Do you think you will fight "him"?

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So I know there is the achievement called The North Wind blows or something like that so do you think you will fight him or what role do you think he will play in all of this?
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  • I don't think we'll fight him because it'll certainly be a very one-sided fight.

  • The North Wind would unfortunately wipe the floor with us/Bigby. So, I hope that a fight doesn't occur, but I wouldn't mind seeing Mr. North make an appearance.

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    Why would Bigby fight his father when he has to find the murderer in Fabletown right now? Maybe we will talk with Mr. North in this Episode, but fighting him: NO!

  • I will say maybe....
    Its really up to Telltale, they could be planning anything.

  • I think it'll be a prequel section, or a dream in which Bigby explores his past.

  • Bigby is the son of the North Wind, and he can huff and puff really hard (that's how he could bring down the pigs' houses). I guess at some point you will have to use his pulmonar ability for something and get that achievement.

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