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What is your AWESOME reaction to 8-bit?

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I thought it was a good way to end... especially how it started with it continuing the "Real Jump."
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  • It was pretty awesome, I especially liked Mr. Fixit, the Doom sequence, the PS1-style 3D and the characterisation of the Stinkoman enemies. But it felt a bit too short. :/ And Homsar got left out again! :p

    The gag about repeating textures cracked me up (little buddy), because, as a level designer myself, that's something I have to deal with all too often. :p

    Oh yeah: Homestar in the interface = win. :D I loved it when he said "Hey! Listen!" and later on when he went all Metal Gear Solid. :p

    Also, Extended Play was a bit of a let down, since there are no characters to interact with at all. And what was with that ending? I felt confused...

    I dunno, now I've played all the episodes, I feel like maybe the order should've been like this:

    -Homestar Ruiner
    -Baddest of the Bands
    -8 Bit Is Enough
    -Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
    -Strong Badia The Free!

    Because even though SBTF isn't the best episode, it still felt very climatic, had all 12 characters involved heavily in the story, and it revealed the secret about Homsar. I imagine it would be a more fitting end to the series.
  • I liked the part when Trogdor PWNed Strong Bad with it's bulky arm:D.
  • I love the way they did the old time first person view.
  • HS's "Yatta" line made me giggle. Homestar following Strong Bad around reminded me of one fan fiction....

    And, "Ultimate Trogdor" reminds me of my neopets name, Ultimate_homestar. Therefore, I am happy. It just felt short, though... Probably because I was amazed at how they worked that picture in. Dang, Strong Bad looked awesome in his pose in the credits.
  • Talk about finishing with a bang... the Wolfenstein 3D sequence had me in utter awe. It even has KOT as Hans Grosse. :D

    The episode was like a continuation of Reality 2.0, which basically makes it a win in my book.
  • What did I think?

    Best. End sequence. EVER!!!
  • Everything, was, WONDERFUL.

    I can't even describe my best part. All were awesome.

    Glad you guys used Strong Bad's Idea in the end. Made me happy inside. Even though all those things happend, you still gave him what he wanted. I wonder if he'll post about it in his blog?
  • Trog-sword. Quite possibly, the defining moment of all that is Strong Bad.
  • Um, Trog-sword's an item, not a moment.
  • Definitely a great episode, and probably my favorite if only for all the video game gags ("Hey! Listen!"), but it did feel short, especially in comparison to Dangeresque 3.

    I was also disappointed that Homsar had no showing up, that the ending was still fairly anticlimactic (loved the Ultimate Trogdor dequence, though) and that Stinkoman had only a small role. I mean, I thought that Stinkoman would be huge and the other main videogame character. I guess not. T_T

    Still loved everything he said, though.
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