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How would your perception of Luke change if...

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I'm going to give you two scenarios and I want you to post how you would feel about Luke in each individual scenario. These scenarios are just hypothetical and not to be taken seriously.

Scenario #1: Luke tries to convince Kenny that they should fall back and live to fight another day. Kenny considers this whining and tells Luke to "take a hike." Left with no other choice and unable to sway stubborn Kenny, Luke withdraws himself from the hostage situation in hopes of preventing any casualties. In episode 3, Luke will track Carver down to his community and formulate a plan to liberate the group. Luke will find the 400 days characters in Carver's camp. He will intentionally get himself caught by Carver so he can persuade the 400 days characters to turn against Carver (just like the cabin group) causing an uprising which is just the distraction that the group needs to set their prison break plan in motion.

Scenario #2: Luke is nagging Kenny that they should escape while they still can. Kenny refusing to leave his group behind, tells Luke to "take a hike." Luke with his keep moving on attitude takes Kenny's advice and runs away. Luke considers the capture of his group as a loss and it's probably best to move on. Luke continues to survive without looking back.

How would your opinion on Luke change between these two absolutely different scenarios.

  • Situation 1: This is what I think he's doing, so he's still cool in my book.

    Situation 2: Bitch better run fast, 'cause I'll be tracking that coward down.

  • I'd think he's pretty dang stupid in scenario 1 and would understand scenario 2.
    Something in the middle would be nice though, where he actually uses planning and calculation rather than putting himself to Carver's mercy just to try to change the mind of his brainwashed followers.

  • Situation #1: I already like Luke as it is. If he does pull it off and show that he cares about us then I would think more highly of him.

    Situation #2: Did he just pull a Ben on us!?

  • 1: Luke your a great guy!
    2: Nick! Shoot this guy off a bridge!

  • Scenario 1: Shoot him. Make it quick and painless

    Scenario 2: I'll give him a head start and make him think he's getting away just so I can mow him down moments later in the most painful way possible.

  • I hate Luke, so..
    Scenario 1
    I think he would be actually pretty nice, so I might like em.
    Scenario 2
    Hes a pissant!

    In all seriousness, I would hate em if he did the things in Scenario 2 and track em down and murder him! Scenario 1 EPIC DUDE!

  • Scenario #1: I seriously hope that happens, I want see more 400 Day's group. even more so now I seen Bonnie now a bad guy, I need convincing the other guys a good people.

    Scenario #2: I would feel betrayed, Sad not see any more of Clem-Luke brother and sister relationship. If this is indeed the case next time I see Luke I will fight him.

    • Scenario 1 - I wouldn't expect anything less and I would probably end up trusting and liking Luke even more.

    • Scenario 2 - Clem: "Im not an asshole" Luke: "you calling me an asshole?" yes Luke, I am.


    2: Come on, dude. Get some balls!

  • Here's what needs to happen! Everyone is at the camp, and Carver is interrogating everyone in the camp's cafeteria. All the other people in the camp are also in the room and having a good time. Suddenly, Luke kicks the cafeteria doors open, and steps inside, clad with a wide-brimmed cowboy hat, and a poncho. Everybody in the room is quiet and turns to look at him...

    I don't care what happens after or before. Gotta love westerns.

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