Why is it so?



  • Plus, just because time has passed that doesn't make Ben any less of a shitbird.

  • I think Kenny's more well loved on this forum than he is by players in general. Remember that most people tried to save Larry and saved Ben.

    I like the use Lee's line "We were assholes together" to describe him, because i still like him for some reason.

  • I disagree, I think "A New Day" is a little slow for my liking, I know "All That Remains" was short but I enjoyed it more because it had a very emotional intro, Fun action scenes & it had great characters such as Pete, Nick, Luke & Carlos, I know "Starved For Help" is great but again, I enjoyed "A House Divided" even more, It sets up Carver as the antagonist of the Season pretty well & I have never cried from joy in my whole life until I hugged Kenny.

  • I agreed with him on everything my first play through.

  • To each their own I say. I really wish to be incorrect about the next 3, and pray they outmatch last season's last 3 episodes respectively but I'm not going to bet on it. I do know the story will be incredible nonetheless anyway simply because we have Kenny (in spite of how he's back) along with Clem back and its The Walking Dead.

  • I liked him and I didn't agree with him on everything

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    I didnt have to assume. It was his words, paraphrasing here. 'I keep thinking to myself, if my family was in trouble, would you be there for me, because I dont think you would have been." Im sure I butchered that but the jist was that he thinks Lee wasnt there for him, which was total BS, so he is paying him back by not helping him. Spite. And why wouldnt he care about Lee? Lee was supposed to be his friend. They spent three months or more together and Lee stuck his neck out for Kenny's family. He face a gun twice to try to save Katja and Duck. So, that was part of what made me so mad, him disregarding everything Lee did for him.

  • If I thought enough to try to put myself in harms way to save his life, and failing that, try to put him out of his misery and, like you say, save him from his worst nightmare, I would think that my feelings my change a little bit. What was the point of that at all if he still hated him just as much? He seemed to be understanding of him when Ben went off on him back at the mansion and I got the feeling that he was starting to forgive him then or at least not blame him so harshly. And please dont tell me what I can and cant do. I put myself in the character's shoes all the time, thats why I have sympathy for Ben when so many people dont.

  • However Kenny may have felt about Ben in Season 1 or when we see him again in Season 2, the fact that he would put his life on the line for Ben like that is good enough for me. Even if he still hated Ben, he was willing to give his life doing the right thing simply because it was the right thing. If Kenny TRULY hated Ben he would have left him. Even if he does regret it in Season 2, it might be that he regrets staying in the alley itself rather than just shooting Ben and getting behind the gate with Lee. He DID almost die because he stayed with Ben when it was pretty clear he couldn't be saved.

  • Fair enough, but I still dont like that he said that to Clementine. "Remember your friend that died a horrible death? He's still a shitbird."

  • Kenny and Clem might have had a lot more interactions. Perhaps during the gaps between episodes, or when Lee (the player) was absent. You know behind the scenes.

  • That's not really what Kenny said. It seemed more of an offhand comment to me, especially given the way he said it. I didn't really feel any malice in it, but what more is to be expected when he's talking about the person who took away every reason Kenny had to live?

  • ...But after 5 minutes he still tells Lee to kill him, even after his original burst of anger.

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    You still don't know that it's being done out of spite. Hes simply saying he is not going out of his way to help someone who he feels hasn't helped him in turn. Like I said above, if he thinks going after Clem is a waste of time obviously he isn't going to go out of his way risking his neck for someone he doesn't care about (Lee).

    I'm not sure what you could have done to Kenny to make him feel this way if you supposedly supported him and his family, because I definitely did not support Kenny on everything yet he still went with me to find Clem, no questions asked.

    Either way, I don't know why you would let this one thing sink his character for you. I don't think anyone is going to act like Kenny is perfect, but his heart is in the right place and he is generally a good guy. He is relatively smart/logical and can make quick decisions. He is tough as nails and will never give up without a fight. Overall I would say he is a likable character/ person.

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    In season 1 I cared about two things, keeping Clem safe and keeping myself alive. I don't care much about hurting other people's feeling in the game but I made sure that what I chose doesn't get me killed or in any harm. So overall this Kenny and Lily thing doesn't matter to me.

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    That wasnt one thing, that was the last thing. The straw that broke the camel's back. After all the times he barked at me, the times he tried to leave me for dead, the times he just generally treated my Lee like crap, not helping Clementine when she was kidnapped by a crazy man and Lee was dying was just one bridge too far. I get that you like him but I think he is a very flawed and unlikable person sometimes.

  • I dont know. I appreciate you being on his side but Im not ready to forgive Kenny just yet. He just angered me way too much.

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    Then you could not have seriously been siding with him on things. I'm guessing you didn't help him finish off Larry in the meat locker? (which is a really poor decision in my opinion..)

    Like I said above, I wasn't someone who constantly had to bring myself to agree with everything he said. Even while disagreeing with him he was mostly a good guy to me. Overall I did agree with his way of thinking though, because he generally had the right idea about things. His negative qualities do not outweigh his good ones.

  • I said that I didnt help him kill Larry and he was a jerk to me from that moment on.

  • Rage like that isn't going to be a one second thing. His entire family was dead because of Ben, and the fact that Kenny didn't outright murder Ben upon returning to the mansion speaks volumes. Do you really think anyone would calm down in five minutes after discovering something like that? Ben literally took away every reason Kenny had to live, but in mere hours after finding out Kenny actually forgives him.

  • That's understandable. Kenny did some pretty unjustifiable things in Season 1 if you didn't side with him. I managed to be on his side enough to be his bro and get the bro speech in Episode 4, but I can totally understand why someone wouldn't like him if they didn't side with him.

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    It's understandable that he would be very upset with you. He was forced to do something very gruesome (yet necessary) and inhumane with zero support. He basically saves everyone's life but ends up looking like the bad guy just because you didn't stand by him in a situation where he really needed you on his side.

    And that's not even touching on the fact that you were personally putting everyone in danger by not helping him.

  • I agree, but in anyway it should have some influence on relationship. I didn't notice anything like that

  • Not only on this forum. We have our local, well not forum, but very active discussion. And the situation is absolutely the same

  • Good point))) but what is your attitude to Kenny in season 2? Basically we transfer our emotions, attitudes from the first season to the second one. And what about you? What was you "table" decision?)))

  • That was only his interpretation. Obviously Lee felt differently, but we'll agree to disagree on this. Suffice it to say, Kenny will have to work hard to get me back.

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    I decided to go to Kenny. I don't really know anything about the other gang apart from they are being hunted. Kenny seem like a better choice at the time. I also wanted to see if he tell me, through flashback or speech, how the hell he survived.

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