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I was playing 8-Bit is Enough, and I was trying to get the "secret T-Shirt" (when you jump off the side of the photo both three times) And when I did it, Strong Bad wasn't wearing anything. And he had a see through torso.:confused:
Is that what the t-shirt is or is it just not loading properly. When I try to leave and it shows the "taking off costumes" screen, afterwords he is still see through. When I leave he returns to normal.
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    Shauntron Telltale Staff
    It's the invisibility shirt, and believe it or not, it's intentional :)
  • Hey, in the same vein...

    I went to fool around in the booth and discovered a few things missing from my wall of stuff...namely my sinister dude monocle and mustache. Is this a glitch? 'Cause I pulled up Episode 4 and resaved all my games being sure to check that all costumes were found just in case...but that didn't fix it. Can you tell me if I've got a glitch here and what I can do to fix it if possible? Those are 2 of my very favorite costume pieces...Help?!

    Pouting in Placerville,

    P.S. I loved the "no shirt" shirt...but I miss the TGS episodes...
  • Missing 104 items is a glitch, as we are discussing in the support forums.
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