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Being curious with characters ... why not anyone disabled or handicapped?

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So me being me was curious about something; there's a lot of people out there who have disabilities(Ex:wheelchairs, schizophrenia etc) and i though it would be cool if clem came cross someone like that (like in carvers camp or whatever) just a suggestion t though it would be very interesting to see how it turns out (and know escaping zombies and surviving and stuff) what do you think? good idea or bad idea?

  • Realistically I don't think anyone could last long with something as severe as being wheelchair bound. If they didn't die in the first days of the outbreak, most people would refuse them in their groups because of the perception that they'd be unable to contribute "their share". The only disabilities, at least physically, that I can see people getting away with are missing arms or eyes.

  • There is Sarah who may or may not have a mental problem

  • To be honest I doubt the very elderly and disabled would not survive or have a very hard time it.

  • It's sad but I think if Clem were to come by someone like that, chances are, they'd be dead. Of course it'd be cool to see a bad ass guy/girl in a wheel chair but the chances of them surviving for very long are slim.

  • Honestly if you bring in a SERIOUSLY mentally damaged person you have to give them a lot of attention story wise. A wheel chair character simply is just a liability to the group and would die if there was a hill too steep or stairs.

  • They could show a lurker trapped to a wheelchair would be sad but realistic.

  • i mean even though the chances and slim maybe a love one tried to take care of them until something happened to them and winded meeting clem or something i mean in 400 days it seemed like tavia was willing to get as much people as she can (in the possibility which tavia is with carver considering we saw Bonnie its a good chance plus carver and tavia said there camp was up north so)

  • Ben taking object out of the door when clearly see zombies and holding door shut something wrong there

    Carlos a doctor cannot notice bite on clem is not dog or zombie clearly has schizophrenia or split personality believeing his a doctor

    Group of adults letting child make all the decisions and fix all problems like turning a key must be something seriously wrong

    But seriously why not be good story angle great idea

  • thanks! and yeah carlos is a f*king genius

  • Seeing as I'm legally blind, so I might as well throw my two cents in (at least about blind people)...

    Partially blind people could conceivably do okay in the Walking Dead universe, but it's unlikely. Being vision impaired really fucks with things like spatial awareness, depth perception and the eye's ability to focus. For example, a vision impaired person might have a difficult time running away from walkers on uneven terrain, without falling and getting eaten. I've personally taken spills a bunch of times while backpacking and trail-running. Not good in a life-or-death scenario. Unsurprisingly, being half-blind makes it more difficult to load and aim firearms. For example, I can achieve good groupings with a pistol, but can't even aim through the peep sights found on most rifles and therefore need to use a Red-Dot or 4x Scope to hit the broad side of a barn. We also tend to suck at certain kinds of manual labor (using power tools, etc.). In short, even with my decent survival know-how, I would find it difficult to make adequate contributions to the group.

    Bear in mind that I've had more than two decades (my whole life) worth of time to get used to being half-blind. Plus, my parents invested a lot of time and effort into ensuring that I'm as well adjusted as possible. People who never had the same opportunities as me and/or lost their vision suddenly (cough The Governor cough) would have it far, far worse.

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