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    Origin story of my Character which Tobi made just for bit of Fun

    Alt text

    The Beginning

    As a kid i was expert hunter in fact with my trusty rifle my dad gave to me after war with fables i caught all the family's food i loved a challenge bear and lions alway's had best fight but learned know you opponents weaknesses and your strengths. For bears was simple dig a large hole cover it with leaves. Bears are to impatient simply get his attention and run till reach the hole and bear falls down. Lions were trickier smart animals can be as quiet as mouse but as dangerous as well lion. So simply set out meat trap cover it in poison but then will damage meat so simply just sniper beast from tree always felt like rambo or predator a master of woods. But then came a day faced a foe who looked like like animal but could talk and had powers of a god my first defeat haunts me to this day.
    I was up in the tree suddenly wild animal appeared but lucky had my rifle "BANG" headshot. I couldn't believe my eyes a bullet pierced straight through it's head and simply turned and started laughing hysterically. "Fly Away little Birdy" the animal said whipped out a pistol and shot me through the head everything went black.

    Chapter Revelations 2

    I Awoke couldn't see anything there was blood everywhere suddenly everything cleared up one of my eyes were missing first time tasted defeat and at such great cost felt like such a fool so ran home tell the story to my family of this mystic beast who has powers of god but can talk and our epic battle which i will exaggerate to make me seem better when in reality i never had chance.
    I arrived home i froze all doors were open that's so weird i was shaking in fear but knew i was acting stupid. "OH GOD NO" i said. I arrived home blood everywhere my whole family death all set in weird positions. My dad holding the paper sitting at table reading the paper with headline FABLES ARE COMING he was clearly put like this after he died.
    My brother sitting on the couch watching the news again headline Fables are coming i dropped to my knees as tears filled my eyes and screamed "WHERES MY MOTHER AND SISTER" found message in blood on wall saying "WELCOME HOME MUNDY". Checked my room and found letter it read. Dear Mundy sorry about family i know they were dieing to see you. We were monitoring you for while looking for new leader to be mundy of small gang they will never expect you. Unfortunately entry fee is your family we don't like loose ends we have your mother and sister come and get them i will leave the address at the end you wouldn't dare try any thing were fables your mere mortal should feel honored and we accept your thanks and don't worry you paid in full come and join us yours sincerely TOBI.
    My sadness and tears suddenly turned to anger and bloodlust "we will see who gods are because i only believe in one" i said I put on my eyepatch took my sniper and equipment as my dad was in army i took his army suit and gear i headed off


    I arrived at destination went into the warehouse they were waiting the whole room applauded "welcome home brother" they said i could see my mother and sister tied up behind them. "I know what your thinking i'm evil but no Tobi is a good boy he said". I couldn't see his face through mask but knew he was laughing to himself underneath it. !Join Us mortal bow before me work for me i promise you all the riches i even can make you fable invincible like a god but first and last test must kill your mother and sister need my soldiers to be 100% committed to my leadership my word is final" tobi said". Your know tobi your really bad boy i ripped two AK 47's hiding my back and started shooting through two smoke grenades. Tobi backed off and his army suddenly attacked then knew why fables monitored me couldn't believe my eyes hundred of bullets were raining down on me moving so slowly like snails coming at me i looked around all soldiers were moving so slowly like shooting fish in a barrel all headshot's couldn't miss every kill didn't disturb me but seemed make me grow stronger. Suddenly everything was silent looked around all hear was whistle of wind body's stacked up like connect 4 everywhere. All that was left was Tobi i could sense his fear under his mask he knew i was special. "YOUR PLAYING MY GAME NOW TOBI" i shouted Tobi simply clapped "you would of made good soldier you don't relish since day we met your were always playing my game oh yeah game over" tobi said. He shot pertrol tank in the room massive explosion everything went black again even in slow motion i had no chance.


    I awoke in a room i had nothing else to live for. Everyone i love is dead sort of wished I dead in the explosion just to never feel this pain.
    "Hi im eddie and this is gulity king our families were murdered to wanna have a little fun" they smiled Then realized my destiny to kill all fables and mundy's who failed to see the threat never investigated my family's murder simply wiped under the carpet. "LET THE GAMES BEGIN MUHAHHAHAHHAHHAHA" i said

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    First time read this for STORY TIME and afraid have to be honest i loved it you have great imaginative and comedy timing also had very good pacing entertained whole time even had laugh out loud moment with my favourite line "Heart of fire?Does that make sense?Probably not.But STFU and continue reading" haha brilliant. Turning into fox magic wizards and dragons hell yeah love crazy stories give 9/10 nearly perfect only little thing was big battle with wizard need it expanded to epic battle magic battle back and forth but only small thing overall brilliant more please

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    Wow,well...What can i say,THANK YOU,GOOD SIR!I know it needed that,but,believe me,i worked hard for this story.I started it in the comment section and i pressed the wrong button and it deleted it all a few times,and i raged and did the short version on text,and that's why the battle wasn't that epic,because i'm just lazy.But thank you for reading it,i REALLY appreciate it when people read my hard work :P

  • You two should totally check out Emmy's story down below, it's seriously an awesome read. And keep up the good work as well!

  • Did I say something wrong? I chose my words carefully.

  • Said only joke here comes gruesome awful storie by me ruining thread lol

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    NO have to be honest that was biggest pile of wonderful story telling before even comment on story the level of effort to write such long story with great depth must be applauded and get thumb on effort alone really like it very innovative and creative. I like how you write just quality great way spend my evening good sir

  • Nice thread loving all the stories

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    Dear god...people are SUCH Mary Sue's.

    P.S: I'm honestly laughing my ass off over here.

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    There once was man named Bob Saget..
    He really loved to jack it
    He once was on a show called Full House
    In this show he lost his spouse
    He screamed why oh why me?
    As he was left with children of 3
    He couldn't raise em alone
    That clearly was shown
    So his brothers came to help
    and Bob couldn't help but yelp.
    And really wished he was by himself.
    Moral: Don't be Bob Saget
    Character: terrible actor Bob Saget
    Powers: Jokes bad enough to put people to sleep
    Appearence: Google Bob Saget
    Tell me what you think.

  • Personality: Asshole, Sarcastic
    Weapon: Cricket Bat with the words Saggy Bob
    Nickname: Saggy Bob

  • Thank you for the compliment, man. Feel free to add your own if you want!

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    As corny as some of this stuff is, at least people have attempted to make their own stories on here so far. All of them have been pretty awesome attempts as well. So, I'll consider it a good thing that this thread has made you laugh. :P

  • Is he really that bad of a person? I didn't really know too much about him before, except the fact that he was a comedian and a tv show host.

  • Every fucking time I read this thread title I read it as "Fart a Story".

  • Cool? Actually, if anyone can fart stories out of their bum, it would truly be a feat worth completing. Probably.

  • Neither; it's a fact. Go look up Mary Sue if you still don't get it.

  • Lol that made my day love intelligent play on words very nicely done good sir i can confirm i'm a mary sue and proud of it lol

  • Props for being cool with what I said. A lot of people would've been mad. :c

  • Just wanted to say, you made me learn the term too, thanks Sparrow. :)

  • Rap is poem but more gangster thanks for compliment

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  • Aw, you two are so nice.

  • Thank youuuuuuu :3

    By the way, bump bumpity bump.

  • Just thought I would let you know, Mark. Pretty sure that Emmy's a girl. :P

  • I know lol like saying good sir though so mean good madam

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  • Just read edits just gets better and better love this

    But I challenge you to a fable story no raps love see it

  • But the last time I edited my story was on March 3rd? And, I could make another story if I wanted to, maybe when episode 3 finally releases. Glad to see that you're still eager to see stories though, Mark.

  • Eager? No i DEMAND A STORY promise I'll read it and review it in depth when it's done

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