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Just some thoughts.

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I read online that there is going to be two main characters and I started thinking about some weird stuff. What happens if at the beginning you can choose to play as one of these characters. After you play the whole season as that character, you can go back and play again as the other one. If this series is like TWD and TWAU in that your choices affect the story, then this game would have a lot of replay value. After thinking about this for awhile I figured that they couldn't do that because the wait between episodes would be too long. What do you think?

  • I think it's going to be something like Jurassic Park: The Game, where characters shift during the episodes

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      If I had to take a guess based off past Telltale games, I would think it's going to be more like Wallace and Gromit than Jurassic Park.

      With Jurassic Park, you switched between three or four groups with their own motivations.

      In Wallace and Gromit, you switched between characters in certain acts depending on how it fit the story, but both characters generally had the same goals/motivations/etc unlike Jurassic Park.

      Just as a disclaimer, I am only a community volunteer mod and not from Telltale so my guess is as good as yours though.

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