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First let me say to the entire TellTale group how FABULOUS this game truly is (graphics, voice acting, adaptation, everything is TOP notch), although some of the puzzles could be a bit less annoying (this isn't a tech issue, just a style issue...but what's a good adventure game without annoying/frustrating puzzles?)

I'm not sure if this is actually considered a support or General game question...but it is a technical question so I assume it fits.

I was wondering if there will be a hard copy edition of Bone down the road and if so, will it be made a separate purchase from the $20 downloadable?

Also... let's say tomorrow I came into extra $5000 and wanted to buy an entirely new computer... would I with my order number be able to redownload the game to this computer or do I need to use the 75 MB installation file I already have (which INCIDENTALLY I was only able to find by doing a FULL search on my computer to discover it was in a HIDDEN Temp directory and I do find to be a major technical issue when I've paid $20 for it)...

Also, do you HAVE to be online? Let's say my cable internet is out and I want to play some Out from Boneville while I wait... is that possible in any way?

I'm sure this is probably all stuff you've looked into and may actually even be properly answered in the FAQ. Although since the game is just out, these may not be actually Frequently Asked Questions yet.

Before I close off, I want to thank you brining Jeff Smith's vision to a brilliant new life and if this is what you can do for Smith, I can't WAIT to see what you can do for Steve Purcell...

I only hope he has the time and you guys have make sure he's totally hands on with the game. The classic Monkey Island games wouldn't been the same without Steve's input and work... so...


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    The classic Monkey Island games wouldn't been the same without Steve's input and work... so...

    Ahhh yes. The Monkey Island games are some of my all time favorites.

    I got my game up and running this morning. Thanks so much to all the staff for working so hard on this. The game is great.
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    Since noone else has answered your questions, I thought I'd answer what I can answer, to the best of my knowledge.

    You will be able to -download, or even use a allready burned cd with the install file, and install it on your new computer, then enter your orderid and password to unlock it on your new computer. And you can change the download directory of the game, if you click on the Location thingie while you're downloading the game through the small downloading program. If you don't do this, the game installer will just be stored in some obscure temp directory.

    You don't have to be online to play, only to activate the game the first time you play it, taking it from demo to full game. (To verify that you have paid for it). After this a unlocked version will sit on your harddrive.
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