If you could pick any character from Fables to be in TWAU, who would it be?

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So...yeah. If you could pick any character from the comics to appear in TWAU (either as a recurring character or simply just a cameo), who would it be and why? I would personally love to see Cinderella in TWAU.

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She's such a badass! TWAU definitely has some strong female characters in it, but none quite like Cinderella. Oh, and I'd probably like to see something to do with Mr. North/North Wind:

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Mr. North has always intrigued me, for some odd reason.



    Rose, Blu, Fly, North, Cindy, Charming...


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    Yes please! Fables is one of those comic series where you just love pretty much all the characters, even the bad guys.

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  • Frau Totenkinder. She is able to solve every problem and I'm surprised she didn't appear yet. And King Cole who was already mentioned and should come back next episode after all Crane events. I don't think Charming will appear as he came to Fabletown in #1 Issue probably.

  • I think we have a pretty decent chance of seeing King Cole, him being mayor and all. I'm not so sure about Frau Totenkinder, though. Unless this is all playing into some sort of scheme of her's, I wouldn't really want to see her. The only instance I can see her in, though, is Bigby asking her if she's 'seen' anything about the murders.

  • I want to see Rose Red.

  • I want Pinocchio to make an appearance, while also expressing his anger about being stuck forever as a little boy.

  • Haha...this must be a trick question. I want to see ALL the Fables! But most of all, I'd like to see Rose Red and Frau and Cinderella.

  • Well we've found a model for Cinderella in the files so hopefully she'll be making an appearance :)

  • I want to see Pinocchio, North Wind and Rose Red.

  • Rose Red, duh! I want Bigby to accidentally stumble into one of her apartment parties and let the awkwardness commence! XD Also Cinderella too!

  • From the question, I guess you are talking strictly from the comics. I've only read 10 issues so some that I mention may not be in the comics. Goldilocks, before going crazy, the woman from 1001 Arabian nights, Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Devil and Tom Walker, the catcher in the rye, rock-a-bye baby.

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    I agree that there's a huge list of Fables I want to see. I got really excited with the passing mention of Weyland, Pinnochio and Blue in Episode 3, as well as finally seeing Flycatcher. Rose Red, Prince Charming, North Wind, Goldilocks and Cinderella...

    If I had to choose though, my choice is Reynard T. Fox. He's the smoothest fox out there.

  • In all, this was a great episode to see a lot of nods to Fable characters (the letter from Boy Blue, the file on Cinderella) in a way that doesn't really mess with the continuity of the series. A lot of them are in different parts of the world during these events, so it makes sense that they wouldn't just drop on by. I was pretty happy about seeing Flycatcher in this episode though, and I was glad to offer him a job (though it would have been even cooler to "bust" him for eating a fly so he "had" to start working for the woodlands again.)

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