I can buy you another one. I was actually heading to one before I went to work. Well, its not work. More like volunteer work. Well, I guess its-"

    "It's fine. Fuck, you always talk this much so fucking early?"

    "Sorry. So, no on that coffee..."

    She could hear the man let out a deep sigh. He took a quick glance at his watch, then back at her.

    "Well, I'm already late. What's a few more, right? Hey, maybe if I DO get fired, your dear ol' dad can help me out? Oh, how 'bout the sheriff? I'm sure with the two of them, everything will be ok!"

    Lyla could easily detect the sarcasm in his answer. She did not have time for this and was quick to forget about it.

    "Ok, look, I'm sorry. I feel terrible as it is. Here. I have 5 bucks. Get yourself a new cup and if you do get in trouble, I'll mention you to them, Mr. umm..."

    As she handed him the money, he took it, glanced at it and placed it back in her hands. As he did, his face had a slight smile on it.

    "Gren. Name is Gren."


    "Well, Lyla, this has been an interesting start to my morning. On my top 5 so far. Look, I'm heading down King street. You heading that direction for work...or whatever thing it is you're doing?"

    King street was located 3 blocks from the Pudding N Pie. Lyla felt no harm in taking a quick detour with Gren, so the two headed down the sidewalk. The whole way there, the two walked in silence. At first, she was not sure about this but after awhile, she did not mind it. As they reached a 4 way intersection, he finally spoke.

    "The light is red. Will take awhile. This intersection always does. So, were are you heading to if you don't mind?"

    "Well, it's not really work...its more like oh, I don't know...fuck, what would you call it?"

    "Heh, that's pretty fucking hilarious when you can't even remember what you're doing out here."

    "You know my father?"

    "Where the fuck did that come from?"

    "Well, no. You just mentioned him and the sheriff and I-"

    The light turned green and before she could finish, Gren was quickly walking away. Lyla had to run after him to catch up. He continued to walk; he was silent and Lyla was not too sure if that was something he wanted to talk about. Being so high up was both a curse and gift; lately, it was a curse. Finally, Gren spoke.

    "Yeah, I know your father. Sheriff REALLY well. He and I go way back, that lap dog and I. Things have gotten better but not by much. I still work my ass off, day by day, just to afford this fucking glamour and all you guys do is sit around, kissing the mayor's ass, looking the other way and you have everything taken care of for you. If they don't look the 'part,' your precious daddy takes them away, you walk beside them and that is that. The sheriff then walks around, bothers the hell out of the rest of us, that bitch Snow White just looks at you like a deer in headlights and I return to my shit fuck apartment and do ALL of this all over again. So yeah, I know your father VERY well."

    "Wow...I had no idea..."

    Lyla grew silent. She really needed to control her words from here on out. She could feel tears forming in her eyes. 'Don't cry,' she thought. 'Don't cry. It's're're a wolf, not a mundy. You can handle your emotions....' Gren looked over at Lyla. Right away he could see her facial expression, sighed again and forced her to stop. Lyla looked up at Gren; he was trying to avoid eye contact with her but couldn't quite get it. Instead, the two stood in silence. He reached up and wiped away a tear.

    "Fuck, look. I'm sorry. I said too much. It's just, I'm tired, I hate this town...I have fucking coffee on my shirt!"

    "It's ok. I get it...I'm late myself. I really need to get going..."

    Lyla turned to walk towards the club. As she did, Gren grabbed her wrist. This caused her to stop, look back and see him smiling

    "Look, wolfy, I'm sorry. Ok. Let's start over. Name is Gren, you are Lyla. The coffee is no big deal and I was wondering if you were not too busy to hang out later tonight?"

    "I might be busy but maybe another time."

    She took out a napkin and wrote down her number. She handed Gren a blank one and as he wrote down his number, Lyla chuckled. This caused Gren to let out a slight laugh.

    "I guess my mom was right...these stupid napkins do come in handy."

    They exchanged napkins. Lyla looked at her's; it listed his number and the Trip Trap's address.

    "This is the bar the sheriff goes to every now and then."

    "Yeah, I go there after work for hours. You'll find me there. So, I hope everything goes great for you in your job, er, I mean...whatever the fuck it is you;ll be doing. See you soon?"

    Lyla simply walked away and continued walking down the sidewalk. She was smiling from ear to ear by the time she reached the Pudding and Pie. Before she could open the door, Georgie was standing there, holding crowd control. This came as a surprise to her.

    "Oh, my dear. Don't mind this ol' thing. Had it just in case I had to do some animal control myself!"

    Georgie laughed and ushered Lyla inside. The club was just like the city early in the morning; quiet, peaceful and had a strange feeling to it. Before Lyla could speak, Georgie was sitting in a chair near a stage. She followed him over. In his right arm, he held a boom box. In the other, a glass of alcohol; the well built man, known as Hans, had brought it to him. As he took a sip, he looked over at Lyla.

    "Ah, nothing like a cold glass of whiskey early in the morning, eh wolf? Well, go ahead and get ready, love. Your training starts today. Hans, show her where the dressing room is."

    Hans stood beside her and she was soon following him down into a room located near the bar. As she turned back to look at Georgie, he was watching her walk away, still taking sips from his cup.

    "Oh, I'm going to love playing fetch with you, love!"

    Lyla was now regretting ever leaving the comfortable arms of her father, the business office and Bigby.
  • Part 5 Lyla Smith


    After Lyla changed her outfit into a jewel studded bikini provided by the wonderful, ever so loving Georgie, she took the time to sit and clear her thoughts. Georgie gave her and hour to get ready; he wanted to 'see' what she was capable of. She agreed to be a stripper and ONLY this; she didn't need anything about her whereabouts reach the business office or hell, her father. Georgie didn't like the idea at first and explained the policy of the Pudding & Pie; discretion is their guarantee, no one would know she was there and any information that they DID find out would stay a secret, no matter what. But Lyla was not too sure of this. You can only hide so many skeletons in your closet before someone detects the rotting smell of the truth. He eventually agreed and allowed her to work 3 nights as a dancer. She was given the name April Showers. Georgie was strange like that and allowed his girls to create a alter ego. Personally, Lyla thought it was simply for his mere pleasure out of it but why complain about it. This man was going to shut his mouth for her. Lyla reached into her purse and fished out the napkin from earlier. She desperately wanted to call Gren and head over to the Trip Trap but she knew that was impossible at the moment. She hadn't gone out these doors looking how she did and already Lyla was sick of this place. Before Lyla began applying on her 3rd coat of lipstick, there was a knock at the door. Lyla got up, walked to the door and opened to see a beautiful woman standing before her. In her hand, she held Georgie's phone.

    "You have a call, Lyla. She said she's your sister, Mary?"

    Lyla swears her heart stopped beating that very second. Her knees buckled up and her hands curled up into a fist. She quickly began thinking of happy thoughts-baby animals, sunshine, her family...Gren....anything to help the beast stay inside. Last thing she needed was to behead this poor girl. She didn't do a damn thing....Lyla grabbed the phone and with a shaky hand, pressed it to her ear.

    "Thank you, Nerrisa."

    Lyla closed the door behind her and took a seat. What would she say? What could she say? Out of her three older sisters, Mary was the kind, understanding one. The order went like this: Gina, the oldest and a wolf like her father and herself; then it was Mary. She was human like mom. Mary LOVED sheep. Hell, she even had one follow her one day to school. That was hard for dad; how he wanted to eat that poor little lamb. Carla was next; she was human as well but her sense of smell was too much like dad. Bigby and dad always joked with Carla that one day, she would wake up covered in fur and run on all fours. That never happened. Then, there was little Lyla, the baby and surprise of the family. Now, she was too much like daddy in all ways. Only thing she had from mom seemed to be her ability to make amazing pot roast. Wow, how that helps you. Lyla crossed her fingers and prayed Mary would understand.

    "Mary. How did you get this number? How did you even know I was here?"

    "Lyla, sweetie. Since when do you go for walks that damn early? Thank God I got up in time before anyone else noticed the note. You can't fool mom and dad THAT easily, dear baby sister. I also found your file on dad's desk. I saw this guy's name...who the hell names their kid Georgie, am I right...and this number was located below it. So, I called it."

    "Dad has my file at home..."

    "Uh, yes. He always has your file with him. As a matter of fact, everyone's files are here. No one knows that but the sheriff. He thinks it would be best for the whole family, especially after the little incident years ago. You know, the one wi-"

    "Yes, Mary. I know. Please."

    "Sorry, sis. It's just, I'm worried. A strip club? Why are you there?"

    Lyla wanted so bad to tell Mary the truth. To have Mary swoop in and save her from this place. But she stopped herself and knew this was her own stupid fault and didn't want to put anymore grief and worry on the family. So, with a heavy heart and a smile on her face, she pushed that very thought out.

    "Georgie and I are really good friends, Mary. He offered me a job 3 days out of the week; I would only be dancing and everything I earn is mine. I just have to-"

    "Sleep with him."

    "Mary, wha-"

    "Lyla, sweetie. Open your eyes! Georgie, a friend? We ALL know that scumbag does not want friends. He want's you to sleep with him, be his girl....his bitch, sweetie! He's telling YOU what to do, WHERE to go so he can keep you close to him!"

    Lyla already suspected this when Georgie mentioned he was 'tired' of Vivian; that used to be his girl for years. She didn't want to believe it but knew there was a chance this was the truth. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. She could hear Hans call her name, then a sudden second of Georgie yelling out her name.

    "Mary, I have to go. Please, don't tell mom OR dad anything. Please. I have to do this. You'll understand and I promise I'll tell you soon but don't say anything to them....I can't keep disappointing them."

    "You don't, Lyla. You worry them, not disappoint. Look, you're a smart kid. Hell, when you were 2 you figured out how to reach the cookie jar and eat all but one cookie. Just, promise me you'll be careful. Whatever is going on, they could handle it better than preparing your funeral....I love you, butthead. I'm always here for you."

    Lyla couldn't find the words to speak. Her mouth was dry and she felt like something was lodged in her throat. All she could do was stare at the wall. After a few seconds, she heard a click and the phone was dead; no one was on the other end. Lyla got up and head for the door. As she turned the knob, Georgie was there, hands folded against his chest, that same stupid sour look he gave her the day before.

    "Yes. I was on the phone..."

    "With who?"

    "My sister. Is that okay, master or do i have to let you know next time? Do I also have to tell you when I'm taking a shit as well?"

    She was expecting a slap from this guy, hell, even an insult. Instead, he chuckled and smiled. This Georgie sent chills down her spine. At least with the pissed off Georgie, you knew what was coming.

    "Haha, this bitch right now. You have jokes, huh bitch? I love it. I needed that laugh. Oh, I'm going to love havin' you in 'ma club. Come with me."

    Georgie walked ahead of her and suddenly began to whistle. Lyla stopped in her tracks and realized what he was doing. Like a human to a dog, he was calling her. He turned around and continued to smile. Lyla was disgusted.

    "C'mon, doggie, c'mon! Come to daddy! I have a treat for you..."

    In his hand, was the photo of the brutally murdered men. Lyla could feel the color fading from her face. The cops must have printed the murders in the paper. That means, the mundies knew about this.

    "Oh! Did the doggie not like that, hmmm? Get your stubborn ass over here right fucking now, get on that stage and fucking show me what you got, or I swear to God and all the fuckin' saints, this will be at your daddy's desk in seconds! Got it?"

    Lyla continued to walk until she reached the stage. She reached the platform, stood by the pole and waited. Georgie took a seat in front of her, held a boombox and looked at her. He reached a finger over and pushed a button that began playing a song.

    "Go on, Lyla. Show me something. Turn me one; shake that sweet lil' ass of your's. Please your master. Something, anything. Show me your fuckin' tits for all I care."

    As the music played, Georgie's eyes were locked on Lyla the whole time. She closed her eyes, sighed and began dancing. She swung around the pole a few times, then as she finished on the last turn, she took off her bra and threw it at Georgie. He never moved, just continued watching her. Lyla began climbing up the pole, reached the top and slide all the way down, ending with the splits. She noticed Georgie sitting up now and had gotten a lot closer than before. He tilted back his hat and watched Lyla as she got on her hands and knees. She began walking closer to Georgie. Lyla licked her lips the minute their nose and his barely touched. She smiled at him, winked then reached over and took his hat. She was back on her feet, now wearing his hat. Lyla did a few more dance moves, took off his hat and tossed it on the floor.

    "There. Fetch."

    As the musice finished, Lyla walked off stage and into the back. She sat and waited; God, what the hell did she just do? He was going to come back here and tell her off or worse. As she got dressed, Georgie appeared, clapping. He had the biggest smile on his face. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a large wad of cash. He began counting-100, 200, 300-and when he reached 700, he handed her the cash. Lyla took the cash but was lost for words.

    "Now that is what I'm talking about. That, love, THAT fuckin' turned me the fuck on. I have not had this much action in a long time. I was pleased."

    Lyla was not sure if thanking him was the proper action at this moment. she simply smiled and got up. As she did, Georgie grabbed her hips and pulled him close. She could feel the warmth of his body against her's, his breathe on her neck.

    "Mmmm, oh my dear, Lyla. I'm going to have so much fun with you. You may leave if you want. Your training is complete. See you tomorrow evening."

    Lyla grabbed her things, got dressed and left the Pudding & Pie. She checked her watch; almost 1:30. Fuck, her parents must now really be wondering where she is! She suddenly remembered Gren and pulled out the napkin. The address was a little smudged but she knew where to go. After today, a drink did sound good, despite her age. Lyla just prayed a familiar face would calm her nerves. So, down the busy street she walked, hoping to find some comfort in the arm's of a stranger.
    • Dang, 700 moolah buckaroos. I can appropriately imagine what she'll do with that kind of cash! But I guess I'll have to wait and see for the next part!
    • Now this was genius writing as it evoked many emotions while I was reading it. First felt so sorry for her, then felt disturbed at way she was treated and now just anger at the way she was treated after reflecting about it I demand you kill Georgie painfully and brutally the cheek to treat her like that like a meaningless piece of meat the poor girl I actually cannot wait till the chapter where he gets what he deserves. Anyway from writer perpective perfect writing tension was high thorough very entertaining read. Grammar was nearly perfect. Scenes were so well described truly felt every scene and never got lost in the story thank you for the share superb MOAR please
    • aww i liked this one i hope her and gren get together keep at it my friend
  • Mandible the spider king

    Centuries ago Mandible lived in the darkest reaches of the woodlands, where few fables dared to tread into the darkness.

    Mandible was born of Arachne the feared black widow, he never knew his father, as he was devoured by Arachne soon after his birth.

    Mandible was only young when he came across a Young Jack, a boy as adventurous as he was ignorant. The boy had been wandering through the forest in search of treasures or trinkets left by previous travelers. When Jack spied Mandible, who at the time was just a baby, was still terrified of spiders and immediately turned to run out of the forest, he tripped and fell over a root before scrambling to his feet and fleeing.

    Mandible went to investigate the area Jack had fell and discovered he had dropped a bean of some kind. Mandible was young, and to him this bean looked almost exactly like a fly without wings. Without hesitation mandible consumed the bean, the taste was disgusting and Mandible decided to return to his web and wait for some delicious insects instead. But, as mandible skittered home he felt his limbs beginning to enlarge, his legs started to grow incredibly fast, within minutes mandible was three times the size he was and was continuing to grow.

    Soon Mandible had become so large he was unable to navigate through the dense woodlands. He made his way to the nearest clearing, squeezing between trees as his limbs continued to engorge. By the time Mandible broke into the clearing he was 8feet tall and his legs were thick like tree trunks (or giant bean stalks).

    Suddenly mandible felt an overwhelming urge to feast, but he knew simple flies would not suffice anymore. He decided he would make his way to the nearest farm to find a meal. It wasn't far to Bo Peeps farmstead, he could sense it, smelling the scent of fresh meat on the wind.

    He arrived at the farm and surveyed the area, cows and sheep, "fresh for the picking" he whispered to himself. He crawled over the fence, the animals were startled at the sight of the massive arachnid, they tried to flee but for one of Bo Peeps sheep it was already too late, he ensnared the animal on a sticky web and began to drag his catch back towards the forest.

    When he had arrived back at his clearing the giant spider began to devour it's first real meal. This was the first of what would be hundreds of attacks on farm animals in the Woodlands. But Mandible was never truly satisfied with simple sheep and cow flesh, it wasn't long before he turned on his own kind. Including his mother, in an act of vengeance for his devoured father, or maybe just because he was hungry, he consumed Arachne his mother, and former leader of the woodland spiders and crowned himself king of all spiders and ruler of the woodland depths.

    As word spread of the terrifying beast many valiant knights and hunters sought to bring Mandible down, but all they succeeded in was feeding the beast and allowing him to hoard away the treasures he secured as prized from his victims.

    As the years passed and Mandible grew old sightings of the terrifying arachnid became less frequent until he was no longer seen by any residents of the woodlands. Many assumed the beast had died of old age.

    They were wrong...

    Mandible had become unable to hunt on his own, having feasted to heavily for many years. Mandible free fat and slow, and had his servants and offspring hunt and feed him in the depths of the woodlands where he resided.

    As the old world fell to ruins Mandible was sought out by the crooked man. The crooked man offered him a deal, a world where he could move again, where he would not be confined to the woodlands that would soon no longer exist, leaving him trapped there to die.

    Mandible would give the crooked man a cut of the loot he had acquired over his many years terrorizing the woodlands in exchange for a fresh start in Fabletown. But he would work for the crooked man. Mandible saw little choice, life or death. So he accepted the crooked mans deal.

    He was given a new alias "Manny Webber" and has been living quietly in Fabletown as one of the crooked mans lackeys. Manny is able to operate under the radar of the woodlands business operations as is officially listed as deceased and none but the crooked man are aware of his true identity.

    But, Mandible grows tired of the lifestyle of a servant, he plots to become king again, and not just king of spiders, he wishes to rule all of Fabletown. And the cunning spider will do whatever it takes to claim what he sees as rightfully his...

    To be continued..

    So basically I threw this together in 30 minutes while lying in bed with my iPhone. Sorry if there are typos or anything doesn't make sense, I will edit in the morning if I see any mistakes. If people like the idea I will continue the story with some of Mannys exploits in Fabletown and continue with his plan for town domination. I have a few ideas for crossovers with TWAU characters.

    I thought it was time to put another bad guy in. Liked everyone's stories so far :)

    Hope you enjoy the read!
    • Very interesting character so far! Would love to find out more about him!
      • When I write his Fabletown story as Manny he will reflect on many of his previous encounters and a deeper history. Just an introduction I wanted to write out while it was fresh in my mind :) but thank you. I will flesh out his story (literally and figuratively) tomorrow.
    • Right lets get to it

      Loved this reminded me of all the adventure films as a kid I used to watch you have such a great imagination loved this. Grammar didn't spot a mistake spaced out superbly. Whole story I was entertained thorough hooked to every line so creative and different I can't wait to read what is going to happen next as I read through each line.


      Superb MOAR please need it so badly to see KING OF THE SPIDERS love it

      from the experience having done lots of crossover very impressive way your doing it well done
    • Enjoyed! Look forward to reading more.
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      JonesJ BANNED
      This is very interesting. don't know if you are still doing this but keep going! Can't wait to read more
  • Part 6 Lyla smith


    Lyla hated the city. She hated the noise. She hated the people. And she mostly hated how this weather was always changing in a blink of an eye. It was cold but clear early this morning; now, within minutes, the skies grew dark, the wind picked up and here came the rain. Lyla especially couldn't stand the rain and of all days to not have an umbrella. Lyla tried to cover her head with her coat but it was no use. She tried to pick up the pace but with her clumsy feet and slippery sidewalk, it was a dangerous combination from the start. Lyla continued down the sidewalk. She no longer cared if her makeup was smearing or her hair was turning into a giant rat's nest. Lyla searched for every landmarks that indicated her current location; that damn bar could not be that far, she thought. But alas, Lyla announced her defeat and took a seat under someone's front porch. The smell of coffee and muffins filled her nostrils and she noticed a little cafe' four buildings down. Her stomach let out a loud grumble and Lyla had to hunch over in embarrassment. Thank God no one is around, she thought. Lyla reached into her pocket and took out the $700 dollars she just received earlier from Georgie. The bills he gave her were all large bills; there was no way some mom and pop coffee shop would take this. She neatly placed the money back in her pocket and just sat there, hoping for the rain to pass. Lyla placed her head between her legs and sighed; what a fucking day this was turning out to be. Lyla closed her eyes for a few seconds before she heard the rustle of feet beside her. The first thought was the noise of the city. Then he spoke.

    "Hey. What happened here? You alright?"

    Lyla looked up and saw it was Gren. He looked ridiculous in that big jacket. He must REALLY hate the rain just as much as she did; he was still wearing the brown jacket underneath.

    "Yeah, I'm alright. I just left work and this stupid rain shows up. I was heading for the Trip Trap but I sorta kinda got lost."

    "Hm, now it's your job, huh? Alright, I'm actually headin' that way. With the rain, it's hard to do construction, so they let us leave early. C'mon, I'll walk with you."

    Gren reached out his hand and Lyla instantly took it. He took off his jacket and without another word, placed it over her head. The jacket smelled strongly of cheap cologne, beer and smoke but Lyla loved it.

    "Don't you need this? I'll be fine."

    "Nah, you need it more than I do."

    "Hm. Anything to help a damsel in distress, huh?"

    "Is it working...."

    Gren looked down at Lyla and smiled. She could feel her cheeks getting hot; the butterflies in her stomach were giving her the sensation to vomit but she had already spilled coffee on him earlier. Last thing he needed was vomit.

    "So, Lyla. Where DO you work? At our last encounter you didn't specify."


    "Oh yeah? Which one?"

    Lyla had to quickly think of a different club located in Fabletown. The Pudding & Pie probably was not the best answer. So her mind was soon rushed with all the names of clubs located in town. He was staring to look confused, so Lyla found one that seemed appropriate for his answer.

    "The Pot o' Gold...."

    "The gay club?"

    "Yes....I'm a cocktail waitress...the manager overlooks my age. Everyone is too drunk to even bother asking..."

    "Hmm. Sounds very interesting. Never a dull moment for ya'."

    "You got that right."

    Gren and Lyla continued walking down the sidewalk, both lost in conversation. This was defiantly making her day so much better. She just wanted to forget about the club, Georgie and even the Business office for a moment. She knew eventually those thoughts would flood her mind and Lyla would have to return to reality about the shit she had put herself in. But for right now, all she cared about was being with 'normal' people. They soon reached their destination. Gren walked forward, pulled the door open and waited. Lyla smiled and walked in. As she stood by the exit, she removed the coat and gave it back to Gren. Gren hung it up on the coat hanger located on the wall and escorted Lyla to the bar. As the two made their way in, a man in a flannel shirt and had a beard looked over and smiled. Lyla knew who he was instantly; how can she not remember the stories of the woodsman and the Big Bad Wolf. Her father told her that story as a young girl and even heard Bigby talk about it from time to time. He got up from his stool, walked over to Lyla and hugged her. She adored Woody, no matter what anyone said about him. Woody was almost like an uncle to Lyla and her sisters. Bigby thought it was silly John let the girls call him that. John would always come back with 'Well, he's not the one who cut my stomach up and filled it with stones, sooooo...' That always stopped Bigby. Her grasp around Woody's neck tightned; this is what she needed.

    "Lyla, sweetie. Haven't seen you in awhile. Come. Sit. What are you doing here?"

    As Woody said this, the bartender walked in. She looked at Lyla with a puzzled. on her face. She was an average height woman. Her snow white hair flowed past her shoulders and her usual burgundy dress was black today. She grabbed a glass from the shelf, walked to the mini refrigerator and took out a bottle of soda. Lyla almost laughed; it was Pepsi. All she could think of was Georgie and his stupid soda.

    "Lyla sweetie, this is an unexpected surprise. Is everything ok?"

    "Yeah, Holly. Everything is ok. I just got off of work and Gren invited me to stop by."

    "Oh, he did, did he?"

    Gren had already taken his usual spot and waited her his glass to fill with the thirst quenching liquor. Holly grabbed the bottle of Whiskey and poured him a glass. She then grabbed the bottle of soda, poured it into the glass for Lyla and handed it to her. She grabbed it and instantly placed it to her lips and took a drink.

    "So, how do you know Gren, Lyla?"

    "We met this morning. I accidentaly ran into him, he spilled his coffee and got angry. The rest is history."

    "Hmm, sounds like the grouchy ol' Gren we all know,"

    Gren flipped Holly the finger and the others laughed. Lyla couldn't remember the last time she had laughed like that. As she did, Woody reached over and grabbed her hand. Her hand was so small compared to his own.

    "So Lyla, work huh. Nice to see you're in the business like your ol' man. How is he doing? Haven't heard from him in awhile. Must be busy."

    "Yeah, he's always busy. Mom has been hinting he needs a vacation but for as long as I can remember, work always came first. And as far as the business goes, I'm no longer taking part in that..."

    Everyone, including Gren looked at Lyla like she had commited murder. Oh, wait....she did that already. Holly poured the rest of her soda into the glass.

    "So, you're no longer involved? Why? I remember you growing up and couldn't wait to work beside your father and Bigby."

    "Eh, no longer have the drive for that. All those depressing faces...tearing families apart at times. Get's to you, you know? I guess you have to have the minset of what the job consists of."

    "Or no heart..."

    Gren said this as he took another long sip from his glass. Lyla did not like the comment but she knew it was true. Bigby cared but he had to separate the two emotions; she had seen it done before. But her father was able to avoid any emotions that came with it-angry, sad, excited.
    Lyla recalled an incident that happened two years ago with a family. This haunts her dreams from time to time. The father was human and the mother was Vampire. They together had 5 children; 3 boys and 2 girls. All but one was human; this little boy tried so hard to act human but his Vampire side took over every time he came into contact with blood. Usually such cases, the sheriff and her dad would help them with therapy. Lyla was hired to train the boy and help him overcome this side. He was progressing and Lyla was sure he would learn to live in the mundy world. But one day, one of the boy's sibling fell off his bike and gashed his arm. The little boy instantly smelled the blood and lunged at his brother. It was a blessing the father was there and before he could sink his teeth into his brother's neck, the father pulled out his tranquilizer gun and shot the boy. He fell to his knees, closed his eyes and fell to the floor with a thud. That day, Lyla had to take the boy away to the farm. She has no idea how he's doing; her father never talks about it. When he reported the incident to Mayor Cole and Snow White, not once did he shed a tear. Maybe that is the reason she couldn't do this anymore-she was NOT like her father....

    "Yeah, I agree Gren. But I guess that's part of the job...."

    "Well, I hate to say it but at least the sheriff shows SOME emotion. This guy just goes on without-"

    Woody flipped his glass over with force, causing Gren to stop talking.

    "He's doing what needs to be done. You can't always cry when something like that happens. Some people can function like that. Lyla just can't do it...."

    "Well, I don't blame her. Watching them seperat families, taking kids away...for what, because they are confused as to why they act the way they do? They should have a program to teach these kids...."

    "They do, Gren. Therapy. That's what I would do....sometimes you can't change who you are, no matter how much you try. We all have slip ups. Hell, I've had a few..."

    There was an awkward silence in the bar. All Lyla could hear were the ceiling fans above her. She could make out the rain outside had finally eased up. She was beginning to regret coming here. Fuck, no matter where she went. Finally, Gren spoke.

    "Look, Lyla. I'm...sorry. You're not like him. You were just doing what you knew. Can't blame you. Ok..sorry..."

    He reached over and grabbed Lyla's side. He pulled her closer to his side, lifted his drink and announced a toast.

    "To Lyla and the now gay club she works for. May this bring more excitement to her then that shit hole business office. And to good friends. I love this place and the people here are ok."

    "That was nice, Gren."

    "Thanks Holly."

    Everyone took a drink from their cups. As Lyla finished, she began to think of Georgie and the club. How long could she possibly hide this? And if anyone DID find out, would he still keep the secret? She excused herself and explained she had to head home. Gren took his last sip and stood up.

    "Here, I'll walk you home."

    "Oh no, it's ok. Stay here with your friends. Drink."

    "No, he's right, sweetie. It's too dangerous out there to be alone. Let him."

    Finally, after a few back and forth arguments, she agreed. Gren grabbed his coat and wrapped it around Lyla. No, it was not raining but the air was chilly. The two walked side by side. Along the way, they stopped for coffee; the damn smell just wouldn't leave her alone. Gren paid for it, so she didn't have to worry about the large bills or having to explain why she had so much. They finally reach the luxury side of Fabletown. The two stopped at her doorstop. Gren was never really good at these kinds of things; for fuck sake, he couldn't remember the last time he even SPOKE to a girl other than Holly or occasionally Snow. He rubbed the back of his neck and coughed several times. His right eye began changing to a solid milky color again. Lyla reached up and touched it gently.

    "Why does it do that?"

    "Eh, it's when I get mad...or nervous..."

    "So, which one is it now?"

    Gren didn't want to admit it but she was the most beautiful person right now in this whole fucked up city. All he could do was smile like an idiot and stare deep into her eyes; they were now a solid dark yellow. He could hear a small growl escape her throat. She smiled and began walking up to the front door.

    "Thanks for walking me home."

    "Hey, no problem. So, can I see you again?"

    "Maybe...I do walk past the Trip Trap after work, so you never know."

    And with that, Lyla went inside the house. Gren's smile was from ear to ear and for the first time in awhile, he had a pep in his step. A couple of people turned their heads in confusin at this awkward man nearly dancing his way down the street. As he carelessly walked away, he didn't see the man in the bowler hat standing behind the building located directly in front of Lyla's home. In hand he held a glass containing alcohol; in mere seconds after seeing what almost took place, his grip on the glass grew tighter and it shattered into a million pieces. The blood now dripping from his palms did not seem to bother him.

    "Fuckin' prick. That's my girl...."
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