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  • I sided with him on everything except taking supplies from the car and he didn't give me the brospeech, does that have an effect?

    Also I couldn't talk him over and had to fight him in the train, does that stop me from being able to get it?

  • No. You can still get Kenny's bro speech at the end of the game if you save Larry.

  • "What's the most important thing in this world? What's the one thing a guy would walk hundreds of miles to get back, a godlike beard. It's a difficult world out there without facial hair you can trust."

  • It's very very difficult. You have to side with him on basically everything. So that means that by making 2 choices, one of them being very minor, Kenny can refuse to help you find Clem.

    I think he should have come help save Clem unless you were horrible to him. I mean refusing to help someone who disagreed with you twice and agreed with you all other times to find their surrogate daughter is pretty horrible.

  • Food? Safety?))))
    I understand his actions to protect family. But do not understand his behavior in Savannah

  • So lovely she'll leave you and everyone else even if you've been good to her

  • We'll if you just found out someone pretty much killed your family would u nit want them to die and he did wait to tell you
    I love ben but that was a stupid move

  • Clementine says he's her friend, after that event happens.

  • I would to begin with, but after I had calmed down slightly I would not advise my friend to drop that person to their death.

  • That's exactly how Kenny was. He had a gun on him the entire time, but after returning from Crawford he never tries to murder Ben. In the attic you can even tell Kenny that Ben wanted to die, and Kenny says he's glad Lee saved him.

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    Your right! His "death" was almost as dramatic and honorable as Lee's death. But Kenny returning without a decent explanation in some ways cheapens and weakens his most greatest moment in season one. But the Kenny lovers will never understand or see it that way because all they know is their favorite character has returned and will dislike anyone who disagrees or points out anything fishy about the whole situation. Another user on here I forget the name, said something along the lines about "Well now we may as well bring Lee back into season two as well". I admit seeing Kenny again did give me a joyous smirk during my first play-through as a pleasant surprise but now I feel that the powerful and moving "sacrifice" he made for Ben is just a big whatever now. And I liked the Ben sacrifice much better than the Christa sacrifice. And if they were going to bring him back I think it could have been determinate and based on if you saved Ben or not from the Crawford bell tower as Kenny sacrificing himself for Christa and then escaping would have made more sense since a big building like that could of had a closet or stair well even fire escape to escape through. But a narrow alleyway with 40 walkers on each side with boarded up and sealed windows and he wouldn't have enough time to smash open any of them and fight of a dozen walkers at the same time before he got through with just a pistol and given his older age he also got Christa and Omid looking down from up top who would notice Kenny pushing his way out and plus he shut and locked the gate that Lee was in? If he was going to escape all along then why didn't he just off Ben and leave with Lee after putting the bullet in his brain before the walkers got in there? Wouldn't that had made much more sense than just standing there waiting until the walkers get ever so close and pile up on your back until you think about putting the bullet in the kids head and then you think about making your impossible Superman escape? Almost like he wanted to sacrifice himself then had second thoughts and said "oh wait a minute I don't want to die with the kid after all." But yeah the Christa rooftop scene I could maybe understand him getting "real lucky" and getting out. But never the Ben back alley scene and being able to get out. But like I said before they could never top the original season. Just not happening but doesn't make season two a bad one.

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    I had the same experience that you did with Kenny, all because I wouldnt help him kill Larry. When he refused to help me look for Clementine, I had no more use for him. That's why being all loving with Clementine in the last episode didnt give me the warm fuzzies like it did everyone else. All I could think was, "You would have let her die just to spite Lee."

  • Haha that comment about bringing Lee back.... that was me :p

    I couldn't agree more. Kenny escaping from the building is fairly plausible, Kenny escaping from the alley is hilarious. I loved Kenny's ending in season one, both for Christa and Ben.

    Like I said in another thread: season one was as close perfection in a game as I could ever ask. Season two is amazing. It's interesting and it's going in a great direction. It isn't as good as the original, but it's definitely worthy of the title "amazing."

  • So now u know how kenny felt he just found out that ben did hes gonna want to kill him but after calming down a bit (and getting to understand) ben he immediately regrets wanting to drop him

  • Like many have said clementine is my family reminds ken that while you didn't agree with him you took care of his family when they needed it most (or helped him do the right thing) and he never forgot that

  • Abandoning Clementine should never have crossed his mind, thats all Im saying. I shouldnt have had to talk him into it when Christa and Omid were willing and they had only been with the group for a few days.

  • Not really. "For some reason I tried to save that shitbird Ben!" or whatever he said. That disappointed me. I thought that was a redeeming moment for Kenny.

  • He had just lost his family and was in a traumatic state. Being the son of medical parents, I know what this traumatic experience would do.

  • After my first play when I helped him with Larry. So, as I said he was my friend. I didn't fall in love with this character, but at least I was positive about him. And when in S2e2 it came to choose between Kenny and Luke, I was confused. But now, after that I don't have any doubt

  • Get off Lilly's dick god damnit ! Stop bringing her in your thread that's becoming annoying as fuck !

  • Its now what he said but how he said it.

  • i didn't kill larry, and kenny still came with me to get clementine and was that mad, he was upset a little, however he still helped me

  • I wouldn't say Season One is better just yet, Season Two hasn't even finished yet :P

  • Please, read topic carefully. Yes, there is name Lilly, but the entire topic is not about her.

  • Kenny's actually a pretty smart person, he's nearly always right unless he's blinded by anger and if you stick by him he's a very loyal friend to Lee, more so than anyone else. Even if you don't stick by him as Lee, he talks about how good of a person Lee is when Clementine meets up with him.

    Though, if you're a dick to him, he's a dick to you. Even if you're only trying to do what you think is best for the group, Kenny is easily angered. He will try to get you killed multiple times and even be reluctant to help you save Clementine. Of course, all you have to do is mention it's for Clementine and that she's Lee's family and Kenny will still come with you, no matter how much of an asshole you were to Kenny, even if it was just for the sake of being an asshole to Kenny, he's still willing to come with you, to help you. I don't think many people if any actually look at it from that point of view. And if you don't feed Clementine when given the choice of feeding members of the group at the motor inn, Kenny is not happy with your decision, if I recall correctly.

    It takes a good man to help someone who's been stabbing him in the back since they met.

    But, people who hate Kenny are not wrong either, he certainly has his flaws. He's not perfect.

  • I liked Kenny /because/ he was an asshole, and because he cracked me up a lot while playing Season One. I doubt he would be my best bro in a zombie apocalypse--just too unreliable. But I'll tell you something I did love from Ep. 2 of Season Two--Kenny actually mentioned the fact that as Lee, I took care of Duck for him. I thought that was pretty cool.

  • Well, in this game no one is perfect.
    I wasn't a dick to him, but he was. That was the main reason for creating this topic.
    Stand on this side, when Larry insist Duck is bitten, I feed children and him, I took care of Duck. And still I had asshole Kenny. He was absolutely unreliable. Actually in my games there were two diametrically opposite Kenny. You know details.

  • Wow, interesting opinion))))) Thank you)))
    I'm thinking about this one. If in the first season Kenny was fried with Lee, it is clear why he's going to take care of Clem. But in case if not... it's strange, isn't it? Clem and Kenny did not have a lot of interactions. Even Lee paid more attention to Duck, then Kenny to Clem. He refused to look for Clementine (unless you say about family). And here we are "Clem will stay here!" - what's the hell?

  • Yes, Kenny can go one way or the other, there doesn't seem to be an in between with him, no neutral Kenny. And it is kind of hard to get him to be your bro, admittedly. You have to side with him nearly all the time, even on small things, and always do what is best for him, even if it is hard to tell what's best for him(for instance, in my opinion, it is hard to tell whether beating the shit out of Kenny, letting Kenny beat the shit out of Lee, or trying to talk to Kenny, on the train. Which one gets the message across to Kenny and calms him down more efficiently?)

  • You right. I remember, when he was my friend despide the fight in the train ( I tryed to persuade him, but he attacted me), he has been still my friend. At the same time in the second scenario he wasn't my friend and whatever I did it couldn't change his attitude ( in this case I did't fight)

  • She's a very forgiving person I can give you that.

  • Its really unthinkable that people can rationally like Kenny unless they happen to agree with everything he says. Hes so irrational and just impossible to talk to.

    Theres just SO many situations you can use to prove he doesnt respect Lee, none better than the meat locker scene. If Kenny did trust Lee, he would LISTEN to him, but he doesnt, he just does things his way because everyone else is ALWAYS wrong in his eyes.

  • Normally I try to stick to the whole "don't judge a book by its cover," but I'm not worried about drawing the above conclusion. It's just not going to happen haha

  • That didnt make it better. It sounded like he regretted it because he still hated Ben.

  • I guess you would have just gone ahead and completely forgiven a person for being responsible for whole your family's death then? Ok.

    Its easy to judge people, but try to put yourself in his position and tell me HONESTLY that you would have been completely ok with that person, because you cant.

    Kenny risked his life to make sure Ben didnt experience his worst nightmare (being eaten alive), that alone still stands as a redeeming quality for Kenny.

    Actions speak louder than words.

  • And you can just compare each episode along side season one's episodes. And I say that the first two of season two doesn't surpass "A New Day" and "Starved For Help" but still "All That Remains" and "A House Divided" are pretty sweet episodes. But Lee still remains King in his season of The Walking Dead. And the choices in last season were a bit more gut wrenching. The ones in this one are o.k. but I think one of them was to either give a dying bandit (the same one that helped try to kill your guardian Christa). some water from your water bottle or not. I was like really? But that may come back to bite you in the ass later if you chose not to I assume. And the choose either Luke or Pete ending was just kind of taken off of the choose Doug or Carley scene near the end of "A New Day". Which the Doug/Carley was better imo. And no matter what you choose at the end of "All That Remains" Pete still dies anyhow in the same episode and Nick doesn't die, not right that moment anyway and he runs off whether you run over to his side or not.

  • The more humane you act, the more they both start to dislike you.

  • I agree with that cause I sided with him most of the time but there were some things, like once or twice I didn't and he was good to me through he's bullshit attitude. However after playing this game several times I don't think it's possible to agree with Kenny on everything and I think telltale made it tat way to show how these two grow and change.

  • Yes but she's mentionned in every fucking thread.

  • Why are you assuming that he would be doing that in spite? Maybe he doesn't think there is any hope of finding her. If that's the case, why would he put his neck on the line looking for her when he doesn't care about Lee or what he does?

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