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Start a Story, be your own Fable. (Create a Fable Thread)

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The Introduction:

(smokes a Huff & Puff cigarette while exhaling relaxingly)

Oh, salutations! Didn't quite see you there stranger, I mean, you did just stumble into my manor in the middle of a totally-not-so-spooky night and expected some sort of shelter from the foreboding darkness and chill factor, correct?

(silence fills the air)

Ah, well, no matter. Come. Sit down. In the opposite chair across from mine by the fireplace. Oh no, by all means, make yourself comfortable. Can I get you anything? Pillow perhaps?

(you sit suspiciously as I grin, while handing you a blank page book with the title: "Your Fable, Your Destiny")

Well, you seem puzzled, so I'll get to the point. Basically, this will be the blank canvas (and topic) that will get you on track to start your own fairy tale story concerning the Fables universe, and, you may as well ask: "Story, you say? What makes you think I would want to create a story?" Well, stranger, that is a question I cannot answer, as it is up to you to fulfill your destiny. To create a Fable that best describes you and how they blend in with the Fabletown community.

But, you don't have to be entirely honest if you don't want to, as you have the option to create a Fable character that doesn't even relate to you in the slightest, human or not.

Anyways, be creative! And you are more than welcome to draw a picture of your custom Fable if you'd really like! You are my guest after all, in this spacious manor.

P.S. - Newcomers and veterans to the Fables series are welcome to post in this topic too! Or if you are a stranger to the comics but love the game! Don't forget to use your creative juices, the lot of you! :D

Appreciation Speech: This is for everyone who has contributed to this topic, new, old, heck, even future storytellers that are inspired by this thread!

It has been a great honor to read all of your stories so far. Every sentence, every little detail, every emotion-induced moment included with the literary package you've brought to the table (or book, in the matter).

Wanted to say my thanks again, to everyone that has made this possible.

You can view the following Fable 'award ceremonies' for 2014 down below. Any potential future ones probably won't be created by me since people aren't all that interested in them anymore.

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  • Every fucking time I read this thread title I read it as "Fart a Story".

  • ahem
    Hello all.
    Inspired by the above tales and enticing Fables universe I thought I'd have a shot at an origins story, however not only am I new here, I'm also new to Fables in general, so I wasn't entirely sure where to go with it to keep it relative to the source material. That given, I seem to have created more of a prologue to an origins story. It might not fit at all, yet I hope it's vaguely acceptable, otherwise please forgive me, and try and enjoy.

    Quick bit of background as I don't know how many people will know of the story: this weasel is inspired by the novel 'The Wind in the Willows' by Kenneth Grahame, which also stars a certain Mr. Toad. The weasels, along with stoats and ferrets, are the main antagonists, who plot and successfully take over Toad Hall. Mole, Ratty, Mr. Toad, and Mr. Badger, the main protagonists, kick out the weasels and others out, and Mr. Toad is a changed man. Or amphibian. There's also a bit where Mr. Toad steals motorcars.
    Finally, as I wasn't quite sure where to slot it in, Mr. Weasel talks with a posh/aristocratic English accent.

    (smokes a Huff & Puff cigarette while exhaling relaxingly)

    "Oh, salutations! Didn't quite see you there stranger, I mean, you did just stumble into my manor in the middle of a totally-not-so-spooky night and expected some sort of shelter from the foreboding darkness and chill factor, correct?"

    Mr. Weasel stood in silence - the long walk he had undertaken and the chill of the aforementioned totally-not-so-spooky night had caused him to be unsure of himself, and of what to say.

    "Ah, well, no matter. Come. Sit down. In the opposite chair across from mine by the fireplace. Oh no, by all means, make yourself comfortable. Can I get you anything? Pillow perhaps?"

    Relieved by the chance to rest his feet, Mr. Weasel quickly popped himself down on the chair, leaned his swagger stick against one of the arms, and proceeded to wriggle about in order to get his circulation going again so as to put warmth back under his three-piece suit, which consisted of a dark ochre jacket, deep purple waistcoat, and maroon coloured trousers. Next to the crackling fire the chair made him feel strangely content, oddly at ease - so the offer of a pillow caught him off guard. The blank page book that was handed to him only added to his confusion.

    "Well, you seem puzzled, so I'll get to the point. Basically, this will be the blank canvas (and topic) that will get you on track to start your own fairy tale story concerning the Fables universe, and, you may as well ask: "Story, you say? What makes you think I would want to create a story?" Well, stranger, that is a question I cannot answer, as it is up to you to fulfill your destiny. "

    Mr. Weasel did wonder why he would want to create a story when, in his opinion, his own tale was just as gripping as any fictional creation; he cleared his throat, with the intention of saying as much.

    "Well firstly I must thank you for your hospitality, and a fine chair. Secondly, my good fellow, I think you will find that the tale of my life will be just as gripping as any fictional creation."

    There was a moments shuffling in order to move off a ridge he'd just discovered in his maroon trousers.

    "I would start at the beginning but perhaps you do not know who I am. Worry not, we weasels are not so easily offended as our whiskers may lead you to think. If you can recall the business near the Willows, with Toad, Badger, Mole and Ratty, then you know of me, for I was one of the weasels who found themselves in Toad's mansion. The thing is, however, that what most people consider to be the truth regarding those circumstances is not actually the truth; nay, sir, is is a lie. A fabrication!"

    His exclamation had caused him a great deal of excitement, and so he jumped somewhat when the monocle which he had so far kept in place with ease bounced into his lap. Hastily placing it back in front of his right eye, giving a squint to his left at the same time, he continued.

    "Toad had sold it to us, and we weasels being the enterprising sort decided to transform it into a factory - one that would help feed the defenceless creatures of this world, such as squirrels. Or mice. You see, weasels are completely misunderstood creatures and not as evil as you might think: we sing; we engage in poetry circles; we play croquet. You know, I recall an occasion when Hobbs... or would it have been Simon?"

    A pause.

    "It was Philip. An occasion where Philip once helped a duck build and furnish a home, assisting in choosing the correct cushion sizes and wallpaper patterns, as well as advising on patio furniture. A tricky business I think you'll agree. Admittedly he ate the duck after it was built, but I think we can all agree his heart was in the right place."

    Mr. Weasel looked to the wine sipper opposite him, waiting for a show of interest or at least an indication to go on with his monologue. The sound of a ticking grandfather clock became discernible in the background, and that was all. However the monocled mister carried on, unperturbed.

    "Anyway, on the night in question - I'm referring to Toad's mansion here - one thing lead to another and we all became deliriously drunk. A few of us got too merry and next morning we all woke up to find Badger, Ratty and Mole had evicted us. Which is frankly unusual considering we owned the house. I mean, really, how is one to be thrown out of a house one owns? Contemptible nonsense, that's what I say!"

    He was careful to squint his right eye like a clamp around the monocle at this moment lest he surprise himself again. Being successful at avoiding self-induced surprise, Mr. Weasel felt triumphant and wished for a pipe or cigar, yet none was at hand.

    "If I'm being completely honest, I suppose I should mention that none of us weasels could remember what actually happened on that occasion. I think we kicked a few chickens, if you know what I mean."

    Mr. Weasel gave a unnervingly bold wink after this last remark.

    "I suppose the moral of that tale is to avoid sweet, golden nectar - by which I mean whiskey. How the scurrilous nonsense came about of us being scoundrels is entirely unclear. I'm on friendly terms with Toad, Badger, Mole and Ratty now at any rate. In fact I visited Toad and his son only the other day - he isn't living quite as grand as he used to. Personally I'm a surveyor. Anyway, we were discussing past times when there was an awful to do upstairs and he became quite distressed, eventually phoning Bigby. At this point I left, the ol' Big Bad being someone I try to avoid on the grounds of health: I worry about mine when he's around."

    At his own mentioning of Bibgy the gruesome events over the past few days in Fabletown came to Mr. Weasel's mind, and he fell silent. He had connections, kept his ears to the ground - literally, at times - and so he had quickly become alerted to the murders. It unsettled him and many others not because they were unaccustomed to such dark happenings, as such instances had often been commonplace in their previous lives, but rather because a hope of a sort of sanctuary had been prevalent on the move to the Mundane world; the hope also that new lives might be created amidst that city of New York. The shocking crimes had swiftly silenced any such promise.
    As melancholy clouded over the furry guest he lowered his head, and the totally-not-so spooky-night was replaced by the is-it-safe-to-come-out-now-morning; the sun shone through a window thus illuminating the host and guest. The light burnt away the clouds which had a few moments before formed in the weasels mind, and in this release he raised his head and thought over the discussion. Tracing it backwards he came upon a point which had not so clearly occurred to him before, and it immediately pulled in his whole attention.
    His origins story, the one by which most people knew of him - and this was a surprising amount of people to know a surveying weasel - was something unknown to him. He had been drunk! Actually, he had been so far passed drunk that he could have legitimately sent it a postcard and not have been back before its arrival. How could he call himself a respectable weasel when he did not know this crucial part of his history? The truth was, he could not. So there it was, sat in a strangely comfortable chair by a dwindling fire, across from a host who smoked a wolf's brand of cigarette, that Mr. Weasel firmly decided that this matter needed resolving. He gave back the plank page with a thanking remark, took up his swagger stick, made quite sure his monocle was firmly fixed, and strode out of the mansion on the hunt for answers. Only time would tell if he if he found them.

  • What exactly constititutes a fable? I started reading the comics and if I remember correctly they mentioned Pinocchio, which I did not think was a fable. I did not think of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow as a fable either.

    • There are a lot of Fables (In the comic) That I've never seen or heard about before, and there are Fables from different regions of the homelands. You've got the Arabian Fables, who are based off of stories that are popular in the middle eastern area, you've got European and North American Fables (Which most people are familiar with.) Any think from a work of fiction can be considered a Fable. That's why in TWAU you have Tweedle Dee and Dum. Georgie Porgie is from a poem, so is Boy Blue. If you read the Fables Encyclopedia (Published last October by Bill Willingham, the writer of the comics), You can see where he gets his inspiration from in certain unfamiliar Fables. It's a giant mish-mosh of fictional characters we have heard of, and characters we have not heard of. Willingham is extremely educated in regards to myths and legends and fairytales, and tries to incorporate things from all cultures, to give it a unique experience.

  • Hello again to all past, present, and future storytellers!

    I've decided to make a continuation of my previous story (and to bump this thread up again), or nursery rhyme if you will, entitled 'Dragon in Manhattan' on the first page of this discussion. Even for the supposed 'sequel' to my story, it will NOT be a nursery rhyme this time, and will be based off my general idea of the comics more than anything, including a surprise appearance of Bloody Mary that was present in the 3rd episode of TWAU we have all played.

    Anyways, I can't wait to share it with you all when I do make it! I have so many ideas already.

  • Alright, here is the second part of my story, I think that all of you will love it! Since I got pretty good reviews on my nursery rhyme the first time! I will be splitting it up in several chapters to make this non-rhyme story more interesting.

    'A Fire Breather's Turmoil', by: DragonButter (work in progress!)

    Chapter 1: On The Farm

    It was a nice, cool spring day in upstate New York. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping (both Fable and Mundy alike), and the wind was giving off a feeling of pure bliss. A sense of Paradise on the Farm, don't you agree?

    Well, no matter, as this will be the story of our thief-turned-dragon once again. A distance away, he was doing his usual routine to help Weyland around the Farm, scouting the vastness of the plains to make sure no Mundies are lurking about.

    "Better to be safe than sorry." Weyland always told me. "You can never know if the protection spells are faulty ...inspirational words to live by." The dragon thief grumpily scoffed to himself.

    "You always talk to yourself like that, Tezoth?" A familiar voice rang out from the forest in front of him.

    Tezoth roared. "What are you doing here, Reynard?"

    "Oh... you know me, enjoying the scenery of the forest, every damned day. Hoping that Snow brings her foxy sister on one of her road trips over here." As Reynard happily states when he struts out of the forest to look at the towering, black-scaled dragon.

    "You talk as if they are enemies?" Tezoth asked confusingly.

    Reynard stopped his grinning for a brief moment, "Oh, right, you haven't seen or met them yet. Technically. You'll see what I'm talking about, someday, with you being a new Fable in this world and all."

    The dragon sighed. "If you say so, little fox."

    Reynard smiled once again, while he climbs atop of the dragon's head. "You better believe it, thieving dragon of old! Now march!"

    "Get off. My head. Please? Reynard?"

    "Sorry, no can do, my scaly friend."

    Tezoth rolled his eyes and continued walking along the forest, scanning the plains and the surrounding forests to look for anything inconspicuous. All while listening to the fox rant and rave about other things that are of no importance to him. The day grows old once again and tomorrow will just be the same, or will it?

    END, of Chapter 1.

    Chapter 2: The Feuding Pair

    "I don't know why I even keep on asking my own sister to come on these outrageous road trips with me, she's just going to refuse every time." Starting to sob, she pulls over to the side of the road and pounds on the steering wheel a little.

    "Alright, Snow, pull it together, this isn't the first time that you went to the Farm alone, remember? You are a professional coming on behalf of official Fabletown business, to greet the new Fable." Thinking to herself as she wiped the tears off of her face, she then placed her hands on the wheel, and started up the engine again to drive onward.

    An hour later...

    "Hey, dragon, wake up!" A puny paw nudged at his side.

    He groaned while rubbing his eyes. "What do you want, Reynard? Shouldn't you be bothering the 3 Pigs or something? Hell, the 3 Bears even. It's 7 in the morning here!"

    "Apologies Tezoth, now keep it down. I've been hearing around the farm, mainly from Colin, that Snow White is coming today."

    "Act like everything is normal, just like any other usual day. You wouldn't believe how bitchy she gets if she sees the Farm in disarray, hopefully her sister will be with her this time."

    "I, okay then." Tezoth confusingly acknowledged the fox, as he didn't want to openly embarrass himself when this 'Snow' arrived.

    Hearing a noise, Reynard turned his head to the side. "Well, what are the chances of that?" A junky-looking pickup pulls up to the Farm, stopping dead in its tire tracks. "She's already here!"

    Her vision oblivious to the morning dew: Snow gets out of the truck and quickly notices the towering dragon sitting beside the barn, huge in stature and eyes colored like liquid gold.

    Weyland, the Farm's administrator, comes and greets Snow in his morning robe, drinking a hot cup of freshly-grounded coffee. "Well, good morning, Ms. White! How are you today?" He says as he slowly takes another sip.

    She breaks from her surprised state-of-mind after seeing the dragon and answers to Weyland. "I am doing just swell, my friend. How about the Farm itself? Everything satisfactory on your end?"

    "Oh, quite dandy, Ms. White, in fact: I-"

    "What are they discussing?" As our curious dragon friend asks Reynard.

    "Beats me, Tez, probably business stuff as per usual, Snow has always been a serious one whenever she visits here, too bad her sister isn't here, she is a looker, such as her."

    Snow then walks up to the dragon after finishing her talk with Weyland, giving Tezoth a cold stare, whilst Reynard yelps and runs toward Weyland.

    "So, you're the new Fable that appeared out of nowhere, correct?"

    He answered her willingly. "Umm, yes, correct you are, Snow White." Her cold stare faded away after that.

    "Hmm, a creature with manners? Now that is surprising, indeed."

    "Tell me, dragon, what made you this way? I've been hearing among the others that you have been a human before, is this true?"

    "What's it to you, little one?" Tezoth becoming bold after that particular question.

    "Excuse me, little one? I'll pretend I didn't hear that at all and exclude that from my memory. Now, I ask again: is my previous question true?" Weyland and Reynard stood in shock as Snow herself didn't even snap at the towering dragon.

    Tezoth sighed and frowned. "Yes, it is true, I was a human before all of this, before I was somehow transported to this world, before I became a dragon."

    "Hmm, fascinating, our government back in New York may be able to use you." Snow had smiled proudly after that.

    "Government? What are you talking about, I don't understand..."

    Snow threw him a bottle of Glamour. "Here, this is a specially-made bottle created for 'dragons' such as yourself, drink it and you'll become human again, for a temporarily long while, actually. Come. A part of our community is waiting for you, not like you have much of a choice anyway."

    Tezoth agreed and finally felt confident for the first time in ages. He drank the bottle as quickly as he could, like he used to with alcoholic beverages, back in the days of old.

    His dragon body shook after consumption, feeling a surge within him as his body started transforming back into a human again. He laid on the ground, beaten and broken, after minutes of pain and suffering. A process not desired for you to know, but, our dragon friend felt like a million bucks afterwards. So take it for what you will.

    "Here, wear these clothes." Snow looked away quickly after she said that, since he was naked. "You need these if you would want to blend in, of course, you would've already known that since you were a thief back in the day."

    He smiled and took the clothes, feeling like a new man again.

    END, of Chapter 2.

    • Sorry I've been busy all day today haven't been on the forum but so far brilliant can't wait for the rest promise give you full review when it's finished but so far very good

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      BuffMonkey BANNED

      Cool awesome story yes love dragons

    • Nice! It fits in smoothly with the universe and the brief insight to Snow's thoughts is particularly interesting. Also, love Reynard the fox, though doesn't he have more of a thing for Snow than Rose? Anyway, look forward to reading more :)

      • Awww, thanks a bunch, Noir! :D Like always, I appreciate nice comments such as yours. Also yes, Reynard did have more of a thing for Snow than her sister from what I'm led to believe. But I figured that he would have the same affections for Rose as he did for Snow, to probably broaden his horizons, haha. From what I'm typing/brainstorming so far, this story of mine is supposed to take place during the events of TWAU, somewhat.

  • Just finished this story on my thread but brought it over because it's TWAU just wanted to have fun with the concept ignore plotholes lol never read the comics just played the game just tried something creative and fresh Idea but fun full of action hope you enjoy

    As promised to Tobi TWD and TWAU crossover

    Chapter 1 The Walking Bigby

    Bigby arrived in Cranes office he was in clear distress shaking "Bigby I need you to investigate urgently" Crane said. "Why" Bigby responded. Crane looked at Bigby with fear in his eyes " There's been outbreak of a mundy virus affecting fables you see because of our immune system we become a zombie only for a limited time when infected till we recover to normal again. But if a fable when in zombie state during that short period bites a human it creates a supervirus making the human a fable zombie and because the virus is more powerful more brain is kept in use making the zombies able to use their fable powers. But most horrifying of all humans don't have the same immune system as us so it creates a permanent fable zombie. It's spreading quickly Bigby if you don't go out and stop the spread by time the fable zombies reach Fabletown we will have no chance and most certainly be killed" Crane cried. Bigby just nodded his head he was in predator mode now looking forward to the challenge and sprinted into the forest.

    Clem and Lee are walking through the forest they see a house up ahead it was dark with rain pouring all they could see was black but the feel of each others hand as walked toward the house made them feel safe. Suddenly a Walker appeared "QUICK STAY BEHIND ME CLEM" lee shouted. It was routine kill for him he had his pistol loaded with five bullets and pointed it at the Walkers head. "BANG" headshot Lee took a deep breath but the Walker kept on coming impossible Lee shot his last bullets into the Walkers head but it keep coming towards him it was like each bullet was just a gush of wind to the Walker. The Zombie smiled at Lee showing sharp teeth while also expanding claws from it's finger tips like kitchen knifes. "I WANT YOU TO RUN CLEM I'LL DELAY HIM HIDE IN THE HOUSE" Lee said as he clenched his fists and ran towards the Walker. It was like slowmotion before Lee even reached the walker it was in million pieces Bigby arrived with claws ripping the walker apart it seemed like a knife through butter. Bigby turned to Lee he was in attack mode his animal instincts took over and grabbed Lee by the throat and put him up against a tree. "STOP DON'T HURT HIM" Clem shouted as she ran toward Lee Bigby turned and was about to throw his claws at Clem when he looked into her eyes it calmed him down out of his animal instincts into a relaxed state it reminded him of faith.
    "LEAVE HER FINISH ME YOUR MAMS A DOG SO SHE MUST BE A BITCH!!" Lee struggled to finish his sentence felt so weak and then fainted.

    Lee awoke in a house he saw hammar by the bedside and grabbed it and as quietly as he could he sneaked down stairs ready to kill anything that moved. He saw a young women downstairs opportunity arose and quickly grabbed her from behind. "YOU MOVE OR SPEAK I KILL YOU WHERE'S MY LITTLE GIRL!!" Lee said angrily. "Relax and have some breakfast Lee" Clem smiled from the kitchen. Lee immediately dropped the young woman and entered the kitchen seeing Clem for Lee was like seeing ray of sunshine in a darkroom he couldn't help but smile and laugh while greeted Clem with a big hug. Lee sat at the table a big breakfast awaiting him suddenly he looked up and saw Bigby growling at him sitting on the opposite end. "TOUCH SNOW AGAIN EVEN LOOK AT HER YOUR DEAD LEE". Lee smiled and responded " I taught no dogs were allowed at the table now if you speak out of line one more time Bigby going have to smack you on the nose nice doggy". The whole group finished their breakfast and after finding lots of military weapons and gear in the house they decided they would spend the night but just to be safe they set up lots of traps in the front yard including mines to kill any walkers during the night they finally felt safe in each others company and went to sleep.

    Lee awoke to banging downstairs then woke up Bigby, Clem and Snow and sneaked downstairs quietly with his trusty hammar he opened the kitchen door and switched on the light they froze in fear. "Who's the ginger kid" snow asked "BEN" Clem answered. Lee turned to Ben and simply asked "What's 2 plus 2". "weird question but ok 4" Ben answered. Lee turned to the group and whispered "Need you to run their on to us GO RIGHT NOW!!" Lee then picked up his gun and shot Ben in the head the group sprinted out the front door.
    Bigby looked at Lee confused and said " You knew Ben was a glamour from maths question smart" Lee then responded "What a glamour. Bigby smiled at Lee "I like your style.

    Snow suddenly turned and said "There coming from the back were going have to run through the mines". "You lead bigby as you can survive any blast taking out few mines before us followed by Lee, Me and Clem" Snow said. Bigby nodded and ran straight through leading the line which the group will follow a few explosives went off while Bigby ran but was like the explosives were like water ballons to him never breaking straide. "NOW" lee shouted they had no more time they had to run as Walkers were closing in. Lee ran first as closer to the front more likely you will get the blast off the remaining mines. Lee made it just Clem and Snow looked like luck was finally on their side. Suddenly a small bouncy ball fell out of Clems pocket while she was running and started rolling she just about made it. It was just Snow left. Snow ran suddenly like slow motion the tiny ball hit a mine directly beside Snow in a blink of an eye Snow was dead the blast putting her into million pieces. Tears filled Bigby eyes "WHY ALWAYS ME ALL I HAD WAS SNOW!!" Bigby howled and ground shaked the noise deafened Clem and Lee ears. "IM SORRY!!" Clem shouted with tears in her eyes with shock she suddenly slipped on a rock. The zombies grabbed her "SAVE HER PLEASE BIGBY!!" Lee shouted Bigby turned to Lee and said "IM SORRY!!" and ran into the woods. Lee had shotgun and blasted all the walkers off Clem but it was to late she was bitten he picked her up and ran through the forest into another house he spotted. The remaining Walkers got blasted by the mines was raining limbs and body parts everywhere.

    Alt text

    Chapter 2 My Little Sweet Pea

    Lee put Clem's body on the table she was bitten on the shoulder and was struggling with the disease all Lee could do was patch her up and wait tears filled his eyes as his whole future disappeared only thing what gave him hope his little ray of sunshine was dying and he was watching her suffer. Bigby walked into the room and spoke Lee turned and clenched his fists "Wait have a plan to end this Walker fables apocalypse and Clem can die a hero like you always wanted. There is only few remaining infected so we must act fast to stop this before it's late. Now listen Clem is going to die anyway so we hide lots of explosives under Clems t-shirt glamour her as a Fable walker once she reaches the fable walker remaining group they will never expect anything she lets off the explosives ends the fable apocalypse and dies a hero what do you think?" Bigby quizzed. Lee slowly walked over to Bigby nodding his head then gave Bigby a kick straight in the chest he fall to his knees and Lee put gun to his head. "IF YOU EVER MENTION HER NAME AGAIN OR PUT HER IN DANGER SO MUCH AS LOOK AT HER I'LL SHOOT YOU NOW APOLOGIZE!!" Lee screamed. Bigby laughed "Mundy might as well be shooting me with a water pistol". Lee looked Bigby in the eyes "LUCKY I HAVE SILVER BULLETS THEN NOW I'M GOING TO COUNT TO TEN YOU DON'T APOLOGISE YOUR DEAD. Bigby froze in fear tears filled his eyes "OK I'M SORRY I'M SORRY" Bigby cried. Yet Lee continued counting ignoring his Apologizes "1...2...3..4..5..6..7.8..9..10...BANG" The noise burst bigby ear drums he jumped against the wall in fear but the gun had no bullets Bigby dropped to his knee weakened by the mental torture. Lee smiled and looked at Bigby "YOU ACT LIKE YOUR SMARTER AND MORE ADVANCED THEN ME BUT REALLY YOUR DUMB DOG I FORGIVE YOU!". Lee had an idea "Look Bigby I have a syringe I know how to save Clem I think I need your Blood?" Lee asked. Bigby looked confused "How" Bigby responded. Lee looked Bigby in the eyes with tears "It might save Clem your immune to the virus pure fable blood will fight the infection and stop the virus". Lee begged. Bigby sighed "When Fable and Zombie blood mixes it creates a fable zombie it won't work". "FALSE WHEN AN INFECTED FABLE BLOOD MIXES WITH HUMAN BLOOD IT MAKES A ZOMBIE BUT I'M ASKING FOR PURE FABLE BLOOD TO FIGHT THE INFECTION" Lee begged. Bigby took blood from himself with the syringe and gave it to Lee who then injected the pure Fable blood into Clem all they could do now was wait.

    Suddenly Walkers busted through the doors and Windows Lee grabbed Clem and pulled an AK 47 from out of the press shooting wildly at the horde feeding the horde bullets was like feeding them sweets just made them faster and angery more dangerous. Bigby even struggled he ripped three walkers heads off but seem to be endless supply of them and they were fables. A wild hand swung from the horde hitting Bigby and the raw power threw him against the wall they had no chance. Lee suddenly searched the presses in a last ditch attempt to find something to help them and saw a chainsaw and smoke grenades he smiled to himself "LET THE GAMES BEGIN. He threw the smoke grenades the Walkers were helpless and the horde couldn't see anything and Lee just ripped them all apart with his chainsaw laughing it was like a minigame the Walkers had no chance. Suddenly air grew silent Lee saw more Walkers coming from the window afar the few remaining fable walkers he picked up Clem and helped up Bigby and headed outside the final battle will begin soon "LETS END THIS" Lee said. He didn't care about certain death the sight of the dying Clem made him no want to live anymore. Lee hid his dying little girl behind the trees and kissed her on the forehead as a goodbye.

    Alt text

    Chapter 3 The Clem Among Us

    Bigby and Lee awaited the final battle it was night the cold air burned their skin certain death was their only faith but at least they will die fighting. They were standing in the forest watching the fable walkers closing in there was so many it was like watching a massive tidal wave about to hit them. Lee nodded at Bigby and they sprinted towards the horde with great conviction they were sick of hiding in the dark a fight to the death was always logical end for them.

    Lee hit the first fable with his hammar the vibration of the hit in his wrist caused more damage to him while Fable walker remained unscathed was like a pillow fight to the Fable Walkers no weapons worked. Bigby however had more success cutting through dozens of Walkers with his sharp claws which are capable of cutting through metal however Walkers soon overpowered Lee and Bigby suddenly Lees worst nightmare came to pass he turned around while pushing the Walkers off him and saw a bunch of Walkers surrounding Clem who was hidden behind the bush hundreds were around her closing in. Tears filled Lee’s eyes as the Walkers started to overpower him deep down he hoped they would kill him quick so he wouldn’t have to watch his little pea get tortured then ripped apart in the most brutal and painful death imaginable.

    Clem suddenly awoke and stood up in seconds she will be the Walkers next meal. She looked around and glared she was surrounded. She smiled and screamed “THAT’S NOT NICE” and clenched her fists Clem punched the ground with a force like Thor’s Hammar the ground shook like an earthquake and erupted like an volcano the Walkers flew through the air like rag dolls instantly dying. She hovered off the ground and shot hyperbeams through her hands the remaining Walkers turned into ash and blew through the wind. Bigby turned to Lee “IT CAN’T BE HOW” bewildered. Lee smiled and wiped away his tears “Makes sense the pure fable blood didn’t just fight the infection but purified her blood making Clem the first mundy Fable” Lee said.
    Suddenly Grendel appeared in front on Clem she was about to blast him when Bigby put his hand on her shoulder “HIS MINE YOU’VE DONE ENOUGH”.

    Alt text

    Chapter 4 Conclusion Final Confrontation

    Bigby stared at Gren straight in the eyes anger ran through his vains “WHY GREN” Bigby roared. Gren looked at Bigby smiling “Why not Fabletown is corrupt even look at you Bigby the investigator everyone hated you innocent or guilty you couldn’t even save the life’s of people you loved even look at Snow only person you ever loved or connected with the more she got to know you the more she hated you know it’s true Bigby”. Bigby growled at Gren “EVERY GOVERMENTS CORRUPT NO REASON TO KILL EVERYONE”. Gren laughed at bigby and said “ Your thinking to small Bigby no my main purpose is to cleanse our race killing all humans we are the more advanced species and are immune to the virus genius look Bigby only reason they haven’t killed us yet is because they can’t look just imagine if you were lower on the food chain a wolf for example they would be wearing you as a coat right now. With human race getting more advanced with weapons even nukes each day what’s stopping them killing us in the future and destroying the planet it was my only chose to create an army. I was the original Fable walker the infection only lasts a minute but Carver was more than willing to become the first bitten a Human Fable Walker”.

    Bigby roared and ran at Gren he simply shot Bigby in both the legs with his pistol which had silver bullets. Gren looked at the fallen beast laughing “IN FABLETOWN NO ONE LIKED YOU YOUR LIFE WAS MEANINGLESS EVERYONE YOU LOVED DIED SHOULD BE HAPPY I’LL PUT DOWN THIS STUPID LAPDOG” Gren then put a gun to Bigby’s head and was about to pull the trigger. Suddenly Grens arm got sliced off blood was pouring out of him like a water fountain Lee chopped it off with his hidden sword and said “WELL WERE NOT IN FABLETOWN ANYMORE!!”. He threw the sword to Bigby who then chopped Gren’s head a clean cut.

    Lee ran over and grabbed Clem then hugged her tightly with tears “That’s my girl” he whispered in her ear. Clem looked at Bigby watching them as tears rolled down his face you see Bigby never had someone who loved him that much in his life he had no purpose without Snow. Clem ran over to Bigby and hugged him too “Thank you” Clem said Then Bigby smiled for first time in years he found a person worth protecting and living for again he actually could and did save.

    Bigby, Lee and Clem wiped out all corruption in Fabletown as a detective team and started mass production of the Walker vaccine with fable blood the zombies apocalypse was over they had finally a happy ending.

    Alt text

    Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed appreciate all feedback

    • Now this, this was a really interesting read compared to your other ones. You're getting pretty good at this, Mark!

      • Thanks I was worried be to hard to understand such complex idea I was trying just wondering was your favorite parts and thanks really appreciate the feedback and taking the time to read it thank you

        • No problem at all! I liked the whole idea in your story here, when you first mentioned that Fables can only remain a zombie for a brief time. Whereas the Mundies themselves, if they get bit by a Fable undead however, that they stay a zombie forever, and gives them their powers in the process. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that was really fascinating.

    • Love this very intelligent and never got bored reading so much action well done

    • Not sure what to say that Dragon already hasn't, you're own inventions such as the Fable blood and what it does to Mundies is really imaginative. Great crossover story.

      • My most ambitious story in terms of concept when do a crossover try to create a circumstance that will force both stories to collide without being cheesy or clique. I try make it as fun to read as I can pack it full of action, psychology and violence but also have a lot of heart. Moral I tried to get across in this story is when hope seems impossible even when light seems at it's darkest to never give up waiting for that magic moment in this case Clem moment my favorite moment tried make it as epic and badass as possible.

        Anyway thanks for taking the time to read it. Thanks you for leaving a comment and also I'm also delighted you enjoyed it really appreciate it.

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      Just Awesome so unique 10/10
  • Hello there.
    I happen to stumble upon this awesome forum of your and i just had to write something for it. :D I will have the full story for you sometime, Maybe next week but i can give you fellow mundies at sample from his fable story. His name is Wilhelm Lupus (Which means Wolf in Latin). He is a wolf, Not related to Bigby in anyway shape or form(Except for being a wolf part). He does know him, Since he was weaker then bigby he really didn't talk to him much.


    It was a pleasant day in the wood's Wilhelm was roaming, like wolves do. But Wilhelm did not consider himself a normal wolf. He saw himself as smarter. He wasn't the strongest, oh no, far from it actually, He was reasonably weaker then other wolves. He thought of himself better than those other wolves, even his own kin. You could say he was rather prideful and vain. To add to his pride, He would go out and help people. Not to be a good dog, He loved the praise and rewards he would get for doing his good deeds. His ego exceeded him.

    So, as he was sniffing about for some food he could outsmart. He heard a shout or a scream. He couldn’t tell at this distance. The birds flew and the animals ran at the sound of the human. The clever wolf caused himself and made his way towards the sound of the woman, He could tell. The closer and closer he got the louder the noises and shouts got.

    When he got closer to the woman, he could see two men standing in front of a small woman who was crouched on the ground and rather covered up. Tall, large men. He thought, “Should I risk it? There is two of them and one of me.” He pondered for a few moments when one of the men, a dark haired fello, grabbed the dark bag she was carrying. She held onto it with tight grip. “Must be something important….Maybe if I help her” His greedy mind took over once again. He sat there thinking of a suitable strategy for a moment, than he made his way round to the side of the three humans to execute his plan.

    (I will also add a reference for him soon :3 I hope you like the first part of his back story and feel free to criticize, I gladly accept it :) )

  • (Heres the rest of his back story :) Warning: Its really long, sorry :P )

    Wilhelm made his way north of the humans. He sat just few meters away from the group. He stared at them, waiting for a reaction.
    “Give us your gol- Hey, look…” The red haired man pointed to the silent wolf. The dark haired man turned and stared right into Wilhelm’s forest green eyes. He scowled and walked towards him.

    “Get otta’ here ye mangy beast!” The dark haired man yelled. The wolf did even flinch.

    The dark haired man growled and quickened his pace, “Get the fuck otta here wolf before I skin ye alive!” He yelled once more. Wilhelm did not move, but he did let out a smirk. The man stopped and glared darkly and the dark furred wolf.

    “Skinning me? How original” Wilhelm chuckled.

    “Fuckin’ dog” He growled and lunged at Wilhelm. The wolf swiftly dodged and moved to the left of him. “Too slow, Not surprising. You are a rather fat human~” He chuckled once more. The large man lunged at the wolf once more. Wil quickly moved to the side, the man coming in contact with the tree that was behind Wil. The man fell over, he groaned on the ground.

    Wil scoffed and faced the red haired man. The other man glared daggers at Wil, Wil’s grin only widened more. “Your turn.” Wil chuckled. The red haired man pulled out what looked like a small dagger.

    “Sure, Make it fun for me” Wil smirked.

    The man came charging at Wil. When the man came close to Wil, he side stepped and shoved the red haired man onto the dark haired one, accidently stabbing the dark haired man on the back. He cried in pain and whimpered.

    “I must say, Well done” Wil smirked again.

    The red head stared at his fallen comrade. He looked back to Wil, who was now growling at him. The man pushed himself away from Will and shuddered in fear.

    “H-Hey, Please, I-im s-sorr-“ He was cut short as Wil lunged at him. His screams of pain were drowned out but the growls and snarls of the dark furred wolf. When Will stopped he looked down at his handwork.

    “It was fun while it lasted” He sighed to himself.

    His now blood covered face turned to the woman. Who was now standing and walking slowly towards him.

    “I’m surprised you didn’t run in fear, Woman” He scoffed.

    The woman said nothing as she approached him, He raised his brow. “Is she brave or just stupid? Most likely stupid.” He thought. When she stopped she was a few feet away from him and the bodies.

    “It’s not every day we get kind wolves….” She said in a low almost haunting voice.(Imagine Lana del ray)

    “Well, my dear, I’m not like those other wolves. I’m no big bad wolf” He replied. Thinking about that wolf he met once before, He was once like him. Small, the runt, but things change. People, or should I say wolves change.

    “I can see that, Wolf. I shall reward you for your chivalry” Wil perked up at the mention of a reward. She pulled something out of her bag and held it with a tight grip.

    “Hold out your paw” She ordered in that haunting voice of hers. Wil hesitated for a moment but obliged. She unravelled her fist to show a silver ring, It had a symbol on it but wil didn’t know what it ment. She slowly placed the ring on his paw.

    “Wait? How did it fit-“His thoughts were cut short when he felt a strange feeling in his body. He felt a sudden surge of pain throughout his body. He quickly backed away from the woman. He glanced up to see her wickedly smiling.

    “Well, What an interesting beast we have here….You will be a wonderful pet” She chuckled slightly. Wilhelm growled and whimper at the pain. He could feel himself changing, and it hurt like hell.

    “W-what did you-AHHGH-do t-to me? UHG!” He fell to the ground at he felt his whole body morph. He opened his eyes slight, only to have them become fully wide, as wide as saucers when he saw what was happening to him. His front paws were now turning into human hands. He screamed and fell back, He screamed again in pain when he realized his whole body was turning human. His back legs turned to human legs, His fur was falling out, and it was replaced with pale skin. His muscles tensed as they changed. He hacked and coughed, feeling like he’s going to throw up.
    “P-p-please! S-stop! Hack Ugghh..” His breathing became heavy, As if someone was pressing on his chest. The pain started to subside. There was still a dull ache all over his body. He groaned as he tried to sit up. He stopped to examine what happened to him. He stared down to his human torso, his arms, his hands, His crotch and his legs. He still had dark brown hair covering his slender form. His shocked eyes travelled from his body to the woman.

    “Y-you’re a witch…” He stared at her with shock, Fear started to creep into him. He was roughly pulled up onto his feet by a magical force. He almost fell over. He was held upright by this magical force. The witch stared into his eyes, Her eyes shining a dark purple as they stared into his green ones. She looked him up and down. She smirked and looked at his face once more.

    “You’ll do just fine wolf…What is your name?” She asked.

    He didn’t reply, He just glared at her. She frowned and Wilhelm could fell something choking him.

    “I will ask again, What is your name?”

    “W-Wilhelm….Lupus..” He choked.

    She smiled and released him. “You being naked is not going to help me, Just yet anyway.” She smile wickedly and her eyes turned black and purple. The dark magic surrounded him, clothes started to appear on the wolf-turned-man. Dark coloured pants with black boots, A white shirt and a black waist coat appeared on his body. He looked down in shock. The witch began to walk down the pat, leaving the confused man. Wil felt a sudden pull on his neck, like there was a chain around it. As he was being pulled along, he wondered what exactly did he get himself worked up in.

    “Let us go, Wilhelm. We have much to do~”


    Alt text
    im dead

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