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We've been hearing a lot from fans curious about the end credits song in The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 2 - A House Divided. That song is actually our long-time composer Jared Emerson-Johnson's take on a traditional American folk song called 'In the Pines', which dates back to the 1870s and is believed to be of Southern Appalachian origin. The haunting vocals in this version are supplied by the multi-talented Janel Drewis, who also works as an animator on the development team at Telltale.

The song is featured in our latest trailer for the season so far.

Good news for those who've been looking for a downloadable version of this take on 'In the Pines' - you can get it for FREE right now at telltalegames.bandcamp.com.

If you're keen for even more music from The Walking Dead: Season Two, look out for more singles from Anadel, whose tracks 'Carver' and 'In the Water' are also available separately on their page at anadel.bandcamp.com.

We're pleased to say that fans can look forward to the full soundtrack releasing later this year after the season concludes!


  • simply...amazing.,.

  • While y'all are making a soundtrack at the end of the season anyway, I don't suppose you'd also consider making one of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, would ya? ;)

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    This x1000. That was the best goddamn combination of Jazz and Sci Fi Music I've heard in a game or anything ever, and we STILL don't have a soundtrack for it.

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    From a curmudgeonly Gen-X'er who interpreted music in the '90s to be an act of vengeful retribution by some angry deity towards humanity, no amount of proper thanks can sufficiently be given here for NOT mentioning a classic folk song like this in the context of a certain Nirvana performance.

    In retrospect, this song would have suited the Season I close quite well, I would say.

  • Hi there Telltale games, I wanted to ask if you could use my ideas for the Walking Dead season 3, if there is one. But I have been writing a book called, "The Dying World" I know, it's seems like The walking dead, but it's not an exact replica. I was wondering if you could ask your huge fans to write a storyline for season 3. And by the way, my book is an inspiration from the walking dead. I have great new characters, and I hope Clementine can join my characters.
    -Thank you-

  • *There he was. All alone with his sister Jasmine, in the woods. Paralyzed in fear, holding each other as they shook. Side by side, walkers started walking slowly to them. But Isaac, he couldn't let his sister get hurt. Not again. He finally let go of her, and ran the opposite direction. "Wait, what are you doing?" She screamed. "I'm saving your life! Now get outta' here!" He demanded. Isaac stared at her, as she stood there, shocked. "I'm not gonna' see you hurt, not again!" Isaac cried. "You're younger than me, you don't get to-" She said but was cut off, as walkers started to surround her. "Jazzie, get out of here, please." Isaac said and started to cry. "She quickly ran off into the distance. Isaac stood back, fighting off every walker he could. But there was too many. Moments later, he soon got himself surrounded by them, in all directions. "I love you Jasmine!" He screamed. As Isaac slowly walked backwards, his foot suddenly fell into a small dirt hole. "Shit. Somebody, help!" He shouted, as he squirmed. Isaac glanced in all directions, trying to find a weapon. There was none. He looked forward, and out in the distance, he saw a short figure, it was Clementine. * This comment contains spoilers in my book.

  • All this waiting for each episode is killing me, seriously.

  • Awesome song :) props to miss Janel Drewis.
    The episode was also amazing, cant wait for the 3rd.
    Looking forward to the new borderlands series.

  • That was a fantastic song! Thank you! It's chilling and compelling, gave me and my daughter goosebumps!
    I've also loved the Anadel songs and got them as well...

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