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Start a Story, be your own Fable. (Create a Fable Thread)

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The Introduction:

(smokes a Huff & Puff cigarette while exhaling relaxingly)

Oh, salutations! Didn't quite see you there stranger, I mean, you did just stumble into my manor in the middle of a totally-not-so-spooky night and expected some sort of shelter from the foreboding darkness and chill factor, correct?

(silence fills the air)

Ah, well, no matter. Come. Sit down. In the opposite chair across from mine by the fireplace. Oh no, by all means, make yourself comfortable. Can I get you anything? Pillow perhaps?

(you sit suspiciously as I grin, while handing you a blank page book with the title: "Your Fable, Your Destiny")

Well, you seem puzzled, so I'll get to the point. Basically, this will be the blank canvas (and topic) that will get you on track to start your own fairy tale story concerning the Fables universe, and, you may as well ask: "Story, you say? What makes you think I would want to create a story?" Well, stranger, that is a question I cannot answer, as it is up to you to fulfill your destiny. To create a Fable that best describes you and how they blend in with the Fabletown community.

But, you don't have to be entirely honest if you don't want to, as you have the option to create a Fable character that doesn't even relate to you in the slightest, human or not.

Anyways, be creative! And you are more than welcome to draw a picture of your custom Fable if you'd really like! You are my guest after all, in this spacious manor.

P.S. - Newcomers and veterans to the Fables series are welcome to post in this topic too! Or if you are a stranger to the comics but love the game! Don't forget to use your creative juices, the lot of you! :D

Appreciation Speech: This is for everyone who has contributed to this topic, new, old, heck, even future storytellers that are inspired by this thread!

It has been a great honor to read all of your stories so far. Every sentence, every little detail, every emotion-induced moment included with the literary package you've brought to the table (or book, in the matter).

Wanted to say my thanks again, to everyone that has made this possible.

You can view the following Fable 'award ceremonies' for 2014 down below. Any potential future ones probably won't be created by me since people aren't all that interested in them anymore.

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  • Chapter One: Manny the Deceiver

    In a musty old apartment Manny sat hunched over in his chair. The only source of light in the apartment was the dull glow of a lit cigarette slowly burning out in an ashtray.

    "F-fuck this pitiful human s-shell" Manny chattered to himself, the black market glamour the crooked man had supplied him left much to be desired.

    A tall pale man with slender features, Manny touched the scar over his cheek, he had retained this mark even through the magic of the glamour after being struck by the magical blade of one of the knights of the round table in the old lands. He did not remember much of the old world but the day Sir Lancelot had entered his domain and managed to strike him was still fresh in his memory. "That f-fucking bastard". The cheap glamour the crooked man had supplied him also left his human form with a frustrating stutter that Manny was unable to overcome.

    Manny raised his head and stretched his long arms and surveyed his apartment yet again, it was almost pitch black in the room but Manny had no problem seeing the world in the dark. He had lived in the darkness for hundreds of years and was still where he felt most comfortable. Mannys apartment was bare save a small tv in front of his chair and a fridge in the corner of the room. There was an empty shelf which had once been adorned with the trophies of his time in the woodlands. The helm of Lancelot had once sat upon the shelf, along with the bow of Robin Hood. Robin had been easy prey, his minstrels had alerted Mandible to their presence and he had descended on them and cacooned them before they had a chance to fight back.

    When he first arrived in his apartment that the crooked man had assigned him in Fabletown, Manny had adorned his walls with the golden armor of Midas' footsoldiers who had sought out the spider king and met their end. It wasn't long before the crooked man began claiming his treasures as his own, insisting that they were not safe here and would attract unnecessary attention to him. Even his most prized trophy of Lancelot had been taken from him, and now he sat here in the dark empty room. Rage filling him, his legacy had been torn away from him.

    "This t-town will be mine" he muttered to himself "and I s-shall fill hundreds of r-rooms with the tokens and t-trinkets of all who have wronged me... and even t-those who havn't".

    As Manny sat deep in thought his concentration was broken by a knock at the door. Manny stood and slinked over to the door, it was late, who could possibly be here? He peered through the keyhole and saw nothing in the darkness outside. Manny unlocked the door and swung it open, there was nobody there but at his feet was a package addressed to him. Manny was overcome by the sweet smell of fresh flesh, he picked up the package and slammed the door behind him.

    Sitting the package on the floor he examined the outside, it was blank, no sign of who had sent it. He carefully opened it and was most pleased with what he found, the white fleshy arm of a giant or a troll or maybe a mixture of both. Who it belonged to didn't matter, it had been a long time since he had feasted on fable meat. He lifted the arm out of the box and saw a small note stuck to the inside of the box.

    "I require your assistance, the butcher came accross this and I thought you might appreciate it more than he, meet me at the usual spot 2AM tomorrow -CM"

    So the crooked man required his assistance once more, it had been several years since he was last summoned. Manny had no interest in serving the crooked man, but this seemed like a perfect opportunity to enact his revenge. He did not have much time, Manny did not know where the crooked man's hideout was, and this was the only opportunity he would get to go face to face with him for who knows how many years.

    He would have his vengeance, he would rule once more, but first he would feast on this small token from the crooked man. Manny removed his glamour, he started sprouting long black hair all over his body as his body began to fill the apartment, legs sprouting from his sides and his face contorting into it's true form. As he grew inside the apartment he knocked over the small tv in the middle room as it smashed on the floor.

    Mandible enjoyed being in his real form, but was impractical in such a small space, once he had finished this meal he would return to his weak alter ego of Manny, but to fully enjoy fable flesh he wanted to be whole. The taste brought back memories of the old world, he remembered his days as king, and would stop at nothing to return to those days once more. He had a plan, and maybe he would use the crooked man to bring that plan to fruition, before disposing of him entirely.

    "Yesss, all willlll be miiine onceeeee mooore"....

    To be continued...
  • Right, I've finally gotten round to writing something else, however it's really not much. It pretty much follows on from the first bit I did, though it's something a bit different, and it's more of a setting up for things to follow. Anyway, preface over.

    One Month Later.

    A hotel near the Trip Trap Bar. On the outside wall a neon sign glows rhythmically, the intense reds and blues illuminating the dirty streets before hiding them again; inside a small room directly behind the sign a weasel sits on a bed.

    When the sign glows, his features show his hard times: there's a furrowed brow, bent whiskers, streaks of grey fur from stress. He's not too old, for a Fable, yet his heart seems to beat harder than before. He wears a red silk dressing gown, has a monocle lying somewhere. Fortunes have changed and gone is the once proud Weasel, replaced by one who is now just trying to survive.

    Over the past month the question of who he was gripped him until it became an obsession, to which he lost himself. Everyone else knew who they were, what made them unique, and the Weasel felt lessened for not knowing. Attempting to unearth answers from his own memory proved futile, so he tracked down people from his past, people who knew him at the time; this proved to be of just as much use. Most he asked said they could not remember; some would not speak to him; and the other weasels, the ones most likely to know, were all on The Farm. Mr. Weasel had no intention of visiting that place.

    Soon, after becoming so enthralled in his search, debts began to pile up, payments were missed, and his savings vanished, which led to his eviction from The Woodlands and his current residence in this hotel. He could afford the room for a month, though he had no intention of staying for that long. Telling himself all would be fine once he'd found the answer - when he knew what made him a Fable - his life would get back to normal. It had to.

    Out of desperation Weasel concocted his next plan. Rousing himself, he leaned across to the bedside cabinet for a Glamour. No matter what, he was determined to keep himself with Glamours - he needed them to fit in, to show he could be more than a weasel, so he could look human. In a strange way he was addicted to looking human. After the effects were applied he walked over to the mirror to inspect the results: black hair with only a little grey around the sides, a somewhat pointed nose, a moderately defined jaw, and no more beady eyes. These things pleased him.

    Changing into a black jacket, deep navy shirt with blue buttons and dark jeans, he felt ready as he placed on a pair of boots. A screwdriver and a bottle of whiskey were the final things he grabbed before setting off to break into The Woodlands. Into the Business Office.
  • Chapter Two: A Web of Deceit

    The rain hammered down on Mandible as he clung to the high walls of the dark alley where he was to meet the crooked man. It was after 2AM, the crooked man was late...

    Mandible peered into the darkness, despite his size he knew he could not be seen from the street, even by the sharpest eyes. No cars drove down the nearby street, this spot had been chosen as their meeting place when they first moved to Fabletown. There was nothing but a few decrepit apartment buildings on the street and held no interest for late night wandering mundies.

    A car pulled in to the alley, he had finally arrived. Mandible saw he was not alone, two figures stepped from the car and into the dark alley, choosing to leave the car headlights on.

    Mandible strained to see who the second figure was, but could not make them out from such a distance.

    What was the crooked man thinking? He had never brought another Fable to a meeting with him, nobody was meant to know that Mandible still lived, none were allowed to ruin his secret identity. There must be a problem.

    Mandibles eyes narrowed as the figures stepped into the headlights of the stationary vehicle, the engine was still running, they clearly did not expect to be here long. As the light illuminated them he made out the second person, a female, he did not recognize this one. Mandible crawled along the wall of the alley, careful not to alert the now stationary figures below him. Edging closer to get a better look at the newcomer.

    The woman had an air of death around her, he could sense her lust for blood, this woman was a trained killer he was sure.

    "Whyy have you brought thisssss thing to our meeting place, do you forget our arrangement old man?" Mandibles voice bounced around the alley, the woman peered upwards but was unable to see who spoke the words in the darkness of the alley.

    "It is necessary" The crooked man replied, smiling upwards in to the darkness. "She should need to meet you, as you will soon be working together"

    Mandible chattered his teeth "Work with? No, no, no. Thissss is not how it will beee".

    "Do not worry, she can be trusted with your secret"

    "It is not my sssecret I am worried about, you sshould be worried about herrr" Mandle edged closer, positioning himself directly above the woman.

    "This is Queen Mary, I thought it would be somewhat poetic to have the Queen and the King working together. She has taken a liking to the title Bloody Mary however"

    Mandible emerged into the light of the car right next to Mary, she jumped back with a start drawing her pistol and levelling it at him.

    "Are you afraid little one?" Mandible taunted.

    "I do not fear spiders, especially not fat bastards like you" she retorted.

    "Hah! Well... you would be right to be afraid, it is foolish to be anything elsssse."

    "If you two are finished with the pleasantries I would like to get down to business, if you would be so kind to apply your glamour, we do not need to attract unwanted attention with an 8 foot spider that speaks, would you not agree?"

    Mandible was hesitant but decided to re-apply his glamour and find our what the man wanted. His limbs shrunk and contorted into a human face and body. Returning to his human shell.

    "Still fuckin' ugly aren't you" Mary said still pointing the pistol at Manny's face.

    "Now now Mary, I need you two to get along for what's to come next". The crooked man reached out and lowered Marys outstretched arm weilding the gun.

    "S-spit it out old m-man, why have you b-brought me here, and this ignorant w-wench" .

    "Still struggling with that stutter I see? A shame, but to glamour a creature as large as you takes strong magic, there were bound to be impurities... No matter"

    "The reason I have brought you here is because I need the both of you to take care of a small problem. It seems as though a certain 'business' partner of mine has been caught getting up to no good. The sheriff has been causing a lot of problems for me and my friends around town, and is now hunting this particular friend. You do not need to know his name, but suffice to say I need to get my hands on him before the wolf gets to him."

    "W-what does this h-have to d-do with me? And m-more importantly what does this have t-to do with the b-bitch".

    "I've heard about enough out of you, insect, I suggest you choose your next words more carefully..." Mary began reaching for her weapon again.

    "And w-what will you do about it if i d-don't, c-cunt".

    "THATS ENOUGH, both of you, I do not have time to babysit you, if you would listen we can be out of here, I do not enjoy standing in the rain any longer than I have to" The crooked man adjusted his his tie which had straightened during his outburst, making sure that it was crooked once more. "Now all I need you to do is make sure that the wolf doesn't escape with the fugitive and that he is taken in to our... 'protective' custody. I have had the tweedles tailing him, I know where he is heading next, but I can not trust the two idiot brothers with a matter as important as this."

    "All I need you to do Manny is make sure you keep eyes on our target once he has been spotted, he's a slender man, elderly, glasses perched on the base of his nose. Seems to take to wearing a suit wherever he goes. He will be easy to spot, even among a crowd. I will call you when the tweedles have sighted him, and it will be both your jobs to make sure he does not escape, and more importantly that he is not captured by the wolf. Do you both understand?"

    "And w-what exactly is in t-this for me?"

    "I expect you enjoyed the small gift I sent you? Well let's just say there will plenty of opportunity for more of where that came from..."

    "F-Fine. I will await your call..." Manny removed his glamour and skittered down the alley and in to the darkness.

    "I do not need this overgrown piece of shit getting in my way Sir, I can handle this on my own, why do we need him?" Mary blurted out after Mandible had disappeared from sight.

    "You will see my darling, best not to question my methods, am I ever wrong in my judgement"

    "No Sir, but-"

    "That is all Mary, now if you don't mind I would like to get out of this rain and return home"

    "Yes... Sir".

    The two returned to the car, Mandible watched from a safe distance, from where he could not be seen. As the car began to back out of the alley Mandible scrambled along the alley walls towards the exit. He had planned to follow the crooked man to his hideout and prepare for the next phase of his plan. But he had been given an opportunity to take care of the bitch, and get a free meal in the process first. He was most pleased with the way the meeting had turned out.

    "I will be where you want when you call... but to not expect me to be there to help you, foolissssh old man. I hope thissss woman putsss up a fight, it has been too long since I have had to work for a meal..."

    Mandible skittered along the alley walls in to the night. The time for vengeance was drawing ever closer.
    • Kind of makes me wish for a Mandible reference to him in the game now, especially as, from a certain perspective, he'd make a fine villain.
      • I wanted to make a really dark character. And as arachnophobia is the most common of all, I felt what better fable villain than a giant spider confined to a humans body, with an insatiable hunger.

        I'm glad you like the character so far, I've got some really interesting ideas for how to continue the story. But it will continue tomorrow when I am not quite so half-asleep.
        • Personally I find dark characters to be refreshing. Not that there's anything wrong with the occasional paragon of virtue, it's just that characters which inhibit a sort of grey morality seem more real. They've more than one dimension so you don't necessarily know what they're going to do next.

          The arachnophobia angle is a good one, and I'm intrigued as to your interesting ideas.
  • Mandible is about to whoop some arse.
  • Part 7 Lyla Smith

    "Then there is Georgie"

    Lyla was sound asleep and lost in thought. Everything was falling into place; no one suspected a thing and all she had to do was keep loud mouth quiet and hopefully, everything would blow over in the end. She was deep in her dreams when she was suddenly awoken by a loud knock from the front door. She glanced at her clock and saw the time: 7:30am. Who the hell is that at this hour, she asked herself. Slowly Lyla emerged from her bed and stumbled to her door. Fuck, how she hated being woken up this early. The house was quiet; her father must be at work, her sisters either dead asleep or out and she knew her mother was not home. It was grocery day and that woman loved getting an early start. The loud knocking continued; this was giving her a headache now and was starting to lose her temper. She could feel her inner wolf poking it's ugly head out. Lyla opened the door and was shocked at who stood in her doorway.

    "What the hell happened to your hand?"

    "Don't fucking worry about it. C'mon. Get dressed. We have shit to do."

    Lyla's never left his side; Georgie was now looking at a family portrait of the family. This was making Lyla uncomfortable; not Georgie but the whole idea of him BEING in the house. If her father were here.

    "You better get out of here. My father will not like it if he finds you here."

    "He ain't here. The car is not out front..."

    "My mom took it. He and Bigby take a cab or drive. Now, can you please go? It's too damn early."

    Georgie reached into his pocket and pulled out more money. That seemed to be his way of keeping girls' mouths shut. He began counting out loud and the whole time, kept his eyes on her. There was something different about them today. They didn't seem so angry. As he finished counting, he took the rest of the money and placed it back in his pocket. In his other hand he held another $700.

    "Come on a drive with me. Let me buy you breakfast. You like omelettes?"

    This had to be a trick. Something didn't seem right but she had never heard of this Georgie before. Can she really trust this guy?

    "What's with the money?"

    "Don't worry about work tonight. In fact, don't worry about dancing ever again. You are now going to be my personal assistant. If I need something done, cleaned, taken care of, that's where you come in. I will provide you with the outfit. This money would have been for tonight but instead, if you go to breakfast with me, this can be your's."

    Lyla agreed and after applying on some makeup and changing her clothes, Georgie escorted her to his own personal car. As she reached for the door handle, Georgie's hand stopped her's and he opened the door. Lyla watched him do this and froze when he did this. All he did was smile and look at her. He had a grin from ear to ear. Lyla thanked him and sat in the passenger side. The seats were covered in a purple faux fur. Oh the front mirror dangled down a fluffy pair of dice. The wheel was shaped like chains and the stick shift handle was topped ever so cleverly with his initials in gold: G.P. Georgie took his seat, placed the keys in the ignition and started the car. He reached down, put the car into shift and drove away. The car ride was silent; man, this guy really knows how to hold a conversation. The road was partially dead and he was able to weave in and out with no problems. They reached the Egg Man diner. He parked the car, got out and went all the way to Lyla's side. He opened the door again for her. Lyla got out and the two began walking inside. They took a seat in a little booth in the back. As she fumbled through the menu, Lyla had a strange feeling she was being watched. She looked over and yes, there he sat, just staring. The waitress brought them each coffee. As she stirred her sugar and cream into her cup, she focused herself on Georgie.

    "Ok seriously. What is this?"

    "What. Can't two friends go out for a simple breakfast?"

    "Friends?? Now I'm YOUR friend?"

    The waitress returned and Lyla soon forgot the question for now. They both ordered ham and cheese omelettes with a side of hash browns.

    "To answer your question. Yes. Why not? We need to get used to each other and learn a little something about each other, so let me go first. You already know my name, as I of yours. I know EVERYTHING about your folks; mine, eh. I have no idea. Dead I'm sure. I have two older sibling but fuck, when we had to leave the homelands, I have no idea what happened to them. I was struggling like everyone was. I didn't have the luxury of knowing the sheriff or sucking his dick to get a comfortable little section like your dad did. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth like you, sweetie. I had to fight to stay alive, do anything I could to live in the fucked up town. I was offered this club as a way to pay down debt...make a living. Do I like it? It has its moments."

    "Hm. My father and Bigby talk about you from time to time. Now, let me tell you about me. I watched my father struggle everyday to keep us safe; we were 'half-breeds'; I'm sure you know what they do with them if they do not fall under the category of 'normal.' He almost lost my sister Gina AND his job when she was born. Mom and dad told us when she was first born, she was in wolf form and wouldn't change back. She also had a mean temper and would howl at all hours of the night. Mayor Cole didn't want to but warned him if they couldn't control her, she would have to live on the Farm. Dad and mom struggled until Sheriff Bigby saved them. He moved them out there and helped train Gina to stay in her 'human' form. Ever since then, they have stayed there. You do what you can, Georgie. I don't see that as being a problem. you all make it sound so easy..."

    Georgie fell silent. Lyla continued to stir her coffee and before he could speak again, the waitress returned with their food. Lyla grabbed the ketchup bottle and placed a hefty amount on her plate. All she wanted to do was eat and go back home. No one would ever understand. Her heart began to thud against her chest. Lyla was getting angry again and she could feel her 'wolf' again. She tried to avoid it and continued eating but it was hard to avoid the growls escaping her mouth and her right hand suddenly showing claws. She stopped eating, dropped her fork and quickly left the booth. She hid her hand in her pocket and with a dash, left the dinner. Georgie stood up, placed $40 bucks on the table and followed Lyla out the door. Georgie found her power walking down the sidewalk. He chased after her and as he got closer, could hear her mumbling to herself.

    "Lyla. Hey! Wait! fucking dog!! Wait!!!"

    Lyla turned around; her eyes were a piercing yellow and her bottom teeth had converted into fangs.

    "Ok, look...wait...hol..hold on. *coughs* Ok, look. I'm sorry. I don't know what the fuck I did to get your panties in a bunch and to have you walk out like that but please, wait. I'm sorry. I thought we were talking and-"

    "Is that how you always start off conversations? Bashing someone's family because you don't know the whole story? All you people see is my father and Bigby together-that is it! No one get's it!"

    Lyla now had tears in her eyes. It was blurring her ability to see, so she took off towards the subway. She quickly walked down the stairs, all the while, Georgie was hot on her trail.

    "LYLA! Will you wait?!"

    Georgie found Lyla standing quietly by the tracks. Before he could say anything, they heard a disturbing laugh. They both turned and saw three people standing there: A young lady with blonde hair who was wearing a black leather suit, a man in a top hat and scruffy hair and the third a man with brown hair covering his right eye. The girl spoke.

    "Well, well, well. what do we have here? Hmm, you seem lost little puppy. Do we need to place posters all over town for you?"

    The two men laughed and as they did, cocked their guns. She took out a pistol from her belt, loaded the chambers and walked towards Lyla.

    "Who the hell are you?"

    "Oh, how rude are we! Hm. Ok, since WE know who YOU are, let's have circle time. I'm Alice, that is the Mad Hatter and the March Hare and you have just walked into our little Wonderland without paying the fee..."

    "What fee? I didn't see no-"

    Alice cocked the gun and pointed it at Lyla's face.

    "Please, sweetie. Don't start running your mouth. I'm in no mood and the last person that did, oh I don't know...DIED!"

    The other men laughed; this made her very uncomfortable. Georgie grabbed her arm and began guiding back the way they came from.

    "And where do you think YOU are going, pimp?"

    "Look. Sorry we disturbed you folks but we were just leaving-"

    "WHY?? I thought we were having sooooooooooo much fun!!!"

    Lyla tried to force the wolf side out; she could easily take them out. But fear was in the way of it. Fuck. All she could do was turn and run. Forget Georgie-he was on his own. As she began running, she heard Alice.

    "Get that lil' bitch! She's mine..."

    The Mad Hatter and Hare chased after her, not before Georgie tripped them both. They dropped their guns and has they tried reaching for them, he punched them both in the face. Georgie kicked the Hare in the face, which sent him flying into the wall. Hatter got up and the two fist fought. He punched Georgie in the gut, causing him to stumbled backwards. Lyla stopped and watched in horror. Was he actually fighting them off? Alice just stood there, watching. Georgie took another swing and knocked the Hatter down. Georgie kicked the guns aside and watched Alice. She dropped her gun and motioned for him to hit her. Georgie hesitated at first.

    Aww, what's wrong, Georgie Porgie? I though you loved to kiss the girls, make them cry and when the boys come out, you run like the pussy you are..."

    Georgie charged Alice and the two fist fought. As they were doing this, Georgie didn't see the Hatter reach for his gun. Before Lyla could say anything, Hatter pulled the trigger. The sound of a gun shot echoed; everyone was silent. Alice looked down at Georgie and smiled. Georgie felt a burning sensation, looked down and saw the crimson red color. He looked over at Lyla, then fell to the floor. The three picked up their weapons and walked right pass Lyla. As they did, Alice smiled.

    "Well, this was fun, sweetie. Do stop by sometime, k? Maybe for some tea...."

    Lyla was left alone in the subway. She ran over to Georgie's side; he was not moving at all. his breathing became short and he would not open his eyes. Lyla tried covering the bullet wound with her hand.

    "Georgie? Georgie? GEORGIE!! Don't....don't..."

    Lyla cried and was overcome by silence.
  • (I sit near my fireplace, as I calmly sip some of my finest, blood-red wine)

    My, my. All of these stories. Such adventures! Written with passion and an undying lust for creativity. I simply... applaud these works of literature that litter the pages before me. (I get up and raise my glass) May creativity last forever in our minds, and be eternal in our hearts. Thank you, storytellers, it's all I could ever ask for.

    Keep it up!
    • A thank you to yourself! After all, it is your (Huff & Puff smoking and blood-red wine drinking) self who created the thread and gave us the blank page.
    • That was epic and made me feel so special hope thinking of my stories as well when writing this lol I still hold the record on this thread of being first story on the thread and contributed most stories and so honored and proud to see what this thread became I was here from the start when this legendary thread began
    • Aw, thanks! Y'know, I was thinking about writing a new one, but I need to do some brain organization. It'll most likely expand upon my previous story, maybe from another POV. Heck, maybe I'll incorporate movie night into it! Also, sorry I wasn't there for Horror Friday, I was busy all day that day and totally forgot!
      • That would be awesome if you do consider making more tales, Em! And It's okay, I forgive you. :D Though I was wondering that day, "Where was her post when she said that she couldn't wait for Horror Friday?" Oh well, you can still technically post on there if you still want to, but if you decide not to, then that's fine!
    • Considering I only made an account on this website just to post in this thread I would say that you had a great idea. Some really amazing stories here, love all the creativity, and I really enjoyed your stories as well. So thank YOU friend!

      I have found some inspiration among the previous stories, and hope that my writing style is not too out of whack with the rest.
  • Part 8 Lyla Smith


    Lyla sat quietly in the Business Office. She was sure Snow White was tired of seeing her face here by now. Snow was currently walking back and forth with her file again in her hands. Lyla feared the worst from everyone. Snow would give her the 'talk' like always, the sheriff would play the 'good cop bad cop' with her; Mayor Cole would be gentle with her like always and try his best to comfort during this situation and then, there was her father. She already knew his main focus would not be on the situation or her condition but as to WHY she was with him...Georgie fucking Porgie. Her grip on the coffee cup grew tighter in her grasp. Lyla wanted to just run away and hide; this was getting to be too much for her. Just then, Bigby walked in the door. He stood beside Snow, glanced at the file, then at Lyla. He did not appear to be angry; just concerned. He was trying to smile; his eyes looked understanding and she let out a sigh of relief.

    "Is he...did he...where is.."

    "Georgie is in my office at the moment. He made it. Dr. Swineheart just took out the bullet and is patching up the wound. He's refusing to take medication, so before he can leave, he's currently sitting for the moment."

    Lyla smiled. This took both Bigby and Snow back.

    "Can I go see him?"

    "No you certainly not fucking go see him!"

    Lyla already knew who that was the moment she heard it. Her father stormed into the office and piratically ran to her side. He had a stronge smell of smoke on him. He looked awful like he had not slept or showered in days. His usually neat hair was messy and he was no longer clean shaven and looked like the sheriff at that very moment.

    "Lyla Ann Smith! What the fuck were you doing with that disgusting human being?"

    "John, calm down! That is not the question you should be asking right now-"

    "Don't you dare, Miss White! I have every goddamn reason to be pissed off! If this was YOUR fucking daughter right now-"

    "John, will you come with me, please."

    That was one thing Lyla could give to Snow-she was always able to stay calm and have any Fable, no matter how angry or upset, calm down enough to talk to her. She was hoping deep down inside she could calm her father down.

    "John, seriously, get a hold of yourself! Your daughter is currently shaken up at the moment and the last thing she needs is her father screeching at her!"

    "Don't patronize me, White! I will not have my daughter be around some low-life scumbag-"

    "That scumbag SAVED your daughter, John! You would not HAVE your daughter were it not for Georgie! I don't like him, either but the fact his she's here because of him! Alice and her goons are very dangerous people, Jonhn. We have been after them for years! She is VERY lucky! We would be preparing her funeral right now. Instead, she's right over there! some compassion towards her."

    John looked over at his daughter, who was now talking to Bigby. Snow was right and despite his hate for Georgie, she would not be here with them. Snow grabbed his hands and held them in her's.


    He walked over to his daughter. Both her and Bigby looked up. Lyla was already preparing for the worst, when she noticed a grin located on his face. He sighed out loud, grabbed the cup and placed it on Snow's desk.

    "Go ahed. See him..."

    Lyla jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck. As she walked past Snow, she quietly thanked her. In return, Snow smiled. Lyla walked into the Security office and found Georgie sitting in the corner. The only light in the room was a small desk lamp located on Bigby's desk. When he noticed Lyla, he smiled. Georgie was currently shirtless and she could see the wound located directly over his belly button.

    "Why did you do it? You could have easily ran..."

    "Yeah. So what. I fucking know that. But I didn't. I saved you."

    "But why?"

    Georgie slowly lifted himself up.

    "Look. I did it cause I wanted to, ok? But instead of thanks, I'm an asshole and scumbag. You will return to the city and have people all over you fucking asking you what happened and they will smother you in their love. Meanwhile, I will be labeled an asshole again and instead of thanks, I will walk away with the town throwing tomatoes at me and sneering the whole way back to ma' club. Does that cover it?"

    Lyla fell silent. Georgie sighed and reached for his shirt. She watched him struggle severely to put it on. He was right. The town would do this. After all, her father was already knocking him down a few more pegs. She walked behind him, grabbed the top and held him pull it down. Lyla smiled and as she headed towards the exit, Georgie grabbed her hand. He was now standing very close to her.

    "Well, I need to go. I'll let you go back to the club. I will see you tonight..."

    Georgie reached into his pocket and pulled out the picture of the men. Lyla became furious, was he really going to pull this shit right now! But before she could say anything, Georgie pulled out his lighter, took it to the edge of the picture, flicked the bic and watched it slowly burn until it was nothing more than ashes on the floor. Lyla stood there in complete shock.

    "Don't worry about it, Lyla. I'm sorry I ever held that over your head. I'd do that same thing...surprised you never did it to me, honestly. Fuck. You don't have to come back to the club and I will understand if I never see you again. Fuck...."

    Lyla grabbed his hands and laced her fingers in his. Now this Georgie...the one that people claimed mysteriously disappeared overnight....this Georgie is what she was waiting for. They were all in the same boat as he was; no one had room to talk. They were all tired of this had become an excuse.

    "Thank you, Georgie. For everything....I really appreciate everything and I'm still-"

    Lyla's words were cut short because Georgie's lips were locked onto her's. Lyla was taken back by his actions but she suddenly felt her arms wrap around his neck, as his were now securely wrapped around her hips. A wave of emotions were flooding the both of their minds; Lyla felt confused , excited and a pinch of unsure; Georgie felt something he had not felt in a long time: security, compassion and love. So, what felt like eternity, Lyla and Georgie stayed like that: embraced in each other's love and struggle.
  • I've added the last 2 chapters of the first arc of my story to my original post. I plan on finishing the story in near future. Keep up the good work folks :)
  • Part 9 Lyla Smith


    Holly and Woody took cover behind the bar. Only brave one to take a chance was Jack, who found Gren's actions amusing. The whole time he was cracking jokes and laughing. Holly tried her best to make Jack stop but he was too far into it to stop. Gren threw another cup into the wall; that being his 8th cup in 2 minutes. For a minute, he was in his true form; he destroyed the pool table and smashed in a couple of stools before he returned to his 'glamour' self and took his anger out on the glasses.

    "FUCKING ASSHOLE! Fuck Georgie! How the fuck can he possibly changed, that piece of shit! He took advantage of her! He doesn't give a fuck about her or anyone else! Is she ever so quick to forget who he REALLY is-a conniving, self-centered, disrespectful piece of shit!!!!"

    Gren thew yet another glass into the wall. He quickly walked over to Holly, who was now standing back in disbelief.

    "Holly-give me another!"

    "Gren, just calm down. I'm going to have nothing by the end of the night!"

    Jack continued laughing. Gren turned around and began walking towards him. At this moment, Jack's laughter quickly came to an end and he was now pinned against the wall, Gren just a few inches from his face. Jack could see the anger and hurt in his eyes. Gren's fists were now clenched and Jack could hear his teeth grinding.

    "Ok, easy, Gren. I was just kidding, ok? Right? Holly, help me out here!"

    "No, Jack! I don't want trouble! You were laughing and I hope he DOES beat your ass up!"

    Gren backed up and headed towards the bar again. He took a seat at the only stool not broken, placed his head down on the bar and began to cry. Holly reached her hand over and gently touched his hair. Woody continued to stand in silence, just as Jack finally was.

    "She lied to me, Holly. She fucking lied to me...Why, Holly? Why him...."

    He couldn't breathe; he was literally drowning in his tears. It was going so great, he thought. She was a sweet girl with an amazing ability to look past anything. He had no idea how hard this would hit him...he swore he would never love again.

    "Grew, sweetie. She lied to ALL of us. Just let it go and let her make her own choices. She's not a baby, Gren. She KNOWS who Georgie is, yet she decided to play with snakes and got bit. Ignore her and stay out-"

    Gren lifted his head up and looked at Holly, both his eyes were now a milky color. He was getting ready to change again and they all knew it. He got up out of his seat and headed for the door. He didn't say a word and left. Holly ran from behind the bar and chased after him. He was at the corner, waiting for the light to turn green. She knew were he was heading to and she couldn't take that chance. Gren was already on the sheriff's shit list. John also couldn't stand Gren.

    "Gren! Goddamn it! Will you stop! Look, don't do this! You can't afford any of this! She's not worth it!"

    "I have to, don't understand...."

    "Gren, she's-"

    "I marked her, alright!! She's...I accidentally marked her a few nights ago when we were hanging out. I didn't get a chance to finish because John came home. She made me leave...I have to fix this. She has a piece of me now. I was going to make her mine, Holly...then, that thing happens with Georgie and...."

    "Gren, she didn't mean to do that. you said it yourself she was just in the moment. They have not seen each other since.."

    "How do you know....." His voice was so angry.

    "I...I had Vivian the other day. She mentioned Lyla and said she has not been back to the Pudding & Pie."

    The light turned green and Gren began walking again. Holly could have easily went after Gren and made him stay. He could have easily decided not to chase her down. He didn't have to but she let him go and watched him disappear into the busy crowded streets. She just prayed he knew what he was doing.

    Gren made his way to the Woodlands and found Lyla's home. He walked up and began pounding on the door. He didn't care WHO was home. John could answer the door and it still didn't matter. In seconds, the dor opened and there stood Nancy. She was taken back by who was there.

    "Gren. what are you doing here? Everything ok?"

    "No, Nancy. It's not. Is Lyla here?"

    "Well, no. She went to the library to do some homework. I can leave her a mes-"

    Before she could finish, Gren was gone and heading to the library.

    "WAIT! Gren! What is wrong?"

    But he was already gone. He power walked the whole way there with only one thing on his mind. When he finally reached his destination, he found her leaving the building. She was surprised to see Gren and smiled.

    "Gren! Hey! Sorry I haven't been around. These college courses are killing me and-"


    He was screaming at her and Lyla was taken back by the anger in his voice. She could also see the hurt and realized what happened. Vivian must have said something. She occasionally went to drink there at the Trip Trap. If SHE said something, she could only imagine it would a matter of time before this reached the office. Her father STILL had no idea how she REALLY met Georgie. Fuck, that meant Gren knew...

    "Gren, relax! I'm not even talking to him anymore!"

    "Vivian was at the bar the other day and told Holly everything! You were a dancer?! For that fucking piece of shit!? You lied to me!! How could you,"

    Gren turned away; he didn't want to cry in front of Lyla. It was bad enough he did at the bar. Lyla placed her books on the ground and walked to Gren. She did regret EVER doing anything for Georgie; it didn't matter if he had proof. They were just dead corpses. It could have been anyone but at the moment, she couldn't take that chance. She also had regret after the incident with Georgie at the office....It never felt right. But right now, just touching Gren's arm, gave her the peace of mind she was looking for.


    "Do you love him, Lyla..."

    Lyla was silent. Not because of his question. It was how much this had affected him and she wished she had told him sooner.

    "Lyla, are you busy right now...."

    "No, Gren. Why.."

    Gren grabbed her books and placed them under his arm. He grabbed Lyla's hand and they started walking down town.

    "This city is fucking getting to my fucking head. I need somewhere to think. Let's go back to my apartment. We can sit and talk better there. And if you're hungry I can call in some Chinese or something."

    Lyla agreed and soon, hand in hand, they made their way to his apartment. All the while, unaware of the blonde girl in the purple dress watching from a cafe'.
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