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Why is it so?

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It's not difficult to mention that people mostly love Kenny and hate Lilly. Well if with Lilly it's more or less understandable, but with Kenny I do not understand. I played first season several times. During the first time I mostly support Kenny. I agreed to kill Larry. So he was my friend, kinda. Next time I support him everytime, but refused to kill Larry. And till the end of the game Kenny was ..... asshole, real asshole. He didn't help to cope with zombie, when Lee asked "What the hell?" the answer was "you're not a child, you can do it by yourself!" Everytime he was showing off, did what he wanted, despite what is group's need. And finally when it came to decide who will come with Lee look for Clem he said " I'm try to imagine if I were you what would be your decision? Likely you would not go," WHAT?! This phrase just killed me.
So, please, explain to me, why do you love Kenny so much?

  • I don't really have much of an answer for this because I've never gone out of my way to consistently piss Kenny off. I feel like most people don't, because the guy generally has the right idea about things.

    • But if you disagree with him ONCE then he hates you, you don't need to 'consistently piss him off'.

      • That isn't true. I definitely did not 100% agree with Kenny on everything and he was a good guy to me regardless (for the most part).

        • The 'once' I am referring to is the meat locker situation.

          • He really carries the hate out for the rest of the season if you don't agree with him there though?

            • Absolutely, he does.

              • Examples?

                I could understand him being upset about it. If you side with Lilly you're putting everyone in serious danger, and also make Kenny do something pretty gruesome on his own without support.

                • Try playing the start of episode 3 (where he even refuses to help you when you are trapped under the door) if you don't side with him, or the end of episode 4.

                  If you don't help kill Larry, it's impossible to get him to automatically come with you to help recover Clementine. You get no bro speech, even if you side with him 100% at all other times.

                  • Odd. I guess I'll have to replay and experience it for myself.

                  • If you don't help kill Larry, it's impossible to get him to automatically come with you to help recover Clementine.

                    As someone who didn't help him with Larry I can say that isn't true. I didn't even always take his side during the other Lilly arguments. Did you at least look out for his family? I think I recall him mentioning that when deliberating.

                    • I looked out for his family all the time because I liked them, but he only came with me when I said 'Clementine is my family'.

                      Furthermore, my info that it was impossible was on percentages posted on the wiki a bit ago, but I can'[t remember exactly where. It said that you need a score of over 90% or something, and helping to kill Larry gave you 40% and took away 40% if you didn't help.

                      • My friend tried to save Larry, but still got the bro speech. Granted, I'm taking his word for it, but I've also heard a few other people say that it's possible. I guess you just have to side with him on EVERYTHING else if you didn't help him with Larry.

                  • i didn't kill larry, and kenny still came with me to get clementine and was that mad, he was upset a little, however he still helped me

              • No. You can still get Kenny's bro speech at the end of the game if you save Larry.

                • It's very very difficult. You have to side with him on basically everything. So that means that by making 2 choices, one of them being very minor, Kenny can refuse to help you find Clem.

                  I think he should have come help save Clem unless you were horrible to him. I mean refusing to help someone who disagreed with you twice and agreed with you all other times to find their surrogate daughter is pretty horrible.

            • Hate is a strong word for it, IMO. He just tends to be more gruff and won't put his neck on the line for you. He still came with me to find Clem and seemed quietly broken up about Lee getting bit.

            • No. I've seen my sister do a play-through where she tried to save Larry and Kenny was Lee's best friend in the end. Got over it by episode 4.

        • I agree with that cause I sided with him most of the time but there were some things, like once or twice I didn't and he was good to me through he's bullshit attitude. However after playing this game several times I don't think it's possible to agree with Kenny on everything and I think telltale made it tat way to show how these two grow and change.

  • Kenny was the most loyal Bro i could have possible asked for in Season1 and he was a loving father and husband.

    " I'm try to imagine if I were you what would be your decision? Likely you would not go," I played the game alot of times and Kenny never says this words. In fact even if you didn't side with him all the time, you can still choose the " Clem is my family " option and he will always go with you. And if you supported Kenny on everything exept the Larry thing, like you said...he will help you to cope with the Zombies aswell as giving you the Bro speech at the end of episode4. So you didn't always side with him.

    • Strange.. This phrase was for sure, overwise it wouldn't make such impression on me. I know about "family," but the point was the phrase. Emm... now I'm not sure, but I think I was in his side, with food (I feed him and his son), agreed that something strange heppes on farm, and so on. But I had that scenario.

  • I can't speak for other people, but I guess it depends on how you played your game. Kenny won't like you if you don't side with him or agree with his every plan, and vice-versa if you do side with him he will be amicable towards you, a loyal friend, and will back you up at the end. If you don't side with him he can be a real asshole for sure, so I can see why people would dislike him.

    I like Kenny, but I'm not gonna deny that he has his flaws and can be a S.O.B. when he doesn't get his way.

    • This basically. Once the mustache memes became a "hip" thing in the forum Kenny suddenly became everyone's favorite character.

      • I'll be the first to admit I was a fan of Kenny, and on most every occasion I agreed with him completely. But I don't think he is a good character just because everyone likes him (if anything the blind submissive mass has turned me away from liking his character). And I sure as he'll don't think he should have been in season two. His death was perfect and the entire s2 situation is just silly tbh.

        • Your right! His "death" was almost as dramatic and honorable as Lee's death. But Kenny returning without a decent explanation in some ways cheapens and weakens his most greatest moment in season one. But the Kenny lovers will never understand or see it that way because all they know is their favorite character has returned and will dislike anyone who disagrees or points out anything fishy about the whole situation. Another user on here I forget the name, said something along the lines about "Well now we may as well bring Lee back into season two as well". I admit seeing Kenny again did give me a joyous smirk during my first play-through as a pleasant surprise but now I feel that the powerful and moving "sacrifice" he made for Ben is just a big whatever now. And I liked the Ben sacrifice much better than the Christa sacrifice. And if they were going to bring him back I think it could have been determinate and based on if you saved Ben or not from the Crawford bell tower as Kenny sacrificing himself for Christa and then escaping would have made more sense since a big building like that could of had a closet or stair well even fire escape to escape through. But a narrow alleyway with 40 walkers on each side with boarded up and sealed windows and he wouldn't have enough time to smash open any of them and fight of a dozen walkers at the same time before he got through with just a pistol and given his older age he also got Christa and Omid looking down from up top who would notice Kenny pushing his way out and plus he shut and locked the gate that Lee was in? If he was going to escape all along then why didn't he just off Ben and leave with Lee after putting the bullet in his brain before the walkers got in there? Wouldn't that had made much more sense than just standing there waiting until the walkers get ever so close and pile up on your back until you think about putting the bullet in the kids head and then you think about making your impossible Superman escape? Almost like he wanted to sacrifice himself then had second thoughts and said "oh wait a minute I don't want to die with the kid after all." But yeah the Christa rooftop scene I could maybe understand him getting "real lucky" and getting out. But never the Ben back alley scene and being able to get out. But like I said before they could never top the original season. Just not happening but doesn't make season two a bad one.

          • Haha that comment about bringing Lee back.... that was me :p

            I couldn't agree more. Kenny escaping from the building is fairly plausible, Kenny escaping from the alley is hilarious. I loved Kenny's ending in season one, both for Christa and Ben.

            Like I said in another thread: season one was as close perfection in a game as I could ever ask. Season two is amazing. It's interesting and it's going in a great direction. It isn't as good as the original, but it's definitely worthy of the title "amazing."

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              GOUSTTTT BANNED

              I wouldn't say Season One is better just yet, Season Two hasn't even finished yet :P

              • Normally I try to stick to the whole "don't judge a book by its cover," but I'm not worried about drawing the above conclusion. It's just not going to happen haha

  • He is so mean and selfish dick. That's the reason he is sooo awesome guy!

  • Because:

    Alt text

    ...but in all seriousness, I've always felt like Kenny deserved to have someone he could rely on. I felt like everyone either abstained from the arguments between Lilly and Kenny, or they sided with Lilly (Larry). I realize Kenny isn't sweet and innocent, but he was all alone, without anyone he could rely on (outside of his family, that is). I took pity on him and was that person who wasn't just there for Kenny - I was there for Duck and Katjaa, too.

    • Well, he had his family. Lee didn't have even it. Lee had a small girl and nobody to rely on. It is the same. If I got you correctly

      • Kind of. Katjaa never really backed up Kenny with anything he said and Duck was, well...Duck. So I felt like it was kind of my responsibility to sort of be there for him. Just my interpretation, however. I'm sure others perceived it differently than I!

        • And were you always side with him or not? What did you choose for Larry?

          • I chose to let Kenny kill Larry, although in that instance, I chose to do so for Clementine. I didn't want the chance of Larry possibly coming back. I didn't side with Kenny about letting the girl be a distraction at the beginning of episode three. I put her out of her misery, because that's how I played Lee - he was the guy who had to do the hard stuff. I had Lee mercy-kill Duck, too. It's how I play Clementine now.

  • Kenny did stupid things himself. I just missed him.....

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    God, this is like the 7th topic on Lilly this week, how much more do we need?

    Kenny definetely has his flaws no one is arguing against that, when he holds a grudge he wont let go of it easy.
    BUT unlike Lilly he also had redeeming qualities like saving Lee's life and sacrificing himself for Christa/Ben.
    Yeah he is an asshole, but he is our asshole.

    • Thumbs up & agreed. I'm getting sick of the Lilly vs. Kenny threads too, it's been done to death.

    • The topic is not about Lilly. Well, you started))))))Unlike Lilly - she didn't have time to redeem. TTG let her out. About her we can speak in the same way as about Kenny. The only difference is that we know Kenny longer.

    • Saying Lilly has no redeeming qualities is over-exaggeration.

      I mean, for one she cares a lot about her family. Isn't that a good quality? She is also nice to Clem, giving her 'hair thingies' to use while she sleeps.

      Also, if you side with her, she's actually pretty lovely to Lee at times.

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        Yeah, she is so nice to Clem that she makes her watch while she murders Carley/Doug in cold blood for no reason

        • You say 'makes her watch'.

          DId Lilly make her watch any more than Kenny made her watch bashing Larry's head in while he was alive instead of holding it over his head just in case?

          Kenny also wanted Lee to drop Ben in the bell tower, and Ben was Clementine's friend.

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            C'mon that was a life threating situation. They all witnessed how fast David Parker turned into a walker at the motor inn. He panicked and reacted fast which was the right thing to do, covering Clem's eyes wasnt his top priority in that intense moment where every second counts, and just for the record Kenny told Katja to keep Duck from the windows after Lilly murdered Carley/Doug which shows that he doesnt want children to witness that kind of thing if possible. In the end what Kenny did was a neccesity, and wasnt based on petty anger which was the case with Lilly on the road.

            Oh yeah, Ben is Clementines "friend" allright.

            Alt text

          • We'll if you just found out someone pretty much killed your family would u nit want them to die and he did wait to tell you
            I love ben but that was a stupid move

            • I would to begin with, but after I had calmed down slightly I would not advise my friend to drop that person to their death.

              • That's exactly how Kenny was. He had a gun on him the entire time, but after returning from Crawford he never tries to murder Ben. In the attic you can even tell Kenny that Ben wanted to die, and Kenny says he's glad Lee saved him.

                • ...But after 5 minutes he still tells Lee to kill him, even after his original burst of anger.

                  • Rage like that isn't going to be a one second thing. His entire family was dead because of Ben, and the fact that Kenny didn't outright murder Ben upon returning to the mansion speaks volumes. Do you really think anyone would calm down in five minutes after discovering something like that? Ben literally took away every reason Kenny had to live, but in mere hours after finding out Kenny actually forgives him.

              • So now u know how kenny felt he just found out that ben did hes gonna want to kill him but after calming down a bit (and getting to understand) ben he immediately regrets wanting to drop him

                • Not really. "For some reason I tried to save that shitbird Ben!" or whatever he said. That disappointed me. I thought that was a redeeming moment for Kenny.

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                    Kartal5 BANNED

                    Its now what he said but how he said it.

                    • That didnt make it better. It sounded like he regretted it because he still hated Ben.

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                        Kartal5 BANNED

                        I guess you would have just gone ahead and completely forgiven a person for being responsible for whole your family's death then? Ok.

                        Its easy to judge people, but try to put yourself in his position and tell me HONESTLY that you would have been completely ok with that person, because you cant.

                        Kenny risked his life to make sure Ben didnt experience his worst nightmare (being eaten alive), that alone still stands as a redeeming quality for Kenny.

                        Actions speak louder than words.

                        • Plus, just because time has passed that doesn't make Ben any less of a shitbird.

                        • If I thought enough to try to put myself in harms way to save his life, and failing that, try to put him out of his misery and, like you say, save him from his worst nightmare, I would think that my feelings my change a little bit. What was the point of that at all if he still hated him just as much? He seemed to be understanding of him when Ben went off on him back at the mansion and I got the feeling that he was starting to forgive him then or at least not blame him so harshly. And please dont tell me what I can and cant do. I put myself in the character's shoes all the time, thats why I have sympathy for Ben when so many people dont.

                          • However Kenny may have felt about Ben in Season 1 or when we see him again in Season 2, the fact that he would put his life on the line for Ben like that is good enough for me. Even if he still hated Ben, he was willing to give his life doing the right thing simply because it was the right thing. If Kenny TRULY hated Ben he would have left him. Even if he does regret it in Season 2, it might be that he regrets staying in the alley itself rather than just shooting Ben and getting behind the gate with Lee. He DID almost die because he stayed with Ben when it was pretty clear he couldn't be saved.

                            • Fair enough, but I still dont like that he said that to Clementine. "Remember your friend that died a horrible death? He's still a shitbird."

                              • That's not really what Kenny said. It seemed more of an offhand comment to me, especially given the way he said it. I didn't really feel any malice in it, but what more is to be expected when he's talking about the person who took away every reason Kenny had to live?

                                • I dont know. I appreciate you being on his side but Im not ready to forgive Kenny just yet. He just angered me way too much.

                                  • That's understandable. Kenny did some pretty unjustifiable things in Season 1 if you didn't side with him. I managed to be on his side enough to be his bro and get the bro speech in Episode 4, but I can totally understand why someone wouldn't like him if they didn't side with him.

      • So lovely she'll leave you and everyone else even if you've been good to her

  • "What's the most important thing in this world? What's the one thing a guy would walk hundreds of miles to get back, a godlike beard. It's a difficult world out there without facial hair you can trust."

  • I had the same experience that you did with Kenny, all because I wouldnt help him kill Larry. When he refused to help me look for Clementine, I had no more use for him. That's why being all loving with Clementine in the last episode didnt give me the warm fuzzies like it did everyone else. All I could think was, "You would have let her die just to spite Lee."

    • Like many have said clementine is my family reminds ken that while you didn't agree with him you took care of his family when they needed it most (or helped him do the right thing) and he never forgot that

      • Abandoning Clementine should never have crossed his mind, thats all Im saying. I shouldnt have had to talk him into it when Christa and Omid were willing and they had only been with the group for a few days.

    • After my first play when I helped him with Larry. So, as I said he was my friend. I didn't fall in love with this character, but at least I was positive about him. And when in S2e2 it came to choose between Kenny and Luke, I was confused. But now, after that I don't have any doubt

    • Why are you assuming that he would be doing that in spite? Maybe he doesn't think there is any hope of finding her. If that's the case, why would he put his neck on the line looking for her when he doesn't care about Lee or what he does?

      • I didnt have to assume. It was his words, paraphrasing here. 'I keep thinking to myself, if my family was in trouble, would you be there for me, because I dont think you would have been." Im sure I butchered that but the jist was that he thinks Lee wasnt there for him, which was total BS, so he is paying him back by not helping him. Spite. And why wouldnt he care about Lee? Lee was supposed to be his friend. They spent three months or more together and Lee stuck his neck out for Kenny's family. He face a gun twice to try to save Katja and Duck. So, that was part of what made me so mad, him disregarding everything Lee did for him.

        • You still don't know that it's being done out of spite. Hes simply saying he is not going out of his way to help someone who he feels hasn't helped him in turn. Like I said above, if he thinks going after Clem is a waste of time obviously he isn't going to go out of his way risking his neck for someone he doesn't care about (Lee).

          I'm not sure what you could have done to Kenny to make him feel this way if you supposedly supported him and his family, because I definitely did not support Kenny on everything yet he still went with me to find Clem, no questions asked.

          Either way, I don't know why you would let this one thing sink his character for you. I don't think anyone is going to act like Kenny is perfect, but his heart is in the right place and he is generally a good guy. He is relatively smart/logical and can make quick decisions. He is tough as nails and will never give up without a fight. Overall I would say he is a likable character/ person.

          • That wasnt one thing, that was the last thing. The straw that broke the camel's back. After all the times he barked at me, the times he tried to leave me for dead, the times he just generally treated my Lee like crap, not helping Clementine when she was kidnapped by a crazy man and Lee was dying was just one bridge too far. I get that you like him but I think he is a very flawed and unlikable person sometimes.

            • Then you could not have seriously been siding with him on things. I'm guessing you didn't help him finish off Larry in the meat locker? (which is a really poor decision in my opinion..)

              Like I said above, I wasn't someone who constantly had to bring myself to agree with everything he said. Even while disagreeing with him he was mostly a good guy to me. Overall I did agree with his way of thinking though, because he generally had the right idea about things. His negative qualities do not outweigh his good ones.

              • I said that I didnt help him kill Larry and he was a jerk to me from that moment on.

                • It's understandable that he would be very upset with you. He was forced to do something very gruesome (yet necessary) and inhumane with zero support. He basically saves everyone's life but ends up looking like the bad guy just because you didn't stand by him in a situation where he really needed you on his side.

                  And that's not even touching on the fact that you were personally putting everyone in danger by not helping him.

                  • That was only his interpretation. Obviously Lee felt differently, but we'll agree to disagree on this. Suffice it to say, Kenny will have to work hard to get me back.

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